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What originally started for amusement as a car that would blog as it was driven has morphed into some of the most cutting edge technology at the Performance Racing Industry show. The hardware and software derived from the comical car, Race Capture, takes into account today’s online generation and offers a data logging system that is Cloud based for the 21st century. It provides for real time data recovery and analysis from everything from a speed over time curve to throttle position. The innovative software appeals to the most dedicated and data driven race teams, who are able to utilize instantaneous coaching , not just from the passenger seat or pit wall, but from anywhere with an internet connection. They can also monitor crucial car health indicators such as oil temperature and pressure.

As an affordable telemetry option, RaceCapture appeals to the amateur auto enthusiast as well. Based on the idea that data is meant to be shared, the software has the ability to post to Facebook on the drivers behalf and be shared with friends and competitors at any time. Unlike many other systems, where data is tightly locked down and controlled, the team at Autosport Labs believes the next generation of the target market loves to bench race and utilize their data for more than just a source of performance evaluation.
For those who currently possess a stand alone telemetry system, don’t worry! RaceCapture will be able to integrate with your current logger, providing the same Cloud-based and social media options.

The team at Autosport Labs definitely has a separate, out of the box way of thinking that will bring this company to the forefront with the newer generation of automotive enthusiasts and professional race teams. Look for them to be a big name in the very near future!

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4 Comments on “PRI 2013: Technology and Social Media Merge at RaceCapture...”

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    Welcome, Missy Davis!

    It’s always good to see a new author, and hear a new perspective!

    In what I hope will be a new TTAC tradition, I hope to offer constructive criticism – rather than the regular kind (which is the current tradition).

    The device is really interesting, but the article reads like a press release, or an elevator pitch.

    Press releases and elevator pitches remind me of being at work. I read this blog to escape work.

    I’d love to see a more technical writeup? When I’m off the clock, I don’t care as much about the market-impact of the device as what it does, how it works, and how it’s used on detailed level.

    Experiential/narrative reviews and character stories can be fun, but this topic may lend itself to a more technical treatment. Mostly, the writeup needs to include something I can’t get by reading the copy on this product’s glossy brochure….

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    The videos I made for TTAC when I vlogged about the SRT EXPERIENCE were shot from my iPhone. I didn’t show you the race capture videos – I only shared them with my JEEP SRT fangroup on facebook. The music I was playing whilst listening to Octane XM got flagged by Youtube’s censors and made it so I couldn’t monetize the video. Therefore I restricted it.

    The SRT group gave each of us flash drives to plug into the Charger, Challenger, Jeep and 300.

    RACE KEEPER gives you laptop times, track layout, mph and a picture of the driver as they drive. They make it easy to simply plug in and unplug a flash drive, but sometimes the video clips do get corrupted.

    I’d be happier with an APP on iPhone that used the GPS for telemetry data – and possibly the reverse camera to simultaneously record the driver as it records the road – but you’d probably need a 64-bit CPU for that and at least a 32GB memory.

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    Yeah I got the $20 iPhone version:

    For track days its perfect. I have not used any of the video capture features so can’t comment on those but the standard features are VERY user friendly. You literally turn the thing on and DRIVE. The GPS knows what track your on and when you pass the start finish line. It logs your laps, records section times, apex and straight speeds as well as G-force. Granted its accuracy is only as good as the phones (IE: not great), but its fine for my application.

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