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When a short news blog item based on a couple of tweets from a Road & Track writer attending the press launch of the Alfa Romeo 4C gets over 150 comments before the end of the working day, it’s quite clear that there’s some interest in the car among our readers. Chris Harris was also at the launch of the 4C and you can watch him get giddy with it in the video above.

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25 Comments on “Chris Harris Likes The Alfa Romeo 4C...”

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    This! Could! Be! The! New! Fiero!

    Only upscaled, if it’s marketed right.

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    Didn’t I read somewhere the 4C was going to have an MSRP around the mid 50’s even with levery low production numbers?

    That would be very impressive with a CC tub.

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      I’ve raised the same point before. Fiat will surely lose money on every single one, but if the halo effect is strong enough, it might boost sales of other models.

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        >> Fiat will surely lose money on every single one

        Why would they lose money? Cheap carbon fiber has arrived. BMW is the first with the i series, maybe Alfa will be the second.

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        What other models?

        And that’s the failure of the 4C, to be a halo car you need some other models. Even in Europe, they only have two elderly small FWD hatchbacks with Alfa Romeo badges.

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    The comments in the other thread had it all wrong.

    This is not a moneymaker, it is a gift to Alfisti to shore up their faith in the flagging brand. The faithful have been turning away saying, in effect, that the Alfa they once loved is gone for good. Sergio is trying to convince them otherwise. Even the choice of 1750cc for the engine displacement is not an accident since it recalls the great GTVs of the 1960s.

    The 8C Competizione was the first attempt but it was:

    a) too Ferrari/Maserati for Alfa fans (a rebadged Ferrari is no better than a rebadged Fiat as far as true believers are concerned),

    b) too expensive (read, overpriced compared to the equivalent F/M on which is was based),

    c) never engaged in any on-track “competizione” as all Alfas must (including the Sud!) to prove their mettle in the eyes of Alfisti.

    The 4C is a much stronger effort to woo the wayward back to the fold. Sergio hopes these people will be early adopters of Alfa’s forth coming main stream offerings. The fact that the 4C engine will be in the new Giulietta points in that direction. The only question remains when we will see the 4C in competition?

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      Spot on Morea! And it looks like they’ve nailed it at last. There is talk of a 4C Trofeo series already and even talk of Alfa’s return to DTM with the new rules. It’s all good.

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        Alfa Romeo doesn’t have a car suitable for DTM so that’s a pipe dream for now. It’s a silhouette series, but Alfa doesn’t have a car big enough for it anyway.

        Maybe in 2016 or 2017 when they have bigger cars, though.

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    Nice to see something positive for Sergio. Timing delay is probably due to the IPO offering that’s in the news. This has not been a good week for Fiat/Chrysler. The fact is there are several very good reviews of the 4C and it looks like it will accomplish its mission of reestablishing Alfa’s reputation for innovation and feeding the aspirations of car lovers that want something a little different.

    Hopefully everything else will iron itself out and Sergio can get back to building Fiat/Chrysler into the contender he’s imagined.

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    After watching the video, all I can say is wow. Seems like they got it almost exactly right, which is what Italians do best. I most especially agree with the reviewer, it’s not a Porsche and that’s what an Italian car should never be.

    krhodes1, you expressed your desire and availability to own one. If I were you, I’d go to the dealer you got your Abarth at and plunk down a deposit today.

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      They are not taking deposits yet. :-)

      The only kicker for me is if I will fit in it. Fingers crossed! I’d even break my “no first year of a new model” rule for this car.

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      It’s looking really, really good. Reminds me of the GTV Junior, I was fortunate to be able to drive what a pleasure. It was a 2.0l not the 1750 but still motoring perfection.

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    Sam P

    This is a decent article about Alfa’s return to the North American markets.

    “The 4C will always be a low-volume car,” Semel admits. “But the new Mazda-based Spider could be a real winner. I think that’s the car that could really be positive for Alfa Romeo in Canada.”

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    Well to be fair, approximately 75% of those comments from the other post were one guy repeatedly posting how 240hp is pathetic and how much a turd the Alfa is compared to a Corvette or Mustang, and then a half dozen others repeatedly trying to explain the concept of power to weight to that person. Oh and don’t forget the dozens of comments about how $54k for a limited production carbon fiber tubbed mid-engined Italian exotic that is sexier than Sofia Vergara is a total rip off.

    I am sure this car will be a complete failure… lol

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      Larry P2

      Actually, the “one guy” questioning the vaunted superior “power to weight ratio” of this car turns out to be vindicated, if you trust Car and Driver’s latest actual drive of the car. If you look through the previous thread and story, it is repeatedly argued that Alfa has succeeded in producing a “2,000” pound car with “240 horsepower.”

      Care to revise your condescending lectures about “power to weight ratio?”

      In Car and Driver’s latest article, the car now has 237 horsepower and the American version will weigh a whopping porkier 2,650 pounds. And the 237 horsepower is accomplished with a staggering 21 pounds of boost from the turbo. That is scary.

      Carry on. If Car and Driver is remotely correct about these figures, then TTAC is once again engaging in lazy and dishonest journalism.

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    I was with you until you disparaged the supremacy of Sofia Vergara’s sex appeal. Now, I have to rethink the value of lightweight performance sport cars just because you said it.

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    It’s a BRZ done right!!!

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    Why the cheap plastic engine cover when it has a carbon fiber tub humm.. at least put some fake CF decal on the engine cover lol!

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    Larry P2

    Since my prior comments were deleted, I will try again:

    Car and Driver, which has driven a European version of one of these in real life, predicts the American version will weigh a much porkier 2,650 pounds, and estimates 3 fewer horses at 237 and that not one of these will actually sell for any where remotely close to $54,000. In fact, Alfa has a “special edition” “launch edition” prepared for the US.

    “Launch Edition” in Alfa speak means “launching” another $30,000 out of your bank account.

    Furthermore, the car uses 21 pounds of turbo boost to accomplish that measly horsepower output, which is scary.

    As a former Alfa owner and driver, buyer beware.

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    Larry P2


    Here’s the skinny on the 4C’s vaunted “power to weight ratio.” It appears that TTAC pulled a fast one for apparently cutting and pasting directly from Alfa’s gushing press release. Here’s the latest on Alfa’s latest willful deception from Motor Trend’s own, and TTAC’s ex-staffer Johny Lieberman:

    “the new 4C is principally light, though not quite as light as Alfa is claiming. Italian carmakers have this horrible habit of weighing cars without certain fluids—oil, gas, coolant, transmission and brake. They also tend to leave out airbags. The result is a meaningless number they call “dry weight.” Alfa claims the U.S.-spec 4C will weigh 2083 pounds (the Euro version will weigh about 100 pounds less because of no side or knee airbags, no A/C, and a fixed, non-sliding passenger seat). I’m here to tell you that the 4C’s actual weight is going to be closer to 2500 pounds, if not more. Alfa’s number is pure fantasy”

    Read more:

    How about it TTAC? Publishing Alfa’s vaporware claims that are clearly willfully fraudulent regarding the car’s weight? tch tch tch.

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