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A new gold dawn for touring cars is upon us if Subaru is to be believed. Come November, the automaker will unveil the future of the Legacy and Outback at the Tokyo Motor Show: The Levorg.

The sport tourer concept — whose name is derived from legacy, revolution and touring — comes equipped with Subaru’s next-gen EyeSight pre-crash braking system, wraparound LED headlamps, a turbocharged 1.6-liter direct-injection boxer, and other wonderful, ephemeral goodies concept cars usually receive.

The tourer (don’t call it a wagon around the hipsters lest their stretched earlobes snap) has a bit of muscle in its appearance, as well, with sculpted fender flares, a slanted backside, and a round nose with an air scoop ready to direct cold air through the engine for more power.

Subaru will also unveil the Cross Sport Design Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, a concept with a small body for better seat access and maneuvering through the tight streets of Tokyo and, perhaps in the future, a street near you.

Photo credit: Subaru

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44 Comments on “Subaru to Unveil Levorg Concept at Tokyo Motor Show...”

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    We are Levorg. You will be assimilated.

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    Nice but where are the pictures of the car?

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    That engine cover badge looks like it belongs on a high end oven. The front seems to look Audi-esque. I don’t consider this a “touring car” either. A touring car is a sedan built for GTing with a G&T. Not wagoning with your wife, kids, and a V8 (juice).

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    Pretty decent except for the Fast and Furious hood scoop (come on, duct it to the grille like grown ups, this isn’t a WRX). Subaru has an awesome lineup, including an AWD wagon for under $20K and a larger one for just over $20K, both available with stick. Some people disagree, but I will claim all day that the Impreza sedan is a modern day e30, now that BMW focuses on overpriced, unreliable, made for leasing image cars. Look at the specs:

    If the FR-S/BRZ sedan comes to being that will absolutely be the modern day e30.

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      Granted I’ve never owned, nor tracked, a BMW. I have, however, owned and tracked a 2012 Impreza. If that’s the equivalent of the BMW E30… well then the stories I’ve read about the E30 were greatly exaggerated.

      I’ve since traded the Impreza in for a BRZ. I’m too young to know of other 200HP sporty cars to compare it to, but the BRZ is as brilliant at the track as the Impreza was awful.

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        Not sure what type of track you took the WRX to, but unless it was 90% mud and ice, had at least two points where you were fender deep in water and there was a distinct possibility of colliding with a herd of ruminants on each straight, then it was the wrong track.

        The WRX is a rally car, not a racetrack car.

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          And the Impreza is not necessarily a WRX.

          Notably the comparo that the OP posted was to the 148HP version, which is definitely not a track car, as I found out, and is also definitely not a WRX.

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    I hope Subaru didn’t pay a lot of money for this marketing campaign.

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    That looks exactly like the teaser photo for the Porsche Cayenne back in the day … exact same style.

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    +1 to Fordson.

    Spell it backwards and you get grovel.

    There’s got to be an ad campaign buried in there somewhere.

    I’ll just show myself out now.

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    Hoping that the US can get a new Legacy wagon, but expecting that we’ll be given just the Outback version. Can’t argue with that decision if it happens. Turbo, AWD manual wagons are the stuff gearhead dreams are made of, but they don’t sell in the states.

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    If it’s another jacked up wagon, I don’t care. If its a return to practical handsome wagons like the ones before the current gen, I’m listening.

    It’s hard to trust Subaru concepts these days. They always come out with stuff that looks great, and then totally ignore everything that works about the concept, and put out a dog for the actual production car.

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    pressing questions.

    1- Any part of this car resemble female genitalia?
    so that when TTAC gets their hands on it *ahem*, BMW can “ban” TTAC again.

    2- Why is the WRX NOT the concept car from last years auto show?
    *Bender’s voice* Let’s go already!

    3- Is Toyota gonna be selling a version of this as the new Venza or Avalon GT?

    4- Isn’t this the VX with different skin?

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    Time to bring back the frame-less door windows already! The entire Subie line up right now (san the BRZ) is really ugly looking (almost Honda level). Gawd!

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    Put me down for a North American wagon version. Subaru will lose me as a potential
    customer if they think they can steer me into an Outback. Also I like the engine combo
    vs the 2.5l outback.

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    Every marketing professional knows that this sort of vehicle should be called a HAC.

    High Activity Coupe

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    Despite the “Le” in the name of the concept, my hope is that this is an Exiga replacement and that it gets built in Indiana (in place of the Tribeca). The silhouette looks like that of a three-row vehicle to me.

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    Dave M.

    I bet it’s the 2015 Outback.

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    “The name “LEVORG” comes from a combination of the words “LEGACY”, “REVOLUTION” and “TOURING”

    Judging from some of the pictures I’ve seen of this Subaru you could add “BORING” to the list

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      Yep, and I am in all due awe over their laboring to produce a bizarre portmanteau of foreign words from a language they mostly can’t pronounce.

      Those people never let absurdity diminish their determination.

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    Land Ark

    I’m so excited about the LED headlights! It’s about time Subaru listen to their customers and bring them what they want.

    In all seriousness, as the owner of a final year Legacy GT wagon, I swore I would never let mine go. And that’s because nobody makes a reasonably priced equivalent of what I’ve got. It was my dream car and I am terrified that some day someone will hit it and it’ll be taken away.
    I’m constantly looking for what I would get to replace it if the unthinkable were to happen. Right now it’s a Saab – but if Subie makes a suitable replacement it would have to be added to the lineup… assuming they don’t muck it all up like the current generation Legacy.

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    Over on nasioc, there is a big thread with the teasers altered in Photoshop and with comparisons to the WRX that is currently running around in camo. There are a LOT of similarities. Knowing that no WRX/STI hatch is planned for the 4th gen Impreza, there is speculation that this will fill the gap for displaced Legacy wagon owners and WRX/STI wagon/hatch owners. Real wagon proportions, about the size of the 4th gen Legacy? Yes please!

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