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jaguar f-type - Google Search

Whether you’re in the market for an F-150 or an F-Type, you may have at some point used Google to learn all you could about your next car purchase. The Mountain View, Calif. company decided to make your quest for knowledge easier by unveiling their New Car Search feature as seen above.

At the same time, Google looks to have abandoned their previous new car shopping tool, which had a separate landing page, and allowed shoppers to search for available inventory, while generating leads for dealers.

The current iteration appears to be a lot more simple, at least for now. By entering the car of interest into Google’s search bar, the results page will bring up a box with info on pricing, trim levels, MPG, and similar cars others have sought out.

That said, the current selection with this new widget is limited, focusing upon newer cars within the past three model years or so (i.e., the Chevrolet Impala). Thus, if you were hoping to go back in time to see how much a Ford Mustang II was worth when it debuted, you might have better luck going through an old issue of National Geographic for the time being.


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17 Comments on “Google’s New Car Search Makes Shopping Easier...”

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    And you view the prices on the F-Type, laugh, and go on about your day.

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      I don’t believe the F type prices themselves are outrageous when compared to the competition but the dealer markups ARE atrocious….I recently saw a V6 F type for #91k… :-o

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        Let’s make a list of the competitors of this car. I am not coming up with much in price range. The SL starts at over 100K now (what?!). There’s:

        E-Class Coupe/Convertible (cheaper)
        SLK AMG

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          Kyree S. Williams

          Well, obviously there are some differences in performance, but the F-Type competes more in a two-seat sports car arena, for which prices vary quite a bit. The XK is a grand-tourer that Britain’s finest have for some reason seen fit to turn into a boy-racer. And the 6-Series is definitely just a comfortable coupe, M6 or not; ditto for the E-Class coupe, which actually uses C-Class architecture. The S5 is a full two or three leagues lower than the F-Type and really is a mid-level compact coupe that does battle against the 435i and C350 coupe. The SLK almost works as a comparison, but it’s really meant to be more of a cheaper way to get the styling of an SL, and neither one of those cars is really performance-oriented any more than the roadster body-style mandates them to be.

          The F-Type’s actual competitors, I’d imagine, are the Boxster, Cayman, Z4 and *maybe* the Corvette…

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            What about the GT-R then? At $99,500 it’s quite close, and I’m sure it blows the V8 S away in every category.

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            Kyree S. Williams

            The GT-R is a supercar, so it is well and truly above the F-Type. Lesser versions of the Corvette could maybe compete, but certainly not something like a ZR1. Like I said, I don’t think the F-Type and its competitors are linked by price, but rather the niche that they occupy…

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          This is by far the most similar car to a V6 F-Type:

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            @ Corey
            “What about the GT-R then? At $99,500 it’s quite close, and I’m sure it blows the V8 S away in every category.”

            Except luxury…you give up on performance when you choose the F type and in turn get a better ‘daily ride’ as opposed to GT-R which, like you said, would kill it performance wise but would probably ride like a tractor on Kentucky back roads…of course, I haven’t driven either so I am going off what I have read about the cars…

            and no, none of the cars you listed are cars I would consider as competitors to the F type.. Kyree said it best “… neither one of those cars is really performance-oriented any more than the roadster body-style mandates them to be.”

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            From what I’ve read, the F-Type isn’t comfortable at all, and the GT-R is very much car-like. So having not driven them either, I’d disagree with what you’re saying here.

            Clarkson drove both, and hated the ride of the BRITISH F-Type, while praising the ride of the Japanese GT-R.

            I agree the GT-R will not have the country club luxury image of the Jag. But if you want luxury that much, grab an XK or XJ.

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            Typical Clarkson hyperbole. With Dynamic Mode off, the F-Type is totally acceptable (tested on crap Canadian pothole’d roads). With Dynamic Mode on and the shocks firmed up, it’s stiff, but the GT-R is much stiffer.

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            There’s no comparison. The F-Type is so much more thrilling.

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            I shall take your word for it!

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          Sam P

          I am surprised you left out the 911

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            I admit, I never thought of it, but that’s a valid competitor too. Though for this price, I don’t know where in the multi-tier-complex range you’d fall. Can you get an AWD one?

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    Such tools are a great service to potential buyers. But the downside is that the buyer still has to go see a dealer and all that that entails. Dealerships exist solely to part you with as much of your money as they can and as you will allow them to.

    I would prefer to do the research and then order the vehicle direct from the factory for delivery at or near my location. These days that’s what many people do with all sorts of merchandise. They look at Best Buy or wherever, and then order the stuff from Amazon, tax-free in many cases, and with free shipping. They save money all-around.

    I ordered a new car direct twice before, a long time ago, first when I bought a new 1968 Mercury Monterey through the Base Exchange system for delivery stateside upon my return from Viet Nam, and then again when I ordered a 1972 M-B 220D direct from M-B in Germany for tax-free delivery at Schiphol International airport in Holland.

    Both transactions were pain- and hassle-free.

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    doesn’t work for my zipcode tried a few around Houston and kept getting the error “zipcode not supported” It also has the Google habit of remembering everything I type into it. Do I have to clear my cookies everytime I use it?

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