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The first NAIAS press day I ever attended was in 2010. The auto industry was just finding its feet again after coming off record low sales. Discretion was the order of the day, with Ford unveiling the 2011 5.0 Mustang off-site, as fuel economy, alternative powertrains and other politically correct “stories” took precedence of power and brawn. Nancy Pelosi walked the show floor. For the first time in years, there’s an air of confidence surrounding the show. The industry appears to have found its legs again, the OEMs are making money, and a host of important debuts are set to be unveiled. Let us know what you’d like to see covered. We’ll make sure to have our photographers snapping pictures while myself and Juan bring you all the info.

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44 Comments on “QOTD: What Do You Want Covered At NAIAS...”

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    How about the perks and amenities (bribes), or lack thereof, from the manufacturers offered to the press? Buffets, trinkets, etc.

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    Curious to know if the new Chevy Colorado can seat four adults in the crew cab model. If you get inside one adjust the drivers seat for a six footer and see if another six footer could sit comfortably in row two.

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    I would like to read your opinion about the new Mercedes C-class as I could see myself buying one in a not too distant future. Have fun at the show !

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    Good, honest evaluations of cars most people actually drive and buy – buy? er… well, yes, except for most of the commenters on here ;}

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    Mazda – diesels – when?

    Any preliminaries on the 2nd generation Cruze and any plans to bring more body styles here? (5 door hatch, wagon)

    Anything new about the 2015 Mustang?

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    Autonomous cars – update on technology, when will manufacturers begin mass production?

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    Mr Imperial

    How about footage of someone telling Ms. Pelosi that she isn’t welcome here, don’t come back?

    Snarkiness aside, I’d like to see TTAC’s vote for Car Of The Show. I’ve been a regular attender of NAIAS for 10 years

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    Mr Imperial

    (CONTINUING POST, don’t know why the edit feature not available)

    and I haven’t felt that there has been a definitive Car Of The Show since the Cadillac Sixteen.

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    I’ve read all I want about tech and cars (especially Audi) from CES, so you can skip that.

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    New F150, but not the loaded out Supercrew models.

    Derek, I have a favor to ask… I’ll send an email. Thanks.

    My wife has been bugging me about the box vanilla came in, the Pilot. She has even watched Russian off-loading videos on YouTube. She loves her Accord, misses my old Integra, and hated how our Outback stranded her (can’t blame her really). Anyways, any word on when Honda may unveil a new version? Should be soon, I’d think.

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    I too would like more info on the 2015 Mustang. Will there be uplevel brake and suspension packages? Will there be Recaro seats on offer? What are the audio specs?

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    David Walton

    Corvette ZO6!

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    el scotto

    Maserati Ghibli. I’m predicting I’ll see a lot of leased ones in my future.

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    I want to know your thoughts on the new Chrysler 200 when you get a chance to have a good look at it.

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    Quality. Last year I saw quite a few domestics that had horrible body gaps, interior fits, paint, etc. Worst offender was a Ford Taurus that had a rear bumper two shades off of the rest of the car.

    Ford has also had issues with trunk and hatch fit. Check the Escape and the Taurus for this. Went to Indy this year and noticed the Charger had a dashboard a good 1/2″ too far to the driver’s side. I could slide my fingers between the dash and passenger door but it was right up against the driver’s door. It’s 2014; 2mm off on a body gap might as well be a half inch.

    I went so far as to walk a Ford rep around various cars and said “I am a stock holder; this hatch looks like it was attached by my Uncle Cliff after a 3 day bender.”

    So yeah, check out the body fit and overall quality and report same.

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    Will the Encore have an engine upgrade for 2015?

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    1) Has GM done anything to address the chain stretch issues (and associated cam and fluid leak issues) with the 3.6L when transverse mounted for FWD (no issues that I know with north-south mounting for RWD)?

    2) All the Tesla news that is Tesla news.

    3) Really go over the fit and finish of the new aluminim F-150.


