Toyota's Retro FJ Cruiser to Become History in 2014

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
toyota s retro fj cruiser to become history in 2014

With every mountain climbed, every river crossed, and every supermarket parking lot conquered since its showroom debut in 2006, the Toyota FJ Cruiser prepares to retire to the countryside in 2014.

The retromodern SUV — based upon the bones of the venerable Land Cruiser and the looks of the FJ40 — took one final bow at the 2013 SEMA Show with the introduction of the 2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition. The edition will comprise of 2,500 unites painted in a hue called Heritage Blue, offer a TRD off-road suspension ready to take on the Baja 500 paired with knobby BF Goodrich tires and a TRD heavy-duty skid plate, a roof rack to hold all of your precious cargo, and an assortment of high-tech systems to keep you from landing upon your roof on the trail.

The Trail Teams Ultimate Edition will enter showrooms in February of 2014 (final year FJs are in showrooms now), with production of the FJ drawing to a close before the beginning of the 2015 model year with 200,000 examples sold in the eight model years it has been with the world.

Photo credit: Toyota

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  • Ttacgreg Ttacgreg on Nov 09, 2013

    This vehicle always struck me as Toyota's answer to Hummer chic. (and Honda Element too, to some degree) One thing I have noticed, at least were I live & drive, FJC drivers are some of the most aggressive ones out there.

  • John John on Feb 28, 2014

    Well, I own an FJ Cruiser. The vehicle has been good to me. I bought it in 2007 and it has never broken down on me in my 7 years of ownership. I am not a "mall crawler" or a "soccer dad". My vehicle is lifted and heavily modified for off-roading. With that said, it was a niche vehicle. It will not appeal to all. I leave with this last little bit of information for the fan boys and trolls that posted all their hate in the comment area. If this vehicle sucks so much, why is it #1 in resale value for 2014 on the Kelly Blue Book website? Where is your truck ranked? Here is the link: By the way, I would hardly classify the X-Terra an off-road vehicle. The aftermarket support says it all!

    • RockDoctor RockDoctor on Apr 15, 2015

      I also own a 2007 FJ Cruiser (bought in June 2006) with a manual transmission which is still in its stock condition. I've only ever used it for work driving to and from drilling rigs and it has proven to be a staunch, reliable and capable vehicle. It will soon be nine years old and I wish I could buy another. Apart from fuel the vehicle has cost me very little in maintenance. It has never left me stranded but then none of the other Toyotas (2 4Runners, 1 xtracab truck and a regular cab truck) ever did that either. I wish I could say the same of the Ford F-150 I once owned three decades ago. Of course there are problems. It has the aerodynamics of a brick, that nearly flat windshield which seems to attract every rock in the countryside, the visibility is something you have to get used to, the rear seat is claustrophobic, plastic everywhere and the poor fuel economy especially with the full time AWD of the manual version. Yet for all that this vehicle is solid. After nearly nine years (mileage 184k) it doesn't rattle on the inside, it always starts, it inspires confidence in the worst driving conditions and you really can carry a lot of stuff with it. There are very few equals in the market place that don't cost an arm and a leg.

  • Oldcruiser Oldcruiser on Feb 28, 2014

    The FJ is my life. I can't say anything bad about it because Ive replaced most everything on it and I spent about $70K doing it. Now I spend all day on the FJ cruiser forum with one hand in my pants and typing with the other.....hoping someone will disagree with me. I usually spend all morning trying to think of a catchy title for a new thread, something to stir the pot and create controversy. Have I mentioned Im a cry baby if you dont agree with me?

    • John John on Feb 28, 2014

      I'll have to check out that website you are talking about! Thanks for the info!

  • Tonka cruiser Tonka cruiser on Feb 28, 2014

    i think there is a lot of misinformation in this thread. FJ60LandCruiser i'm sorry you had so many problems with your truck. i can tell you that your experience is very uncommon. the FJ has the highest resale value of any vehicle in the US, not my statement Edmonds. this would not be the case if it was such a crappy vehicle. it also has one of the best owner satisfactions ratings, according to consumer reports. i have had two FJ's first was black 07. i now have 08 trail teams. between the 2 i have over 140,000 miles with no equipment failures. i wheel my truck very hard, here is a link to one of my videos ( ). the FJ was never meant to be a big seller, none of the land cruisers are. it is about image and press coverage.