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20120527_kia_k9_1Over a month ago, we brought you news on the upcoming arrival of Kia’s rear-driven K900 sometime in early 2014. If you can’t wait to see the car in the flesh, however, the car will make its debut in November during the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The brief press release issued by Kia claims the K900 (otherwise known as the K9 in its home market, and the Quoris in export markets not known as the United States) will allow the automaker to “take value to new levels of sophistication,” positioning the car as their flagship among the Fortes and hamster-piloted, Lady Gaga-blasting Souls normally found on the lots.

Though the release didn’t specify beyond stating that the K900 will have either a V6 or V8 driving the power to the back, the flagship sedan will possess a 3.8-liter V6 pushing 240 horses out of the stable with a larger V8 bringing 420 wild stallions to the party, both attached to an eight-speed automatic.

The K900 is set to take dead aim at the BMW 7 Series, just in time for your next high school reunion under the serious moonlight. Price of admission is expected to be between $50,000 and $70,000, with a big campaign to debut during Super Bowl XLVIII in February 2014.

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36 Comments on “Kia K900 To Debut at LA Auto Show...”

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    Nothing says success like pulling up to your HS reunion in a KIA!!!!


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    There are many things wrong with this vehicle. I shall make a list.

    Design: It looks a few years old already, because it is. Korean makes continue to shove old designs over here, too late to the party.

    Engine: “3.8-liter V6 pushing 240 horses out of the stable” I’m sorry, what? 3.8 liters and 240hp? Is this 2002? I’d expect at least 320 from a 3.8 these days. The Nissan 3.5 got 305 in 2009.

    Price: Bwuh? $50K-70K for a Kia? I’m sorry, just no. It doesn’t look nearly as good as an Equus, and for God’s sake it says KIA on the front. It’s going to be viewed as the Forte XL.

    Aspiration: Ha, 7-Series. Nobody in their right mind is going to purchase this over a vaunted German 7-Series, or A7/A8. Or S-Class. For that matter, why not have the LS? Wealthy premium buyers don’t need to save money so badly they’d venture into a Kia dealership, strolling past the Soul’s in their Prada loafers to view a K900 (which people will call the K9 anyway).

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      1. The 3.8L Direct Injected V-6 makes 246 kW, which is around 330 horsepower. Launch engine in other markets are the port injected 3.8L Lambda V-6. I HIGHLY doubt they would send the car here without direct-injection.

      2. The car came out in 2012. The design isn’t that old. You want old? Try the Lexus LS on for size, which debuted with the “new” 1961 Plymouth Fury grill. (Pretty disrespectful to steal from a long deceased carmaker eh?)

      3. Purchase over a 7 series, or an S class? You never know. Remember all those people who got sick and tired of the crappy Cadillacs, Lincolns, BMW’s and Mercedes that went to Lexus? This is the first generation car. No person in their right mind thought KIA could make a decent car. (Sephia I’m looking directly at YOU!)

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        1. Was just going by what the article said. I’ve no problem if it’s a 3.8 at 330hp. Problem solved then!

        2. It’s so conservative and bland that it looks old. It may have come out in 2012, but Kia’s been using that design language since 08 or so in Korea.

        3. Right, but that was a bit different. Premium cars aren’t crap now. There’s no huge Lincoln boat with bad fuel economy. BMW and Merc have improved their reliability (not that I’m siding with their overly-engineered break as you like electronics). The Kia has to be OUTSTANDING in some way to overcome it’s complete CRAP and plebeian badge. Lexus hasn’t started sucking all the sudden and become unreliable.

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          If you’re speaking of the “Tiger Nose” it’s a common “face” among the brand. BMW does the same thing and I don’t see people calling the designs “old”.

          No premium cars aren’t “crap” now. Neither is this one as you seem to be implying. And really any of their cars sitting in the show room are “crap” anymore either with the exception of the ridiculously long in tooth Sedona which is on the chopping block for next year for an all new model.

