2015 Ford Mustang Coupe And Convertible Live Shots

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
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2015 ford mustang coupe and convertible live shots

In case you haven’t had your fill, live shots, as well as shots in of the ragtop below. Ford was coy with powertrain details, but the 2.3L Ecoboost will make “more than 305 horsepower”, helping it exceed the 3.7L V6’s output. The 5.0L V8 is said to top the current car’s 420 horsepower. The convertble top will apparently raise and lower in just 5 seconds, while bigger brakes, paddle shifters and MyFord Touch all make an appearance. Despite adding a 4-cylinder engine and independent rear-suspension for world markets, Ford expects them to make up just 10 percent of sales.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Agent534 Agent534 on Dec 06, 2013

    The Silver convertible picture shows some really wide fender flares. Is that an artifact from widening the car for the IRS, or are they not that pronounced in person? Per the USA Today article:"We started having some trouble with the steering and proportion of the vehicle," Nair says. "We decided fairly late in development to widen the vehicle."

  • Cirats Cirats on Dec 06, 2013

    Anybody have a sense for how usable the back seat will be on this? The coupe has a great looking roofline but it looks like it kills the headroom in the back seat. The convertible looks like it has a more traditional roofline - not as dramatic or appealing - but perhaps one that makes the back seat more liveable. How are back seats on the outgoing model - coupe and convertible?

    • Agent534 Agent534 on Dec 06, 2013

      Somewhat related, I can't get a Mustang for the next few years if you can't fit a rear facing carseat in the back and still use the front seat. I've said it before, if they could offer an optional 'car seat shelf' in the back, I'm thinking get rid of all the padding on the seat back maybe to get the car seat more space or similar, they could sell a few more ponies. For laughs, here is the car seat fit check for a Boss: blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2012/02/2012-ford-mustang-boss-302-car-seat-check.html

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  • Ted Lulis The Exodus from California is mind-boggling. No surprise from the rectum of the country
  • Mr Imperial Seeing the adjusted-for-inflation amount always makes me sick, I can't believe how much it has gone up in my 40-some-odd trips around the sun. Still fondly remember seeing these and Ford Explorers everywhere.
  • Kyl65759578 👋
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