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    Nancy Pelosi walked the floor???! I want to know what she’s doing there.

    I want to know if there are any new cars (not SUVs or vans) with windows that you can actually see out of clearly in all directions.

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    I’d love to see the rumored Porsche Safari and Targa 911s, and hear silly stories from the automotive celebs that are certain to be there.

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    I’d like to know if VW is still bringing the GTD to North America this year.

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    I’m most interested in some of the debuts:

    Chrysler 200
    Colorado/ Canyon
    Acura TLX

    I doubt that there’s much more to be shown with the Mustang that hasn’t already been shown, but I have a personal interest in it, anyway.

    Of those, the F-150 is the single most important thing at the show; Ford shareholders should be paying attention to how this one goes over. The second most important might be the C-class, if only to see whether “Dr. Z” gets to remain gainfully employed.

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    Gratuitous model pictures. (This way if you post them you can say it wasn`t your idea.)

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      Part of Jack’s recovery program. Gratuitous model shots so he can view them during his recovery since he can’t travel to the show. Get Ronnie to do some 3D pictures and then Jack can pinch bottoms in virtual reality.

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    Honda Fit and variants. Honda’s small goal is to lead that space.

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    George B

    Look at the Ford F-150 and report on any fit and finish issues that may be related to the change to aluminum.

    What is the size of the Chrysler 200? The pictures so far don’t show how it compares to other cars. Also report on the details of fit and finish that can only be seen up close.

    Report on everything 2015 Ford Mustang. Also report on what the competition is announcing in response. Looking forward to much lighter weight options from the cross town rivals.

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    Ford F150
    – drivetrains
    – brakes
    – frame
    – aluminum panels
    – weight

    – Canyon debut?

    – when will they release the Ecodiesel and what caused the delays?

    – Cummins 5.0 diesel
    – When will we see a “new” Titan

    – piss or get off the pot = when will they actually upgrade the Tacoma?

    – Ridgeline…… will it become a “real” truck? Pics and specs on the next one.

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    Why, world cars of course. Small cars, sports cars, weird cars.

    Not really interested in the trucks. Or alternative tech. Or luxury cars (excluding the Maserati).

    Some analysis would be good too. What trends do you see?

    Thanks for asking.

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    Assuming you get to poke around the models, I’d very much like to know whether the new 2 series and 2015 Mustang have usable back seats for 6 foot adults.

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    More questions:

    When will the Jetta Sporwagen move up to the MQB platform? An IRS on that car would be great. So would a GLI sportwagen.

    Any plans for a Mustang sedan? Possibly as a 4 door coupe? Shooting Brake? Full on wagon!?

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      The Jetta Sportwagen has an IRS. It was more Golf than Jetta for awhile. As of the 2014 models, the Jetta has IRS again. There was a 2.0T JSW for awhile. The TDIs sold better and the 2.5L was the value engine. The 2.5L will be replaced with the 1.8T soon.

      As for the Mustang. There is a coupe and convertible. Thats it. We can pray for a Mustang based sedan, but it would be a Lincoln, not a Ford.

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    As many engine specs as possible. Especially for V8s and pick ups.

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    Some of the smartphone integration software is simply awful. I would love to see who is getting the phones to work well and the ability to do apps that are already on the phones to actually work. Another thing that bugs me especially for the Ford Sync if you wish to update your 2 year old car you have to buy a new one. The old one is already obsolete.

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    The C-Klasse in particular. Merc has had issues with interior quality since the Mk. 2 on, I’m curious if they’ve finally worked on and improved that.

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    Do the k2XX SUVs look as ugly in person as they do in pictures?
    Are they able to even jump a curb with the lack of clearence?
    Don’t really care about the small cars, just wanna know about the trucks and BoF SUVs

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    Carlson Fan

    Any info pertaining to the 2015 Volt, Voltec 2.0 or any concept vehicle w/Voltec drive train. No clue if GM will be displaying anything or not.

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