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          While the design is a bit on the conservative side, it’s no more conservative than the sheetmetal for the 7 Series or even the new S Class and certainly is better than both the pre-refresh LS460 (talk about bland) or the post refreshed LS460 with the “Predator face.”

          And no, it won’t sell as well as either the 7 Series or S Class, but it likely will sell around the ballpark of the A8 and XJ, despite not having AWD.

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    Coming soon to a showroom near you, it’s the K900000000000000.

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    Why is the V6 in this car so much weaker than than the 3.8 in the Genesis, or even the 3.3 engines in the Azera and K7?

    Isn’t the K9 the equivalent of a Genesis? Why are they pricing it like an Equuus?

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    I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. K900 is a name for RoboCop’s dog, not for a car.

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    While I’m always willing to give a car a chance, Hyundai may be in for a reality check. Here’s the thing, the auto market is vastly different than it was 20 years ago when Acura, Lexus and Infiniti came on the scene. The days of horrific domestic and German reliability are past us, and just about any car on the market today is light years ahead of where the best and worst were 20 years ago.

    Today, unless you are offering a ludicrously low price or an amazing level of content, or impossibly perfect reliability/service you’re at an immense disadvantage compared to the established brands.

    In short: as cars get better, brands will begin to matter more and successfully marketing a new brand will become very difficult.

    The question I have to ask is why they expect Americans to shell out $50-$70k on this versus the very extensive list of cars from very established players with very good product: BMW 5, 7, Audi 6, 7 and 8, Merc E, Acura RL, Cadillac XTS/CTS, Lexus, etc.?

    I have no doubt this car will be perfectly fine – but it is up against a legion of products that are very good in their own right.

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    So OK Best & Brightest, help your old pal PrincipalDan out. With the introduction of the K900 Kia vs Hyundai is…

    Kia = Pontiac is to Hyundai = Oldsmobile

    Kia = Pontiac is to Hyundai = Buick

    Kia = BMW is to Hyundai = Mercedes (Europe)

    Kia = Ford is to Hyundai = Mercury

    Kia = Toyota is to Hyundai = Lexus

    Trying to fit them into my general scheme of knowledge. ;)

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      It’s no good putting Hyundai up against two brands which don’t exist any more! Gotta update your chart!

      The biggest problem I see is:

      Kia = BMW; Hyundai = Mercedes (Europe)

      It just doesn’t work. I got up close and personal with an Equus last weekend, and it was just a joke. Works from 20 feet away because of sheer size and chrome. But up close it all falls apart.

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        im still just in shock at over how cheap the Sonata’s feel/look after 60k…we just took in an 11 Limited and it drives/sounds like a car that had 150k or more on it. Of course latley I’ve been driving around in the new Impalas and Vettes so my opinion is skewered

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      Kia = Audi to Hyundai = Porsche (or vice versa, I made Kia Audi since Kia stole Audi’s designer)

      Is maybe as close as it gets. Shared platforms but complicated ownership. Overlapping brands – what’s better, a Cayenne or a Q7?

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    70000$ kia. Laugh out loud.

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      I can’t wait to see the depreciation on these.

      MY13 Equus Signature does 41-44 sub 10K otc, add 4K for “Ultimate” (Did Lincoln sell them the Town car packages?).

      Hyundai’s website states MSRP starts at 61K [!!!]. Does anyone have an Equus? Does Hyundai out cash on the hood of those?

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    You guys are slipping! Apparently I have to be the first one to point out in Korea it is the Kia K9, so you have to be the ones to make the jokes!

    Actually, as we see repeatedly with Kia & Hyundai, laugh at your own peril. I admire the Equus and K900 for their aspiration. The confidence and logic, if not the execution, are what launched the Caprice and LTD half a century ago.

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    Kia actually builds a nice car. I rode in a new Optima and it was very impressive. However no snob is going to drop 70K on his ride and park it among his buddy’s BMW’s, Mercedes, Lexus’s at the country club. The name and presumption of such is just to much to overcome.

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    The name of this car is terribly unfortunate.
    “K9 Oh Oh” is what your neighbor’s poodle leaves on your lawn.

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