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The “Future Toyota” numero uno, or FT-1, is supposed to be Toyota’s top RWD sports car. At least in concept form. What we get is a taste of Toyota’s future design language, calling the FT-1 the  “spiritual pace car for Toyota Global Design.” It’s almost a caricature of the FRS, with its spin on long hood/short deck styling, but with attention paid to housing some interesting aerodynamic tricks. Strategically placed vents that point at the use of extractors, and rear diffuser work stand out. There’s even some F1 styling cues: obviously in the powerful nose, but also in the rear LED “rain light.” Powertrain options are held quiet, but out of the hood peeks a longitudinally mounted engine for everyone to place bets on…


Is that an intake housing a velocity-stacked V10? Certainly looks too wide to be a valve cover for some inline motor, sorry 2JZ fans. The interior carries on the F1 theme in the control layout over the wheel, with a fighter jet inspired glass Heads Up Display (HUD) high up in the dash.

What ever it is, it’s aimed to be Toyota’s halo car. With the next NSX around the corner, could we see a return of the mighty Supra name plate? See the video for a quick look at the interior details and displays.

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26 Comments on “NAIAS 2014: Toyota FT-1 Concept, Bigger Brother To FRS?...”

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    Sammy B

    Let the departed LFA remain the “halo” (I know that sounds dumb b/c the car is no longer being made). Target this at V8 mustangs and 370Z buyers. V6 for $40-45K. Save the V8 and/or hybrid setups for the Lexus RC Coupe and charge whatever they want for that. Somehow fill the gap between FRS and a more traditional “halo” car

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    You can tell it’s a CALTY design just by observing the Corvette engine cover window ripoff on the hood.

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    Ugh, hated the window in the hood on the ZR1, hate it here.

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      I’m not a huge fan either, but I think it works marginally better here than on the ZR1 because of the rest of the body work. The vette’s hood looked like something straight out of a Pep Boys catalog and screamed cheap/tacky on a $100K car.

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      Hood windows should be allowed ONLY on Italian super/hypercars. Nowhere else.

      On a Toyota it’s the most vulgar thing I’ve seen in a while.

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    Mmmmmm…if its priced within reality it will be a big hit. I’m guessing since it’s a Toyota it will be pretty affordable… Toyota doesn’t want another MKIV Supra situation. $40-60K sounds about right.

    Since this is supposed to be from a partnership with BMW… they could make a 3.0L F6 with two of Bimmer’s 3 cylinder heads. No turbos please… at most maybe a light hybrid KERS system for the flagship. I just hope they can keep the cowl low; I’m sure Bimmer will want to stuff in their turbo I6 which will be a lot taller than this. They will need to move that thing’s intake and intercoolers down low and to the sides. Looks great though, go Toyota.

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    juicy sushi

    I get where they’re trying to go, and it certainly has waku-doki, but doesn’t doki-doki, and I think it’s a bit clumsy.

    Call me a whimp, but I’d rather just get a Toyobaru or MX-5. I actually like how they look, and would rather let my half-assed lack of skills try and make a slow car go fast (or at least, feel like I’m going quickly).

    Still, at least they’re thinking of fun ideas, and at some point, a production car is likely to emerge out of it…

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      LOL, I feel exactly the same way. A $40k, 2 seater toy simply isn’t going to happen in my driveway. An MX-5 or a twin are a real possibility. Hard to get excited about something that I can’t see myself ever owning.

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      Toyoda has long been saying that he wants to offer a trio of RWD sports cars, with the GT86/ FR-S as the middle car of the three.

      I suspect that the big car (Supra?) would look a lot like a bigger version of the 86. Most of the stuff in this design exercise is probably just here to amuse the designers and engineers, and to gauge public reaction to the idea.

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    Damn that car is sexy! I don’t care much for the interior but that body! Wow!

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    Nice one Toyota.

    It looks like the body panels will have to be composite/carbon. I don’t think sheet metal does those curves.

    It will be interesting to see if there is a matching BMW version.

    Finally, I know I have said it before, but the impact of Akio Toyoda on the company is impressive. With the sales rates of sports cars today, there is no way they could have gotten this authorized without his passion.

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    I might be in the minority, but I really think the nose looks hideous. The rest of it looks great.

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    It would be nice to have a car meant as a cheap 2 seater.

    RWD V8, <25k
    Done deal

    Overpacking V8 cars and charging more as if V8s cost substantially more to build is getting old.

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    I like it. Reminds me of an FD RX-7.

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    I know Toyota has a rich racing heritage, but I never expected the purveyor of the Camcord to on the same token come out and build some of “real cars” offered on the market.

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    Hopefully they put the LFA chassis under it. Seems like they spent a LOT of money for something with such a short run and level of usefulness.

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    I hope this has a bunch of LFA tech in it. Would hate for the LFA to have been a dead-end.

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    I see TVR Sagaris in the rear.

    I’m assuming the rear vents are for a trans-axle? Otherwise I don’t see a need for those giant holes.

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    Screw the Supra, this is the new GT-One!

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    This car is in Gran Turismo 6 now so you study it in digital detail and do a virtual test drive. My quick review: don’t turn off the traction control! This thing tried to kill me multiple times. I spun it at least 6 times in the first 6 laps around Laguna Seca and I’m all gold GT license test driver.

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