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Ford Ecoboost Crate Engine

Ford Racing quietly began offering its advanced, 2.0 liter Ecoboost turbocharged 4 cylinder crate engine earlier this year, without much fanfare. All that changed at the 2013 PRI Show in Indianapolis, however, with Ford’s Ecoboost powered 2015 Mustang twirling away on a giant lazy Susan directly under the giant “Ford Racing” banner mere steps away from the small crate engine, displayed proudly with its (relatively hefty) $8,000 price tag.

This was the first PRI outing (that I’m aware of) for Ford’s turbo 4, and the buzz around it was genuinely positive, with plenty of guys who cut their teeth on DSMs and 2.2 L turbo Chryslers in the- ahem!- 1990s suddenly interested in Ford’s muscular pony. Maybe for the first time, even- all of which bodes well for Ford, who needs to keep the Mustang brand relevant to the Gen-X and Millenial generations of enthusiasts if it hopes to enjoy another few decades of success.

As for specs, Ford’s littlest Ecoboost (crate engine) packs a 252 HP punch served up with 270 LB-FT of torque at just 3000 rpm- not bad for a company that couldn’t get that out of a production 5.0 liter V8 just 20 short years ago. You can check out a few more pictures of Ford’s racy 4-banger, below, and check out Ford Racing’s official 2.0 L Ecoboost page here.


Ford Ecoboost Crate Engine

Ford Ecoboost Crate Engine


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14 Comments on “PRI 2013: Ford Shows Off its Ecoboost Crate Engine...”

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    Does anyone know if these engines will be used as a spec engine in any kind of race series? Otherwise I don’t see it selling in any kind of great numbers like the GM LS7 or LS9 that hot rodders like to swap into everything seen at Cobo hall in February.

    Still a cool idea, but not at all a bargain when compared to the Coyote crate motor that can be had for ~$6500.

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      The Continental Tire Sports Car series allows any car to race as long as it is production-based. Engine rebuild is allowed as long as key components stay the same (block, head, crank shaft, etc). The Focus ST with this engine would fit well within their Street Tuner class, where they have cars like Civic SI, Mazda 3, Miata, and BMW 1/3-series racing together (outfitted with air restrictors and such, for balance). The question is whether there will be any teams in 2014 with Ford cars. It would be cool if some teams raced with Focus ST or BRZ next year.

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      The Ford site is listing the modular 5.0 at $7,279. Justifying the 2.0T is hard at a $721 premium over the 5.0.

      I cannot see many people caring enough about some FWD car to put this in, so the market is really limited so applications like a Se7en or Areil Atom, where a nice engine is worth the money but a 5.0 or LS may not fit. And Hyundai is giving that market a $2,000 better price.

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    I really want that 3 banger they have in the Formula Ford. Actually I just want the Formula Ford.

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      That 1.0L Turbo’d I-3 is absurd – I spent about 20 mins in one of the new spec’s 2 months ago, and I was grinning like an idiot the entire time.

      I wish there was a recreational version of that Spec series. MMmmmmm…

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    Hyundai has them beat at $6,000 for the higher output Hyundai 2.0T.

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    Motec appears to offer the only ECU(though I would love to be proven wrong) capable of running either the Ford or Hyundai motors. That adds thousands to the cost of swapping this engine into a car.

    Until there is a reasonably priced consumer grade engine management option I see these engines as OEM replacements and not “crate motors.”

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    What’s that you say? Would I like to use this for a Miata swap? Why yes…yes I would.

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      Or a restoration of an MGB… :P

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        I knew a guy who sold MRI machines to hospitals and he put an SBC with the usual suspect GM tranny in his MGB. Shifter from a Fiero. Speed limited to 120 due to lack of downforce. Stealth wheel package with sticky tires made it a naughty vice at stoplights. The crate engine & tranny were predictable expenses but it cost 4000 to weld an internal rollcage and revised mounts in a corrosion free MGB.

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