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Thanks to our friends over at Autospies, you can get a better look at the Lexus LF-NX crossover concept, officially introduced today at the Frankfurt Motor Show. One might say that the LF-NX is a polarizing design, that is, if there was anyone who said that they liked it. The response since studio photos were released last week has been pretty much unanimously negative. Judge for yourself.

You can see the complete gallery at Autospies.

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45 Comments on “2013 Frankfurt Auto Show: Lexus LF-NX Concept – Live Photos...”

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    LF-NX you offend my eyes.

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    I think Lexus needs to fire their photographer or the person who is responsible for selecting the photos for the offical press kit. Most of the studio photos were quite horrible – from all the wrong angles and shot/photo-shopped with akward light. I think Lexus’s photographer could even manage to find the ugly sides of Lamborghini Miura. Even on those random show pictures the NX crossover looks much better. I think the best part of the design is the side profile (shot from lower position) and nose (shot from higher position) – all official photos should emphasize on those parts (It’s only my humble non-professional opinion). And the concept has way too many bent and sharp surfaces, on a production car those would be impossible to create / too expensive to manufacture. I think the production version will look quite nice if the car is smoothed out.

    Here’s one shot that Lexus managed to do correctly:

    And in the official video the car looks quite good I think:

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    After looking at it from every angle: I like the tires. Trying to be nice to the poor thing.

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    From the front, it looks like my electric shaver – slightly bigger. From any other angle, it looks like it was already involved in quite a few accidents. Except for soccers moms it’s a useless car like so many anyway.

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    I see how they did that….

    Study the skin folds in a bloodhound’s face and then weaponize them.

    Seems so natural now that somebody’s done it.

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    Dear Lexus: ¡híjole! Back to the drawing boards, and no dinner until you’re done screwing around.

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    troy lee

    I know it’s early but I think we can declare this as the first car where the production version(if there is one) will certainly be better looking than the concept.

    It couldn’t be uglier if they tried.

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    Jeff S

    Lexus must have hired their latest designers from Remington. “As close as a blade.” I wish them luck but I am not a fan of this design. I will stick with Honda.

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    It looks like a pile of broken glass.

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    It, looks just like the drawing *sigh*

    “Oh, look, they did the same thing over on this side…”

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    It looks like a Rav4 getting a surprise colonoscopy with a liquid nitrogen cooled probe.

    At least it’s something different. I suppose I’d rather see this than yet another bland teletubby-on-4-wheels design.

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    It looks like a crumpled piece of paper

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    Be honest, wouldn’t you like to see the designs that lost out to this one? Yes, I do like horror stories, but I can’t be the only one.

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    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that while I’m not especially crazy about the giant grills they are hanging on many of the cars these days, I’ll wait until I see one of these in the flesh.

    Years ago, when Honda introduced their RC45 sportbike, a bike that had an odd looking air intake between the headlights, I hated it. Then I saw one in person and it looked amazing (and sounded even better). Same thing with the Suzuki Hayabusa which looked like some kind of distroted whale in the original photos but grew on me over time.

    This has a lot of the sharp lines and odd angles that I admire in a many of the Japanese cars of days gone by. That look makes those cars classics but they looked odd then. This might be another one that grows on me. One thing it isn’t is anopther copy of Mercedes Benz and at the very least I’m glad that Toyota has stepped out of their comfort zone on this one.

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      I don’t disagree, but the damn thing just doesn’t make any sense. There’s limited functional value to any of the ….’stuff’ on the little hatchback and it’s just all glommed together in a very discordant way. Nothing on it is ground breaking or new or really that different. It’s just function following form, life immitating art, Fox News immitiating reason.

      I hate to say it, but this thing is pretty much exactly what Chris Bangle was talking about in his little pity party rant a few days ago. Dear Lord, now I’ve agreed with Bangle and threw-up a little in my mouth. I knew I shouldn’t have ordered the sausage egg and cheese this morning.

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      “What’s it called? Suzuki Blackbusa? No, that sounds like a sex object.”

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    I find myself trying to get inside the minds of Lexus management as they discussed this concept. If they were going for “shock and awe”, I’d say they hit the mark. If they were trying to signal cues in their future design language, I’d say their salespeople are going to be very lonely.

    Also – could we please return to the era where the windows on vehicles were large enough to actually see out?

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      Chicago Dude

      “I find myself trying to get inside the minds of Lexus management”

      I’ll help:

      Lexus management: “Europeans don’t know we exist.”
      Designer: “I can fix that.”

      I’m not sure how exactly this transforms into a production vehicle… The spindle grille will obviously stay. The headlights will probably be very small. It will have roof rails and pronounced wheel arches. And you will likely only be able to see the sky out of the back. But otherwise… Probably not an awful lot carries over.

