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It was in late March that I found myself among the disinfectant smells and cracked tiles of an oncology clinic in western New York. This was the clinic where TTAC contributor and long-time member of the B&B, David Drucker, lost his fight with cancer. This was the clinic where he faced his final shots at chemo, the poison burning his arm, the duct-taped old vinyl recliners in a row, the enforced stillness that must have been agonizing for a man whose quick fingers on the guitar and brilliant singing voice entertained everyone he met. In these dismal corridors, in the long walk from the cracked asphalt of the parking lot, in the elevator that creaked and groaned on the way up to the third floor. I didn’t get there in time. I arrived in western New York to find him already gone, his passing announced without fanfare by his son on Facebook along with a link to a video of his last public folk-music performance. It would have been the first time I met him in person; I’d “known” him for years through TTAC and Facebook, but I never shook the man’s hand, never heard his voice. This would have been the first time.

David would chide me any time I bought a new acoustic guitar. “Why didn’t you go to Maury’s?” he’d say. “It makes NO SENSE to buy a Martin from anywhere else.” Well, today Maury’s is selling some of the guitars that David owned and played. The proceeds will benefit his family, which suffered financially from the full-throttle assault of his cancer and its necessary treatments. So I’d like you to take David’s advice as well, and I’ll do my best to make it worthwhile.

The first guitar for sale is David’s favorite Martin 000-15M. I already have one, but if this doesn’t sell pretty quickly I’ll probably buy it just for sentimental purposes. There’s no sense in me having two of these fantastic all-mahogany American-made six-strings, however. If you’re a guitarist, you know that these are justly famous for the balance of their tone and the tasteful, earthy urgency they bring to both fingerstyle and flatpicked lines. Plus it’s selling well below retail.

If a TTACer buys this guitar or any of David’s other items, I’ll offer you a choice of a couple side benefits:

  • A day’s worth of coaching at any open trackday in the United States or Canada, and I’ll cover my own expenses getting there. Subject to availability and cost, and so on.
  • Your choice of anything from my reasonably deep collection of autoshow/press event swag.
  • The strap of your choice from the folks at Couch.
  • A full day in my home studio, drinking my liquor and hammering my collection of 130+ vintage and modern guitars through everything from a ’65 Gibson whiteface Skylark to a Mesa Private Reserve.
  • A space on TTAC to rant about anything you want for up to a thousand words, as long as you don’t get me fired or get TTAC sued.

All proceeds from the sale of David’s guitars will go to his family; Maury’s isn’t taking a commission. Thanks for reading this… and I suppose that now’s as good a time as any to take a moment of silence for David. Godspeed, Mr. Drucker. You were one of the good guys.

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17 Comments on “Unsponsored Content: Buy This Guitar, Play Some Great Music, Help The Family Of A TTAC Alum, Write Your Own Ticket For Adventure...”

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    That’s a killer offer, and all for a good cause… If I lived in the US AND had an actual use for a guitar, I might chip in…
    Sad to hear about David’s death, cáncer is a heinous bitch, and I hope the day comes that somene invents a cure that does not involve spending every single savings or falling DEEP into debt.
    Be strong, David’s family!

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    Is there a listing for all the benefit guitars?

    It is a killer deal and if I were in need of a really good acoustic I would be all over it. I guess coaching at Road America will have to wait.

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    if I played the guitar… RIP

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    What was Mr. Drucker’s TTAC handle?

    Regardless, RIP.

    I’ve buried two family members and my FIL in the last year from cancer.

    A cure can’t come soon enough.

    EDIT: I didn’t see the link earlier, somehow.

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    Shame that this happened. I’m glad to see TTAC being so supportive. I’m not an acoustic player but I have a deep respect for the power and range of Martins. I hope the family can get somw financial support in this cause.

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    Kudos, Jack, for offering such generous support to David’s family.

    The piece links to an excellent editorial “in defense of crappy handling cars.” For anyone who missed the link:

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    This is a wonderful thing you folks are doing for your friend.
    I was blessed by a similar outpouring of generosity over the internet when I was brought down by Sarcoidosis in my lungs and Pericardosis constricting my heart. I needed emergency open heart surgery and spent quite some time intubated and in a coma with septic shock and multiple organ failure.
    Surviving this was much more expensive than if it all would have killed me. My family was suffering under the burden of the medical expenses.
    A wonderful man who runs the number one Macintosh software site MacUpdate ran a little software bundle sale with some of the proceeds going to my family to help with the medical bill.
    The vast number of donations and wonderful comments and emails I got were overwhelming, and the donations actually paid-down all of our back payments to the hospitals and UofM.
    My family would not be still in our home if it weren’t for the generosity of the people who never heard of me, but learned of my story on a website they frequent.
    Bless all of you who bid on this – And for those who are not sure the internet can help, I’m living proof that the community of the internet literally saves lives.

    Thank you TTAC for supporting this!!

    TJ Lambert

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    This is a great, exceptionally generous offer. I already have a 000-15 (bought from Maury’s) and can attest that they are great guitars with a darker, smoother voice than the typical spruce topped acoustic. Is there a website or anything for donations to the family?

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    “Just hand me my old Martin for soon I will be startin’
    Back to dear old Charleston far away

    Since Roosevelt’s been re-elected
    Moon liquor’s been corrected
    We’ve got legal wine, whiskey, beer and gin”

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    RIP DD.. Cancer sucks.. It’s taken many from me as of late. Would love to see a list of what is available. I see only one on Maury’s site.
    Wouldn’t mind getting a chance to rant as well.

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    Keep saying my next purchases is going to be a good acoustic guitar. Almost bought what I thought was a 1957 Gibson J-45, only to learn it was a LG-1 (for the same price of that Martin). Came back empty handed…..

    Really looking for something a bit bigger, and I know that Martin is a good guitar, but not my style.

    It seems like there might be more for sale. Would a Gretsch Rancher be part of that? I’ve been wanting one for quite some time, I know the Martin is a great Guitar, but a Rancher is what I’ve really been longing after. I don’t need the track day coaching or anything like that; it’d be fun to try what our new Mustang is really made of, but she’d kill me if I ever did such a thing. Post a whole list, and I promise in the very least I’ll look over it.

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    Too bad Maury’s music doesn’t ship outside the US.
    I hope, someone else buys this soon.
    Godspeed, Mr. Drucker.

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    Shoot, I don’t play the guitar, do track days, or drink much hard liquor, and I almost bought this thing. RIP DD. Great article Jack.

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    I will be giving this guitar a new home. If anybody here has any links to video or audio of Mr. Drucker playing this specific instrument, I would like to preserve it for posterity. Thanks for any help…

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    Domestic Hearse

    God plays a Martin, so there’ll be one or two available for David.

    In a previous life, I worked for a really big guitar store chain. You know, fresh out of college, still wanting to jam, hang with musicians, avoid a desk job. We had lots of fine acoustics for sale: Gibson, Taylor was making a heck of a name for itself by then, but I always steered buyers to the Martins. Lush. Lots of subtle overtones. Of course, tone is largely in the hands, but in the hands of a good player, the Martin is, and was, my favorite. Like most fine instruments, they get better with age.

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