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TTAC has learned that Google is shutting down its car shopping service, which existed only in beta form for San Francisco Bay Area shoppers. Visitors to the site have received a message stating

“The Google San Francisco Bay Area car search beta program has been discontinued as we focus on building the next version of our experience for car-related searches. Stay tuned for more news!”

Google previously tweaked their new car search in late 2013, allowing users to see results on the main search page. TTAC had previously touted Google Cars as a potentially disruptive car shopping tool, though dealers apparently had some reservations about the way their inventory and pricing was displayed (namely a lack of differentiation among different stores), as well as the higher cost of leads.

One can only wonder what’s next for Google.

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11 Comments on “Exclusive: Google Cars Is Dead...”

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    It’s too bad there is no up to date car customizing app that can quickly connect a potential buyer with the car they want. Yahoo and Google never kept up with trim levels and options well enough to depict true out-of-the-door prices.

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      I’ve never paid much attention to how they direct users to actual cars on dealer lots, but I have used Edmunds’ and KBB’s car configuration / pricing tools with decent results. Both give MSRP, Invoice, and recommended market value for your configured vehicle, based on make/model/options and region. I think Edmunds also shows factory incentives, though I always check those against the brand’s official site. (*Edit* I guess both sites show incentives.)

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    Maybe they can kill G+ next, one hopes.

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    A damn shame – encouraging dealers to ‘put their best foot forward’ re: price without forcing the customer to go through the ridiculous 19th-century negotiation process would go a long way towards fixing the traditionally adversarial relationship between the automakers’ ‘front line’ customer-facing presence and the public.

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    It was a good tool for finding inventory AND details about options. Havent found away to get that for all carsfrom other online sources, although some makes allow you see that detail on their own website or dealer website.

    FYI to reader above, Google cars had no price element, it just had MSRP and the ability to send an email to dealer for the internet rep to follow up

    I tried to use it yesterday or Saturday and saw it had been killed – so I guess I scooped TTAC. Not really an exclusive

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    “One can only wonder what’s next for Google.”

    Probably more half baked endeavors that waste tons of cash and don’t produce any meaningful usefulness or revenue.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I don’t think Google Cars was headed by anyone remotely interested in the industry, mostly because searches for certain cars would feature concept-car images, images of the previous model, images of the wrong car, or some other kind of “Image Search” detritus that seemed to have been picked out by an algorithm instead of an actual person, who could do it properly.

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    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Are there any sites that have detailed searches for specs, options, etc?

    I want a query like:
    “all cars new or used under $20,000 that have at least 42″ of rear legroom, power seats with memory, moonroof, and at least 250hp”.

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    Is this really surprising? Google is famous for having tons of “beta” projects that it abandons.

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