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General Motors Vice President Global Marketing Chris Perry

Following on the heels of General Motors CEO Dan Akerson’s recent resignation, Chevrolet’s chief marketing officer for the United States Chris Perry has called it a day effective immediately.

Perry came aboard from Hyundai in 2010 through former GM chief marketing officer Joel Ewanick, going through numerous title shifts until the automaker hired former Volkswagen of America executive Tim Mahoney as the Bow Tie’s global chief marketing officer last spring.

Prior to his hiring, Perry was Hyundai’s top U.S. marketing executive after Ewanick left for GM. The duo were responsible for the Korean automaker’s Hyundai Assurance program, allowing customers who financed or leased out a new Hyundai to return the model within a year should the customer lose their income.

Regarding Chevrolet, Perry spearheaded both the Tim Allen-voiced “Chevy Runs Deep” ad campaign — since replaced by the “Find New Roads” theme after customers didn’t take a shine to the depths of the golden bow tie — and the ongoing “Under the Blue Arch” retail campaign, where fictional characters promote Chevrolet’s lineup.

GM has yet to announce a successor.

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8 Comments on “Chevrolet U.S. Marketing Chief Chris Perry Resigns...”

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    Is this because of Chevrolet leaving Europe? Where’s the juice?

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      There’s always a lot of high-level turnover in a company when a new CEO starts.

      Announcements like this will be coming for months. The “effective immediately” part is unusual – usually some “gardening leave” is involved in the companies I follow. Maybe he really p!$sed off the boss-lady on the first day, rather than politely disagreeing with the new CEO about policies and strategies.

      I often wonder if part of the the reason that this kind of turnover happens is because it’s hard for someone at Perry’s level to do an about-face in front of their subordinates, and that lots of executives would rather quit than step up to that particular leadership challenge.

      In any case, we’ll be seeing a lot of announcements like this over the next few months. If we knew the people involved, and who the replacements were, this would tell us a lot about how the company is going to operate over the next few years.

      But, yeah, failing to market GM’s main brand to Europeans probably didn’t help anything.

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        Well, it’s hard to blame the guy for poor marketing to Europeans when he was in charge of marketing in the U.S. You have to figure, after the firing of the guy he followed from Hyundai, and the failure of his first marketing slogan, and the churn of the advertising firms higher ups chose for Chevrolet, that maybe the new CEO was the last straw. “Effective immediately” gives him time for some last minute Christmas shopping.

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    And the government’s exit from GM stock was supposed to pay guys like this boatloads of well deserved cash too. Gee.

    I don’t know much about this guy, except for his obvious lack of ideas. Those GM ads that portray a snapshot of life with ___ car, are too often ‘anti-male competence,’ and say little to convince people to buy this car over another.

    When is GM going to learn that, (A), Taking a ‘valuable winner’ from another company in doesn’t work without the guts to roll with his/her methods, and (B), These ‘winners’ are too often that in title only, and these leaders have little to do with the claimed-success they depart from.

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      Anyone who wants a longer form of this argument can find a recent version of it here:

      My take on GM from afar is that it.s the kind of institution that would be a hard place to work, even for someone who was successful elsewhere. I wouldn’t work there.

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    Changing of the guard – but the effective immediately points to Barra pushing him out.

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    Soon to be replaced by a GM lifer, like Mary Barra.

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    This guy has been on the sidelines since Akerson s-canned Joel Ewanick. He was collecting a nice paycheck while all his ideas were thrown in the trash can.

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