Who Let These Guys On The Microphone?

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
who let these guys on the microphone

Over at The Smoking Tire‘s Facebook page, they’re already calling it “the funniest podcast in TST history”. Near the end of my absurdly self-indulgent five-day West Coast birthday bash, noted TTAC contributor Bark M, Autoweek‘s Blake Z. Rong, and I sat down in front of the microphones at Matt Farah’s place to test the limits of the idea that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

The resulting NOT EVEN REMOTELY SAFE FOR WORK OR EVEN HOME podcast is an eighty-four minute cataclysm of unfiltered insanity. It starts reasonably enough, with a discussion of how fast the Caterham 300R is around Sonoma, but before the last bell rang we’d covered a variety of topics including:

  • What do I think of the recent cross-country record?
  • What’s my opinion of valued former TTAC contributor Doug DeMuro’s piece on the aforementioned record?
  • How many ‘f***able’ women are there in the autojourno business?
  • What does it mean when a stripper has a tattoo of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on her bottom?
  • Should you buy a Lamborghini on credit?
  • No, really, should you?
  • and many more!

Everybody involved is, at the very least, drunk, so all comments should be taken in that context. What I said on that podcast does not represent the opinion of TTAC, Road&Track, Squidco Cycle Shop, Miami University, or any other institution with which I’ve been associated. I’d like to apologize to Lamborghini of Wherever, the Kimpton La Jolla, and Doug DeMuro’s Cadillac CTS-V.

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  • Mark in Maine Mark in Maine on Nov 24, 2013

    I listened attentively, waiting to hear the term "Cross-country speeding", but was disappointed. The rest of the podcast, however, was serious fun. I had no idea that you and Bark were so different . . .

  • Maintainer Maintainer on Nov 24, 2013

    Somehow Michael McDonald turned back the hands of time.

  • Imag Imag on Nov 24, 2013

    That was surprisingly entertaining. I might say that Kart racing is the cheapest way to get track experience, especially of the racing variety. It's probably a better prep for those high downforce cars as well. Looking forward to the Caterham piece.

  • The Heisenberg Cartel The Heisenberg Cartel on Nov 24, 2013

    ahahahahaha brilliance!! Bark is the most underrated writer here by far, and underutilized. And Doug, come baaaaaaack!!