Generation Why: Panel Discusson With The Globe And Mail

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Just a quick note – tomorrow, Tuesday, January 28th at noon, I’ll be part of a panel discussion with the The Globe and Mail, a major newspaper in Canada, about the chief topic of Generation Why: the relationship between millennials and the automobile. I’ll be joined by Chris Travell of Maritz Research, who should be able to provide an interesting, data-driven outlook on the issue. For those who prefer excellent automotive reporting to the rantings of a 20-something malcontent, Greg Keenan, the Globe’s auto industry reporter, is a must-read.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Kuponoodles Kuponoodles on Jan 28, 2014

    ah.. such first world problems. sh!t, if moms and dads are footing the bill, and the insurance any car is 'cool'. All of toyotas ads are lame. i can't stand Jan or watshername. but the chevy ones, the attempts with the sonic and cruze, are just as bad... come to think of it... when was the last time anyone of us were persuaded to a car because of the commercials? nissan's barbie 300zx is the only ad ever that comes tolind. and it didnt even show the real car. just an RC version.

    • Syke Syke on Jan 28, 2014

      And the 300zx was out of production when it hit the screen.

  • Danielle Boudreau Danielle Boudreau on Jan 28, 2014

    Hi - I'll be moderating the discussion at The Globe and Mail's auto site, at noon ET today. Drop by and discuss Gen Y and their cars. Thanks!

  • Daiheadjai Daiheadjai on Jan 28, 2014

    I really loved Subaru's "Sexy" carwash commercial. I think the best ads are the ones which aren't too serious (especially when they poke fun at the brand's perceived flaws). If Toyota aimed an ad at their own boring image, it might be a good one. But virtually no one (including those who like Toyota as a company) is going to buy that the Corolla is sporty. As for Gen Y, I suspect that a lot of them have too many things competing for their time and attention to really enjoy cars. I know in my peer group, the car nuts are but a tiny minority - but how dedicated those few are. The others respond with a puzzled glance that asks "Why?" when I discuss the merits of a manual transmission.

    • TMA1 TMA1 on Jan 28, 2014

      Some people conflate noisy engine with sporty. I had a friend in college who swore that his Yaris was actually a pretty sport car.

  • Lightspeed Lightspeed on Jan 28, 2014

    Would be interesting to know what the next car bought by Corolla/Soul buyers is.