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The Smart ForJeremy concept, a collaboration between Smart and haute couture designer Jeremy Scott, is going into production and is set to go on sale in Q4 of this year.

TTAC readers with more fashion forward tastes tell me that the wings are a trademark of the designer, with one example being his take on Adidas shoes that feature, you guessed it, wings on the sides.

When we last checked in, Smart suggested that the ForJeremy was happening, but now we have hints from Smart’s USA head that it will be the most expensive Smart sold in the USA. I have no idea who will actually pay money for this thing. Unlike the Gucci Fiat, which had Gucci’s well-known tricolor motif all over, Jeremy Scott is not a household name, known only to GQ devotees and rappers.

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48 Comments on “Who The Hell Is Going To Buy The Smart ForJeremy?...”

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    Roberto Esponja

    Well, there are people out there who buy the Juke.

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      You’re right and now they’ll have someone to point and laugh at… as soon as someone buys one

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      Well first we had Chrysler with a “designer” version of the 300 by a designer neither I nor any of the gang at the local bar ( including its hip young staff) had ever heard of; and now this item by another largely unknown glitterati figure…..

      Here is an idea if you want to do a designer version of something use a famous designer that your target market has heard of and holds in high regard then actually get them involved with something more than paint and fabric and plastic stick on elements like those wings. Involve them in the total shape and dynamic of the new car… Of course you narrow your market but is that not the point of these things?

      Back when Ford did the Bill Blass edition Lincoln they seemed to be making an effort to use designers that perhaps 40% of the target market had heard of. But they too limited it to paint and fabric items.

      How about a Johnny Ive edition of something if you want to use a famous designer …. Of course the costs involved to get him on board with a product would at a guess strain the budget of a bottom tier G20 country… Still I would love to see what someone with his talent came up with given a free hand and a big enough budget…. This 4too thing though looks like the work of a kid who failed to pass the Romper Room final exam and was held back for the 4 th time.

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        LOL – Neither myself nor any of my friends had ever heard of John Varvatos(sp?) either. I had to Google him. 300 looks quite nice though. This car is just silly. Wings, really?

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          Yeah, it’s all hipster clothing. Jeremy Scott put those stupid wings on Adidas sneakers too.

          I bet Mr. Baruth has heard of them, because people who are familiar with Allen-Edmonds or Aldens are probably likely to have heard of Varvatos and Scott, even if they don’t buy their stuff.

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    Felix Hoenikker

    Since it has his first name on it and fits his image, Jeremy Clarkson should buy one.
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself here.

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    Who the hell would buy a smart car to begin with… Oh wait….

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    Okay, I’ll bite, wouldn’t the wings damage the already brick-like aerodynamics?


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    To quote Theo Paphitis: “Jeremy, it’s sh*t. Total and utter sh*t.”

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    Who’s going to buy this? The same people (women) who put eyelashes on their headlights.

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    Who will buy the Smart forJeremy?

    Given the wings on this sucker: Somewhere in there is a joke about Victoria’s Secret Angels or Gay Pride parades but I will leave it to other people to be so tasteless.

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    Probably the same people that like his clothing designs. Here’s a sample:

    Personally, not the car or clothes I’d choose for bike week in Laconia. But that’s just me.

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    Perhaps this contraption is indeed smartforJeremy, but no-way-in-blue-blazes-for-Zackman!

    Maybe if it had “bright window reveal”…

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    Shoot! I thought this was going to be about Clarkson

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    Nothing will top the tasteful elegance of an early 80s slantback Gucci Seville (w/ matching luggage).

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    If this car had flying capability you all would eat your words….. But it doesn’t and it is a pos

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    If VW was able to sell cars with Teddy Bear rims (do a search, for real, they were OEM as I understand it) then smart4two can sell an underpowered, inefficient, overpriced A segment car with wings.

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      I’ve been wanting a Chevy Sonic Sega Edition for a long time.

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        Only if it says “SEGA” when you turn it on like the old Sonic games did.

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        Chevy and SEGA do mesh well..

        Both produced products that, during their prime time years, delivered unparalleled joy to the consumer while defining their industry.

        Both are fondly by an aging userbase that only remember the good and forgive the terrible (Yeah, downloading Jet Set Radio on PSN was a mistake, ruined the awesome memory glow I had for that game and the Dreamcast)

        Both now produce steaming piles of crap (admitted GM bias here, but really SEGA, no new Streets of Rage 4, no new Virtua Fighter/Tennis/Anything, Sonic 4 episodic?!?, and Platinum Games makes your only recent great products?!?)

        Both were American companies that became Asian ones (or are currently becoming in GM’s case).

        But at least SEGA never went bankrupt or left the US taxpayers with billions in unfunded liabilities (bad loans, Superfund sites that they never cleaned, white collar retirees being forced into public healthcare).

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          I don’t think GM made as many terrible business decisions as Sega did…

          GM10 was a bit of a mess, but Sega had a sequence of expensive failures with the CD, 32X, Saturn (outside of Japan and Europe), and finally the Dreamcast. Though at least the Saturn and Dreamcast were good and just mis-managed, the CD and 32X were crap.

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      Ronal made those, and Ronal are a VW OEM company, but I never knew the Bear was available as an OE option. I remember as a kid seeing them in the Tire Rack ads and thinking “Who would buy that?”

      I’ve only ever seen them once, on a Miata, back in the era when the Miata was still a “chick car” (1992-3 era).

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      Didn’t they also make wheels shaped like white daisy flowers? I remember those and the teddy bear wheels being advertised in the many automotive magazines back in the late 90’s and early 00’s…. in fact I did see the Ronal teddy bear wheels on a Corolla once…. 13’s if I’m not mistaken….. that was probably over 10 years ago. Goofy looking things for sure.

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      “If VW was able to sell cars with Teddy Bear rims (do a search, for real, they were OEM as I understand it)…”

      Nah, those Teddy Bear wheels were aftermarket….I think Enkei or maybe Ronal made them. I remember always seeing them in the Tire Rack ads in the back of C&D, R&T years ago.

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    You need to picture it with donks.

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    I would imagine it’s buyer demo would be gentlemen named Jeremy and Pearl Jam fans.

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    In the late 1990’s Daihatsu produced a Hello Kitty version of their Mira Kei automobile.

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    Having only seen the title of this thread at first, I thought it was the Smart Ron Jeremy edition, so it didn’t end up being scary so much as hipster-douchey.

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    Somebody make a Nixon edition something, NOW. Throw in a dark cherry wood Rotolog watch in too.

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    The seat bottoms are upholstered with maxi-pads (to go with the wings).

    What an abhorrent apparition. Bombastically boorish. Cerebrally caustic. Decidedly dreadful… … … Zen: zero.

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    i thoroughly love my smart fortwo brabus (despite its well-known shortcomings), but this ‘thing’ is hideous. it irritates me that mb/smart believe that we want this more than a better transmission or different engine options.

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