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No specs yet but photos galore!


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27 Comments on “2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Photos Leaked...”

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    It’s like a delicious cake, with too much frosting on it.

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    I’ll wait for the actual live photographs, not these”photos,” which are really just renderings.

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    If by ‘photos’ you mean ‘computer renderings’ and not actual ‘photographs’…

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    Ouch, just one minute too late!

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    Big Al from Oz


    A Corvette that you would be proud to be seen in! (a Corvette over the last 50 years)

    It looks stupendous. I take my hat off to the designers.


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    what car? All I see is a giant yellow American middle finger to the Italians and zee Germans. In other news Ford and Dodge are issuing press releases to inform GT500 and Viper owners it is normal if their cars shat a few bricks and or too afraid to go out on the streets anymore. The cars will also get a software update “If you see Z06 on a track…Do not engage. I repeat highly dangerous, do not engage”

    Man if this is the Z06, i cant wait to see what the next ZR1 is going to look like.

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      GT500 vs. Corvette – pretty pointless. When GM decides to throw a 25k V6 unibody Corvette in to the mix as the volume model let’s see how things go.

      If the Z/28 is 75k and the Z51 is 70k I can only imagine what GM is going to charge for the new Z06, this will be a rate bird indeed, probably will be about as common as a Viper is.

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        Well, you can’t discuss pricing on the Z06 without mentioning the AARP discount all Corvettes are sold with.

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          Larry P2

          I love it, AARP!

          Stereotyping can be applied to Porsches and their owners:

          Buy a Porsche and get a discount on your lifetime Nazi party dues (Ferdy baby actively assisted the 3rd Reich in enslaving and murdering massive quantities of Jews, as well as built armaments to kill your grandpa)

          Just a wee bit nastier.

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      I thought a car wasn’t supposed to get “riced out” until the 4th owner or so. Not my favorite visually but at least this car can walk the walk.

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    Looks purposeful, capable, and menacing.

    Track day anyone? Or, the Silver State Classic. Or a Vegas run, down hwy-305 from Battle Mountain, then up hwy-93 to Bonneville.

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    This vs. Nurburgring LFA.

    Two hyped up beasts right there. I like the yellow color, but as Tosh said, these aren’t actual photos. I’ll wait until showfloor photos come out for better judgement.

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      Every review I read from a credible source said the LFA’s appeal went beyond the numbers.

      I’m not pooh poohing the Z06, by the way. I have a feeling it will be as stunning as the C7, and I love the fact that GM has really let them go nuts with it. I just think that numbers aren’t everything.

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        In e past, Vettes were a lot about numbers. The C7s go way beyond just looking good on paper. And regarding the knuckleheaded comment about AARP discounts, my dealer still wants $5K over list…

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        “Every review I read from a credible source said the LFA’s appeal went beyond the numbers.”

        Agreed. It was also a rolling carbon fiber laboratory. Some pu-pu it going solely by the numbers (which weren’t bad) but didn’t look further into the picture.

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    It looks a beast. I’d have mine in black to integrate the body kit a bit better, but I do love the brake cooling ducts.

    I also think, for once, that it doesn’t lessen the appeal of the standard models. The previous Z06 and ZR1 looked significantly better to me than the base C6. This just looks more crazy.

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    Almost looks like a street legal ALMS car. Crazy.

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    It looks like it will kick my ass just by looking at it. I like it.

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    I thought manufacturers were finally getting away from tacky, silver painted plastic interior trim, but perhaps GM didn’t get the memo.

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    Wish GM would find the stones to import the Corvette & Camaro ranges to Australia. Or at least badge engineer a Monaro out of the Camaro.

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      They would probably have the stones to import them if enough Aussies had the stones to buy them ;)

      Although the price of cars down there is, admittedly, completely outrageous. I used to think it was bad when the AUS was lower than the USD. Now, even with the currencies near parity, the price differentials are astonishing.

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    It might look OK if all the carbon fibre bits were the same colour as the car. But it looks way too tacky to me. As in “tacked on”. Boy-racer to the max.

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    I’m going to need some time to get used to this. Maybe a few years. I might end up liking it.

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