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Remember way back in the Nineties when plaid and grunge were so much of a fashion statement Marc Jacobs attempted to monetize the trend (the end result being dismissed by his then-employer Perry Ellis)? Around that same time, a certain hip-hop artist emerged from the den of detuned punk and evergreens to make big backsides en vogue, doing quite well in the process.

Seattle rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot (née Anthony Ray) is a fixture in the city’s music scene, from his co-founding of label Nastymix with DJ Nasty Nes in 1983, to his current production work for local rock group Ayron Jones and The Way. He also happens to be an exotic car aficionado, his garage filled with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and of course, Porsches.

If you ever dreamed of sitting in one of his many rides, you are now in luck: the Mack Daddy himself has put his 1984 Gemballa Porsche 935 slantnose convertible – named Blurple, because it’s purple and goes like a blur – up for sale with Cats Exotics in nearby Lynnwood, Wash.

“He’s had this car way back since it was on the cover of his biggest selling album. He’s just decided that it’s time to let it go. He doesn’t drive it as much, so we’re selling it for him,” said Cats Exotics owner Roy Cats.

A fellow car aficionado and long-time friend of Sir Mix-A-Lot, Cats has sold and traded a number of cars with him for years, including a recent trade on the latter’s orange Lamborghini Murcielago for a black McLaren MP4-12C. Other major public figures to have bought from him include actor Nicholas Cage, rapper Missy Elliot, numerous professional athletes, members of Major League Soccer club Seattle Sounders, and the well-moneyed princes in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Regarding Blurple, the Porsche has had $15,000 worth of work completed to bring the car back in order prior to sale. Cats states the 935 received extensive customization work back in the day, such as the Gemballa Avalanche body kit adorning the sides and rear, all performed by Bimmers & Benz of Moore, Okla.

The price of admission for this slice of celebrity: $49,880.

“It’s worth every penny,” Cats said. “It’s just in an immaculate condition. The paint’s stunning, not to mention that it’s just a piece of icon history. It’ll be remembered forever because [it was] on the cover of the biggest-selling album that he did. It’s just a one of a kind car.”

Regarding who would go for Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 935, Cats identified two types of individuals: Porsche fans and/or collectors into celebrity or star cars. He did note that though celebrity cars such as Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 935 have a lot going for them based on the owner alone, it doesn’t mean that the cars’ price tags have to necessarily go up to match the hype. Only through extensive documentation, like the kind the 935 has experienced in its 30 years on the road, can a potentially unique machine merit the price asked.

Of course, throwing in a bonus helps, as well:

“Whoever buys this car, if they want, can personally meet [Sir Mix-A-Lot] and get a signed autograph with him with the car, or a copy of the album signed by [him], whichever they want.”

As far as selling the car on eBay, Cats explained that the car might not make it to the auction site:

“We just got the car in recently, and we haven’t even listed it on our site yet. We just put it up on my Facebook… and we’ve already gotten a lot of interest on it. To be honest with you, I don’t think it’ll make it to eBay or on our site; it’ll sell prior to then. But we’ll have to see.”

Photo credit: Roy Cats/Cats Exotics

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41 Comments on “Sir Mix-A-Lot Puts The Mack Daddy Of Porsches Up For Sale In Seattle...”

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    Baby Got Back

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    If I ever I have wanted to win the lottery, it is now.

    I am an unabashed Mix A Lot fan. In addition to sharing his perspective on feminine anatomy, a love of Robot Chicken and a sense of humor, he is a true gearhead. I recall a letter he wrote to one of the big rags in the 80s demonstrating a pretty extensive knowledge of obscure makes, despite his (at the time) love of Miami Vice background vehicles.

    “I’m shakin’ ’em just like this
    Keepin’ that Porsche in fifth”

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    That thing is so incredibly tacky, but I want it anyway. And I don’t have any idea who Sir Mix-a-lot even is.

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      Don’t pretend you don’t have SMAL’s 12″ vinyl Baby Got Back Extended Remix right next to your Milli Vanilli Collector’s Box Set CDs.

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        I’m more of a Billy Joel/John Denver type. And Motown, lots of Motown. I have never liked rap.

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          Free your mind, and the rest will follow…

          I’m not a huge fan of rap, but every type of music has lots to offer. From Deep House to Country. From Acid Rock to Bubble Gum Pop. Big Band to Reggae. Hair Band to Elvis. Rock en Español to what ever, where ever.

          … Be colorblind, don’t be so shallow.

          • 0 avatar

            I love that song. I miss when the African-American community was willing to rock and roll.

          • 0 avatar

            Its got nothing to do with color. Rap is an insult to all the African-Americans that created all that wonderful music. It is an affirmative action program for the musically challenged, so that they could participate in the record business just as if they actually had talent.

