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Joe Biden

Should you happen to be at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show next week, you might find Vice President Joe Biden checking out the 2015 Corvette Z06, and a number of Cabinet members trying to hold him back from taking it for a test drive.

The vice president is expected to visit the annual auto show January 15, and will be accompanied by Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker. Foxx will open the preview festivities for the press on Monday, while Pritzker will tour the show and give a speech before the Detroit Economic Club on Wednesday.

Other government officials expected to attend next week included outgoing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration administrator David Strickland and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

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22 Comments on “U.S. Vice President, Cabinet to Visit 2014 Detroit Auto Show...”

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    If I was president or VP, you just try keeping me out of the Veyron SS, Lamborghini Reventon/Aventador and McLarens. I’d have a Secret Service guy video taping me on a closed airport runway and then after my presidency is finished, I’d put them online for history to absorb.

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    I’d build a ‘Presidential Test Track’ at Mercury, Nevada. Just so I could make sure all those fast, low production, performance cars were safe for the public. The responsibilities of The Presidency are enormous!

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    This picture looks like something that The Onion would photochop. The article on The Onion about Biden washing his Trans Am in the White House driveway is one of my favorites. Heck, basically anything The Onion does about Biden is pure, comedy gold. Hitchhiking to the DNC, slaying tail, etc. LOL

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      Agreed. The man is so full of himself which makes parody so easy. I only wish that he would be a Republican so that the press would focus on him more and exploit this rich, comedic mine.

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    Mr Imperial

    Bits of wisdom from the next-in-line to the President:

    Biden’s gaffes through the years include many memorable turns of phrase.

    August 22, 2012: “Folks, I can tell you I’ve known eight presidents, three of them intimately.”

    August 14, 2012 (to a largely African-American audience): “Look at what they [Republicans] value, and look at their budget. And look what they’re proposing. [Romney] said in the first 100 days, he’s going to let the big banks write their own rules – unchain Wall Street. They’re going to put y’all back in chains.”

    May 16, 2012: “My mother believed and my father believed that if I wanted to be president of the United States, I could be vice president!”

    April 26, 2012: “I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you.”

    March 23, 2010 (to President Obama, during the health care signing ceremony): “This is a big f***ing deal!”

    March 17, 2010: “His mom lived in Long Island for 10 years or so. God rest her soul. And- although, she’s – wait – your mom’s still – your mom’s still alive. Your dad passed. God bless her soul.”

    February 6, 2009: “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30 percent chance we’re going to get it wrong.”

    January 20, 2009 (referring to Justice John Paul Stevens): “Jill and I had the great honor of standing on that stage, looking across at one of the great justices, Justice Stewart.”

    October 15, 2008: “…a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs.”

    September 22, 2008: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.” (The market crashed in 1929, before FDR was president)

    September 12, 2008 (to wheelchair-bound Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham): “Stand up, Chuck, let ‘em see ya.”

    September 10, 2008: “Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.”

    August 23, 2008: “A man I’m proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next president of the United States — Barack America!”

    January 31, 2007: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    June, 2006: “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent…. I’m not joking.”


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    el scotto

    Just great, various government planes flying these folks from DC to Detroit. Us proles will have to take the green line to the convention center for the DC auto show. This is just a boondoggle. Instead of calling these visits massive waste; the press will laud their activities.

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    If this man wasn’t such a danger to our freedoms and this countries future he’d be hilarious. Sadly, when the reality of it all sets in….

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    That’s a great picture up top. Biden is apparently as awesome-photo-prone as he is gaffe-prone.

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    The Veep AND the cabinet means the security will be so tight, it’ll be the worst place for our TTAC reps to get inside information, and maybe also the worst place for a big reveal. If there weren’t a changing of the guard at GM, there might have been some juicy quotes about Biden upstaging the Corvette splash. Come to think of it, there WILL be some juicy quotes about that from GM lower ranks, but we’ll never get to hear them.

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    SCE to AUX

    Great photo.

    Joe will take credit for all the new American (whatever that means lately) car releases – Corvette, Mustang, and, well, probably not the Dart.

    He’s a political nut, but I’d enjoy meeting him at a party.

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      we settled fine with an African American president but i’m not sure if the we’re ready for Joe Biden as the leader of the free world

      the photo is sublime… you would never see Obama like that…

      1. the glasses
      2. the scarf
      3. the fingers pointing to the most important guy in the room
      4. the kmart tan slacks
      5. the VeePee junk bulging out there

      whats the TTAC urban legend that Biden doesnt have a huge portfolio for his retirement and that he owns a black Burt Reynolds Trans Am with a chicken on the bonnet?

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    If the cabinet post holders try to stop Joe, they’ll get run over. Tact isn’t his thing. I’ve come to believe that the true job of the VP is to make impeachment unappealing to the other party. Quail was first and ever since…

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