South Carolina Studying Computer Networked Electronic License Plates

Thomas Kreutzer
by Thomas Kreutzer
south carolina studying computer networked electronic license plates

South Carolina’s WSPA TV is reporting that the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is considering doing away with stamped metal plates and replacing them with new, electronic tags that would be linked to a central computer database. According to WSPA’s website, the new plates use “electronic paper” technology that can hold an image without power for up to 10 years. A clear coating on the plates could also generate small amounts of electricity, which would be required to change the image, from sunlight or even vibrations generated when a car is in motion.

The new plates would be linked to a central network and the image could be changed at the push of a button to alert law enforcement when the DMV receives notice that a car is stolen, uninsured, has expired tags or an when an operator’s license has been revoked. The DMV is quick to add that, while they would be able to receive signals, the electronic plates will not mount transmitters and cannot, therefore, be used to track a vehicle.

Currently, metal plates cost between $3 and 7$ to produce and the new plates are still more than $100. Despite the additional costs, South Carolina believes they will come out ahead as the new technology will help the state collect an estimated $150 million that the state loses each year to people who fail to renew their registrations. They also claim that consumers may also benefit from reduced insurance costs as uninsured drivers become easier for law enforcement officers to detect.

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords and look forward to a better, brighter future in their service.

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  • Joeveto3 Joeveto3 on Jun 12, 2013

    Their concern and ingenuity when it comes to revenue enhancement is laughable when contrasted against their concern for more serious topics. I.e. when it comes to collecting our money, and finding new ways to collect our money, and finding new sources for collection, look out. These folks are brilliant, dedicated, and hard working. The other "stuff," education, crime, health, effectively and honestly managing the money so much.

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    • Cacon Cacon on Jun 12, 2013

      Remember that standard government procedure is to throw more money at any high profile social problem and/or create an idiotic law to "prevent it".

  • Jimbob457 Jimbob457 on Jun 13, 2013

    $100 versus $8 for a 'wonder' technology that can easily be undone with a little of the wife's clear nail polish applied in the right places?

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