          • 0 avatar


            Calling rap affirmative action for artists who perform in the genre is like saying De Stijl isn’t true art because it’s too simple. Witness:

            “A word to the cops, I can’t be stopped
            A word to my enemies, I don’t drop props
            A word to the Klan, I don’t pick crops
            You can run up with your whip but you’ll just run up and get popped
            A word to the Tipper, rap won’t fall
            A word to the bourgeoise, fuck all y’all
            A word to Apartheid you bouts to fall
            You can kill a couple brothers but you’ll never get us all”

            Empowerment, free speech, political discourse, and checkin’ more dollars than Chase Manhattan Bank.

            Free your mind, indeed.

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            LOL @ your En Vogue.

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      I've got a Jaaaaag

      Only the greatest rapper car guy ever.

      Me and Kid Sensation at home away from home
      In the black benz limo with tha cellular phone
      I’m callin up my posse its time to get rippin
      I’m freakin each sunroof to keep you suckas trippin
      Everybody’s lookin if ya jealous turn around
      The AMG kip keeps us closa to the ground
      We’re gettin good grip from the 50 series tires
      The Alpine’s bumpin but I need the volume higher
      ‘Cause the 808 kick drum makes the girlies get dumb

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    I've got a Jaaaaag

    I want this car, but I would also like the 69 Buick 225 from My Hooptie.

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    “the Porsche has had $15,000 worth of work completed to bring the car back in order prior to sale”

    $10k of which, no doubt, went into getting a tail light center panel that isn’t totally shot.

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    So this must be the queen Porsche… wings and egg sac?

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    Can you get a real 935 for $50K?

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    I bought my Gallardo from Roy Cats and he’s a class act. He’s got the most impressive collection of cars I have ever seen in person

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    Jack Baruth

    As someone who has managed to destroy two tapes and three CDs of “Swass” by listening/dropping/scratching them to death, I am thrilled to see this many fellow Mixalot fans on this joint, yo!

    “Yeah his Caddy was fast / but my Benz was in his face”

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    @jpolicke: The Native Tongues movement in the late 80s through the mid 90s tried to prove that rap could be more than garbage about “guns, drugs, and hos”. But unfortunately “guns, drugs, and hoes” was more popular and so intelligent rappers and rap groups fell by the wayside in favor of idiots who have no substance whatsoever.

    • 0 avatar

      Jeez, that garbage about guns, drugs and hos, kids these days. . .

      • 0 avatar

        Well I dunno man…Johnny Cash was GENUINE.

        Some thug wannabe with a stupid name is really not.

        • 0 avatar

          I am a massive Johnny Cash fan, but he popped pills and was never in jail for more than a night. He was not a hard drug using, bad b*tch shooting guy that ever did prison time. That was a persona to sell records. Like many rappers he was not truly keeping it real. “Cocaine Blues” was a cover of a song dating back to 1947. To his credit Cash does have an impressive legacy of pushing for prison reform, and of course performed in prisons, so at least he did not forget about the people actually stuck in the life he sang about.

          • 0 avatar

            That’s what I meant by genuine. Johnny Cash might have put on a persona to sell records, but under the persona was a man who actually stood for something and lived quite an interesting life.

            What’s behind Lil Wayne’s persona? Probably nothing.

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    The cheapest Porsches for sale tend to look like this car, or more accurately they attempt to look like this car. This one is done well and right, everything is proportional, etc. But its still ugly.

    I would much prefer a stock 911 Turbo, or even a stock 911. It is going to take a pretty big Sir Mix Alot fan to pay this kind of money for such a tacky car.

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    1) Sir mix had been around a long time before nirvana
    2) he has some funny stuff (buttermilk biscuits, square dance rap
    3) kinda did the ganggsta theme off and on. guns, killing, etc
    4SWASS was NEVER recognised as a legitimite word, ever.

    sorry, sir mix…

    “jump on it” mentions every area code worth mentioning…

    but its still a ripoff of “apache” by sugarhill gang…lol

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    First off, I’m a metal guy from waaaaaayyyyyyyyy back (I’m 50), but Mix-a-Lot has genuine talent so props to him.

    I like two things about his car: The name “Blurple” just flat amuses me for some reason, and I love the old-school long stick shift (begin the gay jokes now, but I dig it anyway).

    The car looks like it would be worth the money but frankly I’m not mack daddy enough to sport Blurple. I hope it goes to someone who will appreciate it…

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    When you buy a (very expensive) used car, you get to meet the owner in person? Wow, that is just amazing! I never knew that such a thing was possible…

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    It’s got style and flash for days, that no other Porsche can possibly top. Great for music videos, except if SMAL was a true enthusiast with unlimited funds, he’d have a 959.

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    It’d look a lot better in black cherry metallic.

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