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While other automotive sites are patting themselves on the back for their comprehensive blanket coverage of the Los Angeles and Tokyo Auto Show, the TTAC Staff robot has been burning the midnight oil to bring you news from the third major auto show being held this week, Auto Guangzhou, held in China’s third largest city. While not yet at the rank of LA and Tokyo, the Guangzhou show is major enough that Lexus decided to debut the new Lexus CT200h, the first major update to Toyota’s luxury version of the Prius hybrid since the CT200h was introduced in 2010. It gets cosmetic changes, being the last Lexus model to get the corporate “spindle” grille, as well as better structural rigidity, suspension refinements, better aero and improved NVH levels. Despite the sportier look, the CT200h continues with the same 134 horsepower 1.8 liter version of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system, driving the car through a continuously variable transmission. Lexus estimates EPA gas mileage of 43/40 mpg city/highway and 42 mpg combined. Lexus is offering the CT200h in red for the first time, and you can also opt for a two-tone finish with a contrasting black roof.


Inside, Lexus says there are better materials and more features that are standard equipment, a new 4.2″ TFT screen in the instrument panel, as well as improved safety features and nannies. For the first time you’ll be able to deactivate traction control and if that’s not sporting enough for you, Lexus again offers the CT200h in an F Sport package, which comes with unique bumpers, 17 inch 10 spoke aluminum rims and more exterior and interior trim options.

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8 Comments on “2013 Guangzhou Auto Show: 2014 Lexus CT200h...”

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    One advantage of selling this car in China is that the smog is too thick to see the “Aliens” grille.

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    I like the brown/black leather combo, it looks dandy. But as for the rest of the car, I can’t even tell that it’s been changed.

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    Bashed in Audi grill?

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    The CT200h F Sport is at the LA Auto show. What I find amusing is that the CT200h was the first mainline Lexus to get the spindle grille. You can see the spindle in the bumper skin. It was just the least pronounced version. I think the F sport version looks pretty nice. I was really hoping we’d see the CT300h, though. That 2.5L hybrid drivetrain is a peach and the extra 65hp would go a long way to completing the package. It handled quite well (every bit as well as my MKV GTI did). The engine just wasn’t willing to play.

    My wife really wanted this as our baby mobile. She loved the look, it rode well, and she’s a fan of hatchbacks. The problem is that the back seats are super tight and the cargo area isn’t terribly impressive. We ultimately went with the Prius v and I think it was a much better choice at the end of the day. We’ve filled the v to the brim quite a few times now and we don’t feel as bad when the kid makes a huge mess in the easily wiped down Prius versus the nicer CT.

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    The Ford C-Max gets compared mostly to the Toyota Prius, but it is actually shaped more like the CT-200H. The C-Max is a little bigger and a lot more roomy. The C-Max has 54 more horsepower than the Lexus but gets roughly the same MPG. The high-end C-Max SEL has similar interior appointments the Lexus and a similar level of high-tech equipment. The C-Max SEL is 4,000 to $6,000 cheaper.

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    CT is now Lexus Prius? When it came out, HS was Lexus Prius. CT is Lexus Prius C at best.

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      Yes and no. The HS and CT use the Avensis/Scion tC platform with hybrid adaptations and Lexus refinement and tweaks. Only the drivetrain is from a Prius, not the chassis, or at least the last generation was. I am guessing this one is just the latest tC chassis tweaked for luxury NHV and Hybrid duties.

      The CT is actually a decent handler (like a tC with a lower center of gravity due to the batteries and other Lexus specific suspension upgrades) though it was still slow due to having a Prius drivetrain :/

      Prius C is a stretched Yaris platform with the first generation drivetrain from the early 2000’s Prius, not the second gen found in the Prius/CT/HS.

      Correct me if I am wrong B&B.

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