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    Quick, someone get me a few gallons of eye bleach!

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    I live too close to the ocean to own one of these. Keeping it from diving in to feed on krill would be a constant battle. Plus I’d keep cutting myself on all those sharp edges. The front looks like it’s designed to inhale and puree any pedestrians unlucky enough to be hit, leaving no evidence behind. Is this how they plan to get around the latest safety regulations?

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    The nose looks like it ran into a chain link fence and came away with most of it stuck to the car.
    The rear, what can one say except it looks like it is crying.
    Poor thing maybe it has a nice personality.

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    First off, it’s completely hideous and I need a Wet Nap for my eyes.

    Second, thinking practically – look how low the fender goes, to bumper level at each side. The fender is one piece of metal, all the way up to the rear window and even on the roof. If you get into a small accident and get hit in the rear you are SCREWED and will have to replace complex-angled body panels on 40% of the car.

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    With all that lumpy, creased, and tortured sheet metal,that thing looks like it is in pain. At very least, it certainly is painful to look at.
    Appears to have fallen off the transport truck on its nose….

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    That thing looks like a U-boat.

    Dive, dive, dive!

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    I’ll take an Aztek or Crosstour over this – yeck.

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    Everyone who loves Japanese cars for their build quality and reliability is always asking why anyone would buy cars from the U.S. or Europe.

    This is the reply to that question – because with some notable exceptions, the Japanese brands can’t style a car to save their ass.

    Every J.A. Pan & Co. high-style exercise looks like it’s going to end up starring in the next “Godzilla Versus XXXXX” movie as the arch-enemy of that name.

    It was thought that having the Japanese brands establish a beachhead in Southern California by locating their design studios there, they would assimilate into the host community and soak up some of the local characteristics, but they seem to have insisted upon keeping their ethnic styling identity intact.

    Maybe the Tea Party types could devote some of their anti-immigrant efforts to this area, when they could actually help the country instead of hurting it – those Japanese stylists won’t learn the local design language, so they should go back where they came from!

    Just like the stereotype Ugly Americans who insist upon displaying the more unattractive nationalistic traits when visiting other lands…we can call these cars…the Ugly Japanese. Because that’s what they are.

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      Clarkson on top gear was really the first to point out that the Japanese styling general falls into two categories. Its either derivative or bad.

      Some of the derivative cars are pretty decent – like the original NSX for example. But the original tries have been pretty bad..

      It never used to really matter though because not only was the quality better – they had superior engineering as well and yet managed not only competitive but sometimes superior pricing.

      Nowadays the quality gap is smaller, the engineering gap is non-existent, the prices are premium – but the looks still aren’t great.

      As I pointed out before – its a better world because now people can simply choose cars that they like. You don’t have to buy American – but I think they are good enough for the most part that you shouldn’t be scared to buy American – or German/Italian..

      French..I’d still be scared off haha. It’s a great time to be alive if you like cars. When I was a kid I never even wanted to own a domestic. Now almost every maker has a model of car that I like.

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    I don’t think that particular Decepticon folded up quite right.

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    That orange dashboard peeking out the windshield leads me to believe things don’t exactly improve once you’ve made it past the visual assault that is the exterior.

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    Domestic Hearse

    I demand a Vellum Venom immediately!

    Perhaps we need to interpret this design much like Miley’s on-stage performance in flesh-colored underpants, complete with twerks, foam finger, and tongue display: a desperate, over-the-top cry for attention and a pathetic attempt to gain relevance despite a lack of any appreciable talent?

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    Ugh. Kill it with fire. Starting with the droopy nose.

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      RX350, CRV and RAV4 are all various forms of ugly. So is the new Cherokee. Truth is the vehicles that male drivers like are very different from what women want..

      Only Mazda makes a CUV that I would want. And only the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the only mid-size SUV I would want. But my taste doesn’t match up with women on vehicles.

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    It’s not a Toyota without a mock air vent! Toyota needs to start an industrial design school and give scholarships to poor kids from around the world. I’m sure they could randomly pluck some kid out a slum somewhere who could better than this atrocity. That spindle grill is at this point a fail, That’s why they have to embrace goofy fashion design and reality TV shows in their ads for the slightest credibility.

    The Cherokee exhibits very good “form follows function” which Toyota’s designs certainly do not.

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    Well, there goes the pedestrian-friendly front end concept. I started to imagine the leg, hip and torso injuries at 5 MPH, but had to throw up. Can the NHTSA outlaw it?

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    I think the radiation leak from Fukushima caused some type of mutation.

    I just hope Predator doesn’t see it, he might want to marry this abomination.

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