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No, the headline is not just empty click-bait. According to La TribuneGM and PSA are looking at bringing some current Peugeot and Citroen products to America. The only catch is that they’d be commercial vans.

The Citroen Jumpy and Peugeot Expert, the two vans in question, are currently built in a joint venture with Fiat due to expire in 2017. PSA is looking for a replacement solution, and with GM currently buying vans from Nissan (their NV vans are going to be sold as Chevrolets), it would be advantageous for GM to take advantage of their alliance with PSA and get something out of the deal.

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25 Comments on “PSA, GM Discussing A Return For Peugeot And Citroen Products In The USA...”

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    So, in short, the NA van market will be dominated by Fiat, albeitly unbeknownst to consumers as they’ll be labeled Ram, Peugeot and Citroen.

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      Or possibly RAM, Chevrolet and GMC. But still they would be selling basically the same van, the differences are cosmetic on the same level as those between Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks.

      On the upside, if you don’t get along with your local Chrysler dealer, the Chevrolet dealer will be able to fix your RAM.

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      Well… not exactly. PSA and Fiat have a long.standing collaboration on MPVs and commercial vehicles. But this agreement has two distinct branches. MPVs and small commercial vehicles (as one in the picture) are mainly French design, produced in Sevel Nord in France and with minor FIAT input. Bigger commercial vans (Ducato & it’s French cousins) are FIAT design and produced in Sevel Sud in Italy.

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      Naah, it’ll be dominated by Ford, just as it is now. But Fiat has a shot at second place.

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        Oh, I’m sure you know better than me, afterall you live there and what not. But those Fiat vans have something. Here the Ducato took away away all the market and ran with it. I’m not up-to-date on the van market but the Ford has beem able to manage a solid second.

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    Stop. Wait. What happened to this?

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      It appears Toyota will be involved too, according to my high school French.

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        Ah. It’s all in the article.

        Still appears a bit misty to me. GM has a stake in PSA, and wants its vans, of which a new generation will be co-developed with Toyota, to sell in the US. In the meanwhile, GM has a partnership with PSA’s competitor Renault (!) that produce vans that are in exactly the same class as PSA’s Jumpy and Expert.

        Oh well.

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    That looks suspiciously like a re-worked Dustbuster van. Trans Sport, anyone?

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    Peugeot gets access to the US market, but to do so it must partner with GM.

    I’m not sure if that’s a pyrrhic victory or snatching defeat from the jaws of success.

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      Notable comment!

      I say the more the merrier.

      The only problem I see with this strategy is that these vehicles won’t come in at a low pricepoint, the way Chinese-made vehicles could have, if they had been allowed to be imported and sold in the US.

      There is an overwhelming need for commuter cars that retail in the $10K range. Whatever is produced today and what is brought to market, is usually sold out within days after they hit the lots.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I think the most significant aspect of this article has been overlooked.


    This supposed want or deal might be a ploy to start pressuring the US on the dumbass chicken tax.


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      As I’ve explained to you many times the Chicken Tax is irrelevant. Other than keeping the pickup and cargo versions of the VW transporter in the 60’s it has never prevented a mfg from bringing commercial vehicles into the US.

      The Ford Transit Connect is made in Turkey and it is sold in the US w/o Ford paying the Chicken Tax. All they do it bolt in a crappy back seat and it becomes a passenger vehicle and isn’t subject to the Chicken Tax. Once it hits our shores the seat and seat belts are removed, put in the shredder and recycled. If the customer doesn’t want windows those also get recycled and a steel panel replaces the ones that aren’t desired.

      The Mercedes/Frieghtliner Sprinter, formerly Dodge Sprinter has its engine and transmission removed after it leaves the assembly line in Germany. The power train is then strapped in the back of the van. It is then imported as a CKD or Complete Knock Down kit. Once it makes it to South Carolina the power train is re-installed and its final assembly point is then considered to be in the US.

      Since PSA doesn’t currently have any US emissions certified engines I could see them coming in as incomplete vehicles and get a GM supplied power train once they make it to the US. That was the method that Chevy/Isuzu, Ford/Mazda, Chrysler/Mitsubishi, Toyota and Nissan avoided the Chicken Tax with their made in Japan trucks, though they made the beds here instead of the engine. Either way that makes the final assembly point in the US (or Canada for the Chrysler/Mitsubishi).

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    Just read the article in French. What’s going on is that PSA has a factory, Sevelnord, where they manufacture light commercial vehicles and minivans. North Americans, think of the new Ford Transit. The factory was up to recently a joint venture with FIAT. Not sure why 2017 is mentioned above. Without FIAT, PSA has surplus capacity and is looking to sell vehicles produced there through other companies’ sales channels.

    Toyota has stepped up and is rebadging current vehicles as Pro Ace. Toyota is also investing 750 million euros — of which 400 million euros is for R&D — in the next generation of vehicles. It is this next-gen range that interests GM. Although it’s early days, they are discussing selling them in North America as one of GM’s brands. How and where these will be assembled is not yet decided, it’s very early days.

    The article goes on, tangentially, to state that PSA and GM signed an alliance in 2012 the result of which is that PSA is developing replacements for compact cars and “crossovers” (which the writer helpfully defines for the French-speaking readership as “faux 4×4″s). Opel will develop some other cars on a PSA platform. Sub-compacts will be developed together on a PSA platform, and they will work together to develop a new motor, based on PSA technology. The scope of all these plans is Europe-only. The article hints that the scope may extend into the Americas.

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    ” PSA and GM signed an alliance in 2012 ….. The scope of all these plans is Europe-only. The article hints that the scope may extend into the Americas.”

    Great for PSA! They know that no matter how much they drag GM down, the US Treasury stands ready, willing and able to bail GM out again.

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      I’m not a lawyer, but I feel like you’re slandering PSA.

      I have always preferred a fact-based exchange of information. “highdesertcat” would you please explain what you mean in plain English?

      Where is your evidence that “they know no matter much they drag GM down…”? Are you getting up in front of everyone to say that PSA is deliberately entering a JV with a US company to benefit from subsidies?

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      The GM bailout was a one time event and you either know it or are intellectually suspect. I think you know it and slander America’s largest car maker with B.S. to advance a rightwing agenda.

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