Subaru Cross Sport Shows Off Shooting Brake BRZ

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
subaru cross sport shows off shooting brake brz

Subaru is calling this the next trend in urban SUVs. That’s fine by us. Little is known about the technical specs of the Subaru Cross Sport, but it’s apparent that if the BRZ and the BMW M Coupe had a baby, this would be the offspring.

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  • Mnm4ever Mnm4ever on Nov 21, 2013

    That looks production ready to me, they might actually do this. And if they do this, then a 4-dr can't be too far off too. They can call it whatever they want, this is a hot hatch with RWD, and those wheel arches look optional as well to satisfy both camps: jack it up and call it a CUV, lower it and call it some variation of WRX.

  • Rpn453 Rpn453 on Nov 21, 2013

    I like it. I'll take a RWD version for summer, and an AWD version for winter, please!

    • 05lgt 05lgt on Nov 21, 2013

      A friend who should know tells me this should be orderable as a rolling chassis the same as a brz so you could either make your own or pay someone else for whatever driveline and power plant you can fit. Assuming they even make it.

  • Chris P Bacon I had a chance to drive 2 Accords back to back as rentals. The first was a base ICE LX. I was underwhelmed. The next was a Sport Hybrid. Like night and day. So much so that I ventured on to the grounds of my local dealer. Was looking for a Sport or Sport-L. Autotrader showed nothing within 250 miles. Dealer confirmed. Told me I'd have to "get on the list" for a delivery, and there was a non-negotiable $3k "market adjustment". I guess I'll have to hope to see one on the Emerald Aisle again.
  • DungBeetle62 I just this past weekend rented one of these for 5 days in SoCal and with $5.29 the best I could find for gas, this ride's wonderful combination of comfort and thrift was welcome indeed. My biggest real beef is with the entire Accord product line - with that angle of backlight, not having this as a 5-door hatch seems a real waste of space.
  • RICHARD I bought my wife the exact car in the picture 3 weeks ago. Acceleration is average for the class. Smoothness of the powertrain, competent ride dynamics, quietness, and comfort are definitely pluses. The styling is restrained for sure, but we weren't looking for a shouty car that doesn't deliver on the design statement. She drives about 8,000 miles per year, mostly around town. At the current rate, we expect to buy about 16 gallons of gas per month. This really is a car that appears to do everything well rather than excelling at a few things to the detriment of others.
  • Ajla "2010-2019 Borrego"The Borrego only had model years 2009 - 2011 in the United States. The Borrego/Mohave did exist in international markets beyond them but the NHTSA of the United States would not be handling a recall on those. It's annoying that apparently the manufacturer, the federal regulator, and automotive press didn't notice this.
  • SilverCoupe The last Accord I test drove was in 1978, but I ended up buying a VW Scirocco instead. The Accords have put on quite a bit of weight since, then, but then again, so have I!