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With the P1 supercar in the process of launching across the globe (see above Malaysian-debut video from our friend Bobby at LiveLifeDrive), McLaren is now planning to extend its brand to the, ah, lower half of the proverbial one percent.

According to AutoExpress,

The McLaren P13, the third member of [the] company’s road car range will cost £120,000 and deliver 450bhp… The mid-engined Porsche 911 Turbo rival, codenamed P13, will mark the entry point for McLaren ownership – and a well placed source says it will take styling inspiration from the £866,000 hybrid P1, rather than the 12C… Given its shrunken size and carbon fibre construction, the P13 will weigh even less than the 1,434kg 12C and significantly less than the 1,600kg 911 Turbo. Power should come from the same in-house-designed 3.8-litre V8 turbo.

McLaren’s completely ridiculous naming strategy appears to have been given the heave-ho for good; the “12” in MP4-12C was supposed to represent some McLaren Performance Index, with higher numbers being better. But the P1 wasn’t called the MP4-15 or something like that; it was called “P1” to remind people that McLaren is still in the Formula One business.

This lower-performance car will be called the P13, which is about where McLaren’s been qualifying lately, so I suppose it makes sense. It’s certain to be a success in Europe, where it will be considered a “high-touch” alternative to the 911 Turbo. (The 911 GT3 is likely to find itself conspicuous by its absence in McLaren competitive-comparison press material.) In the United States, the outcome is less clear; although the MP4-12 was recently fluffed to within an inch of its life by our home-team media it’s starting to look like showroom poison.

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13 Comments on “McLaren P13 To Anchor The “Entry Level” In Three-Car Strategy...”

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    I could buy this if I wanted to, but I’m waiting for the MP4-12-30-06-357 magnum, which is rumored. It is going to be made of compressed hydrogen for lightness, so they say, although it remains to be seen.

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      Compressed hydrogen? When you think about saving weight with this P13, I am not impressed.

      450 hp is not too crazy and I’ll take lightness over power any day. What I don’t understand is why Miata could make my 2300 lb sports car out of steel (conceived in 1991) and McClaren can’t beat them with their very exotic materials.

      Let’s see, my XKE Jaguar weighs in at about 3,000 lbs, loaded. My Miata is twenty years newer and got that down 30%. So the Miata only needs 130hp to perform about as well the 265hp Jaguar did. That makes perfect sense. Now McLaren adds 150 lbs and this is an improvement? If my Miata had 450hp, it would almost leave the road.

      My Acura NSX tipped the scales at around 2,600 lbs, as I recall, and if any of these cars had 450 hp, they would leave the McLaren in the dust. Weight is a very expensive commodity in every way and it can be achieved without compressed hydrogen

      Cool looking car though. Is it better looking than an EType considering in 1961 or the NSX conceived in 1990? Not in my opinion.

      I think that we can do much better in 2013. What is holding us back?

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      MP4-12-30-06-357 magnum

      Comment of the day

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    Shall 911 be considered mid-engine or rear-engine? Shouldn’t mid-engine Porsche belongs to Cayman or Boxster?

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    Bizarre names aside (and let’s be honest, it’s still less confusing than a few German companies naming schemes), I think McLaren’s strategy as of late is the flip side of the coin to Dany Bahar’s time at Lotus. They’re steadily establishing a desirable range of supercars that are putting them back in the consumer car market with technology to match. The styling (I think) is restrained, with the MP4-12C being a sensible, aggressive, refined car. The P1, when parked next to its competitors from Italy, is still a relatively subdued vehicle considering ludicrous performance numbers.

    Just $0.02 from someone who can’t even come close to affording any of these.

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    I´ve already seen the MP4/12C twice on the street (both times in coupe form), and it´s a gorgeous-looking, elegant mid-engined sportscar. Prettier than a 458 or a Gallardo, IMHO.

    It also has a very nice, deep, throaty V8 sound to it.

    I´d buy one if I had the money.

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      I test drove a 458 Italia (Spyder wasn’t available) vs. a MP4-12C Spyder… IMHO the McLaren is hands-down the better car (at least for someone who isn’t an F1 driver?)… but the 458 is prettier.

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    Midgets all over the world rejoice!

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    Hi Xabder18:

    There are not many out there left who can buy these outrageously expensive cars today, but they continue to somehow sell them.

    Maybe next year, huh? In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy what I have and I can make that enough fun for now.

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    In a recent EVO, the new GT3 beat the track time of the 12C (at Bedford, I believe). Considering that the McLaren is all carbon and has over 100 horsepower more than the Porsche, it doesn’t say much for McLaren’s vaunted race engineering.

    That might explain the GT3’s absence.

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