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The big news this past week from Nissan: lots of old iron at Pebble Beach, concept car test drives for sympathetic journalists and a pledge to have autonomous cars ready (but not on sale) for 2020. More interesting than that is news of Nissan’s booming exports from America. Some say that this is the “new normal” – Japanese OEMs expanding their manufacturing base in America as they leave Japan en masse to both insulate themselves from a volatile yen, take advantage of America’s welcoming manufacturing climate and shed a reliance on Japan’s aging and declining population. And even more interesting than that is how it was presented.

The clip above, which is packaged like a broadcast news report, actually comes from Nissan’s internal communications team in Tokyo. Rather than just issuing a press release, Nissan is looking to have an even greater role in influencing the conversation (awful word I know, but it’s apt). They aren’t just disseminating information to journalists: they are cutting them out entirely. Whatever discussions we may have at TTAC over the efficacy of automotive media or the competency of its press corps, this is a significant development. I don’t think it’s inconceivable that one day, brands will have a stranglehold on the automotive discourse.

Press cars and press trip invites are one way that brands currently manage who has access to product and people, and these are used as both carrots and sticks. In a way, it’s hard to fault PR people for this practice. PR staff, by definition, are committed to disseminating their client’s story, even if it runs counter to the findings of a journalist. Not caring about these perks is one way to subvert the established order, as former EIC Ed Niedermeyer successfully did during his tenure. Even when doing so, it’s possible to get information from internal sources and third-party outlets. But Nissan appears to be going a step further.

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4 Comments on “Editorial: The Future Is Here At Nissan – Just Not In The Way You’re Expecting...”

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    Brands will never have a “stranglehold on the automotive discourse.” – for that to happen, people (i.e. me sitting here reading your post) would have to stop caring about the source of the information. A thriving TTAC readership demonstrates otherwise, by its very existence.

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    “I don’t think it’s inconceivable that one day, brands will have a stranglehold on the automotive discourse.”

    I’ll love reading press fluff as my only auto news source. It’ll be like MotorWeek every day. -sadface-

    Nah, I think blogs will keep it from happening. They can still dissect the information presented in PR videos, and dig deeper through documents and etc to find TTAC.

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    “I don’t think it’s inconceivable that one day, brands will have a stranglehold on the automotive discourse.”

    Perhaps, from an automotive media perspective, in which case I’ll be quietly cheering for the en masse starvation of shills more interested in serving advertisers than subscribers.

    That said, so long as there are owner/enthusiasts out there who love their machines, no corporation will ever truly own the message. OEMs would be well advised to reallocate some of their huckster sycophant budget to sourcing content from people who actually bought and live with the vehicles on a daily basis.

    If you want something done right…

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    I think this great for honest automotive reporting. Once auto makers think they have a “stranglehold” on the output of information they’ll cut out the perks to journalist and they can report on cars without the memory of some wonderful golf outing supplied by the company who’s car he’s reporting on distracting him from clear objectivity.

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