More Changes For Chrysler Product Plans

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
more changes for chrysler product plans

Post-bankruptcy Chrysler’s product plans have had more episodic changes than the Star Wars franchise, and Automotive News has the latest dirt on what’s going on at Auburn Hills.

Dodge is set to lose the most, with the Grand Caravan, Journey and Durango disappearing from the lineup. The Grand Caravan may live on in Canada, but Chrysler’s next minivan, as well as the next Journey, will become Chrysler products, while an all-new Jeep Grand Wagoneer will take the place of the Durango. On the other hand, a rear-wheel drive vehicle bearing the Avenger nameplate is slated for 2015.

Chrysler’s larger rear-drive cars won’t get a refresh until 2015 at the earliest, while the planned 100C hatchback is dead in the water. An influx of Fiat based product will arrive with a subcompact Jeep and more commercial vans at Ram, while Fiat may see the Panda make its way over here (in a larger form that Europeans are used to).

And last but not least, confusion reigns at Alfa Romeo.

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  • Ajla Ajla on Sep 03, 2013

    Strada-based Rampage please!

  • Seanx37 Seanx37 on Sep 04, 2013

    Does Dodge even have a future? Are there any new products coming? At least the dealers have Ram to keep their doors open. Unless oil prices spike when our next pointless war starts next week.

  • Billfrombuckhead Billfrombuckhead on Sep 05, 2013

    The Durango is getting updated immediately with 8 speed automatics for Pentastar and Hemi as well as new lighting front and rear. Immediately Dart middle and top of the line models get new 2.4L Tigershark 4 cylinders. Present Grand Caravan and Avenger models are extended for at least another year. Summer 2014 Dodge Challenger gets a redo with a new platform underneath it, upgraded available 6.2L Supercharged Hemi and slightly new styling. All Challengers get new electronics and 8 speed automatics. 2015-2016 Charger gets redone on Maserati Ghibli platform 2016 Avenger gets replaced with a Alfa Romeo Guilia based rear wheel drive 4 door hatchback.

  • Phargophil Phargophil on Sep 05, 2013

    The waffling in the future plan is typical for Fiat, and by extension, their various subsidiary companies. I know this because I work at one. From what I've seen over the last 10-12 years of Fiat stewardship is not that the product has a future road map; it's that the plans change when the big Fiat parent or the Italian based subsidiaries are in financial trouble. When that happens, large portions of the profits are skimmed off to keep the Italian ship afloat. This is also why CNH was hoovered up and fully integrated into Fiat Industrial, and why Fiat automotive is so anxious to complete the Chrysler purchase. It will be vastly simpler to divert money from the winners to the losers. And because the money must be funneled to the parent, there is far less available for American product R & D.