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In the past few days virtually every automotive website on the intertubes has reported on the Polish man who hand built his own McLaren F1 replica in his shed. If you have been stuck under a rock and have missed it, allow me bring you up to speed. Jacek Mazur, a man who describes himself rather modestly, I think, as an “amateur mechanic” built his own tubular space frame, mounted a used BMW v12 amidships, popped on a homemade fiberglass body and built a car capable of a claimed 200mph. This isn’t the first exotic car that Mazur has built either. Previous builds include no less than three Lamborghini Countachs and a replica of the highly exotic, much sought after, Pontiac Fiero. Despite Mr. Mazur’s impressive work, America has not ceded victory in the war for the homemade car to the Poles. Not by a damnsight.

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Photo courtesy of

Years before Mr. Mazur even thought to begin constructing Supercars in his garden shed, loyal American patriots were hard at work in our own sheds. Today, the fruits of one American’s work can be found on Ebay. Offered to the public without reserve and a Buy-It-Now price of just $3000, undercutting Mazur’s efforts by a stunning $29,800, the incredible “Street Legal Micro Jeep Custom Body Mini CONVERTABLE 2 CYL” offers clean, All-American upright styling, a rear engine capable of a claimed 50mpg and an automatic transmission. Outfitted with a 2 cylinder Anon engine, something that turned up a whole bunch of porno search sites and probably put me on the NSA’s watchlist when I tried Google it, the “SLMJCBJMC2C” as I have just now dubbed it is capable of a stated 55 mph.

Fortunately, the world has gone through some significant changes in the years since the SLMJCBJMC2C was constructed the two vehicles will never find themselves pitted against one another. As one who yearns for days gone by, however, I almost wish they could be. It would be glorious.

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4 Comments on “Poles Vie With USA For Greatest Homemade Car Ever...”

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    Ron B.

    It makes me wonder if here in Australia where government legislation has all but outlawed homwe made cars (including hot rods etc etc ) if it was better to haver gone communist after WW2 as Poland was forced too.
    This is afterall the country where a guy built his own mercedes McLaren SLR and had it on the road before Mercedes own version was released…
    Cheers to the Mclaren builder,looking at pics on other sites,his workshop has a dirt floor. So his efforts are to be applauded ,

    unlike this russian example…..

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    I’m amazed by the polish builder but I just have a nagging suspicion a great deal of his actual work on the cars takes place in a much better equipped place and ‘scrap’ is not what I could call his tube frame or clearly professionally formed fiberglass body. I seriously applaud his effort by showing what you can do with a decent understanding of engineering and some fairly well equipped machine shops willing to work with you. I’ve always been partial to the idea of taking a compact truck and converting it into a pre-war design since it has little out back to block seats towards the rear the only issue I see is getting a narrow enough block in to due the smaller bonnet work.

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    Richard Hammond must be so proud this faux F1 has a “Hammond Seat.” Jeremy and James will never let him forget that.
    I like how he kept the center driving position, I wonder how he managed to make the mold, was there someone around who allowed him to do a cast, or did he fashion all of that on his own. If this is all without the aid of a real F1 to look at, I’d say he deserves a lot of credit.
    As for the SLMJCBJMC2C, I think that was supposed to be an Onan engine not an Anon. Though I suspect whatever manufacturer supplied motivation they’d want to remain “Anon.”

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    One has to wonder how much was offered for this thing, though it ended unsold. The seller’s other items are worth a look, too!

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