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Fiat Doblo

On the heels of “the biggest thing to happen in the commercial world” that is the Ram ProMaster — whose page links back to our review, of course — the Italo-American truck division has announced the introduction of the ProMaster City in late 2014.

The ProMaster City is expected to go up against the Ford Transit Connect and the Nissan NV200/Chevrolet City Express in the battle for the hearts and wallets of many a florist, caterer and cable installer.

Much like how the Fiat Ducato provided the framework for the ProMaster, the Fiat Doblo will provide the foundation for the ProMaster City as it becomes an Americanized delivery machine. The treatment will include adding more transmission/engine combos, an automatic transmission as an option, and slight changes to the design to appeal to the North American market.

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19 Comments on “Ram to ProMaster the City in Late 2014...”

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    Two years ago I saw a Verizon service van that was badged as a FIAT Doblo.

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    Where’s the dancing hamsters?

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    This could fit into my life very easily.

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    Diesel engine option?

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    Play me a song, Curtis Loew, Curtis Loew.
    I got your drinking money, tune up your Doblo.

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    “slight changes to the design to appeal to the North American market”

    I’m a North American and I think it looks fine for what it is. What are they going to do to it? Cheapen the interior and put big chrome stacks up the side of it?

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      bumpy ii

      Wider seats and 3.7 cupholders per passenger.

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      My guess is the base engine will be the 2 litre from the Dart or something bigger, rather than the 95 h.p. 1.4 litre which is standard in Europe, and gives a 15+ second 0-60 time. If we are very lucky we will get the 2 litre diesel as an option, with the six speed manual. I could see owning the passenger version, though I’d rather have a Berlingo.

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    Is the market for these small vans really strong enough to support all these competitors?

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      Sustained higher fuel prices has fractured the fleet market as operators are looking for ways to reduce costs as they replace their fleets heavy with Ford E-Series and GM half ton vans. The Transit Connect has gained some traction in this segment, so other makers are looking to get a piece of the action as the traditional vans are retired.

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    What is interesting is that Ram went from saying that this would be imported relatively unchanged to being significantly changed. Reminds me of the Colorado news.
    Both companies know that a “foreign import” label is like a death sentance (aka Toyota Tundra). The buy America types love the “significantly changed or share just 3 bolts” rhetoric of corporate PR hacks.

    This is borrowed from a thread on PUTC:
    After many claims that the popular Fiat Doblo van, made in Turkey, would be imported to the United States and Canada with minimal changes, Ram implied today that it would, in fact, be quite different from the European model.

    A small press release, issued, withdrawn, and then reissued, claimed that the 2015 “Ram ProMaster City will encompass familiar Ram Truck styling cues and offer features and powertrains preferred by North American commercial customers.”


    When the Fiat Ducato was converted to American use as the Ram ProMaster, it gained a toughened suspension and body for added durability, and also gained a substantial increase in payload capacity; Ram also changed the interior and added a Chrysler powertrain option, the 3.6 liter V6 with a six-speed automatic.

    Read more at allpar.

    The Americanization of Doblo

    One can Replace Ram and Fiat with GMC and Chevrolet and replace Promaster City and Doblo with Colorado.

    Same strategy catering to the psyche of the conservative American truck/fleet buyer.

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    I saw someone using Transit Connect as a family minivan unironically, three days ago. It’s going to happen to all these other competitors too, mark my words.

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    An automatic transmission as an option? Surely that must be wrong as it implies the availability of a manual transmission.

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    A gaping hole in the market is being filled… surprise! Now for a diesel version.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I have been seeing some of the Nissan NV’s on the road. They remind me of the late lamented Ford Aerostar, which I hardly see around anymore. Based on the Ranger with the optional 3.0 Vulcan or 4.0 Cologne and AWD they were quite durable.

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    Is there some requirement that all, every one of these type of vehicles be really butt ugly?

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