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Oh, it's a car. Picture courtesy CICGC

Interested in seeing some rolling shots of a remarkably decent E-Type, some product placement for the new Acura RLX, and a conversation between comedians? What if we threw in some offensive content?

Jerry Seinfeld’s series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee features an E-Type Series 2 and comedienne Sarah Silverman. Ms. Silverman offers some, ah, fascinating opinions on the Catholic Church and various sexual topics. If you think she’s funny, you will probably think she is funny in this. If you don’t, this won’t change your mind.

Regardless, it’s a nice chance to see some very well-done shots of a well-restored Jag, including wide-angle interior scenes. The Acura RLX also makes a pre-planned appearance in the show. I’m not sure that’s a good idea; although the RLX is quite sleek when compared to, say, the Lexus LS460, after looking at the Jag it’s a bit of a fright.

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29 Comments on “Sarah Silverman, An E-Type, And A Few Jokes We Can’t Make Here...”

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    Are you referring to the RLX commercial in the beginning that was like a commercial before your HULU show commences that ignored like buyers of premium cars ignored the RLZZZZZ since 1998?

    The Honda motorcycle commercial was far more intriguing.

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    Very nice Jaguar, indeed. The rest is simply boring.

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    I heard about this on NPR and the conversation they had with Jerry Seinfeld was pretty interesting. He mentioned he chose the Jaguar because Sarah Silverman is lithe and catlike like the car. It made me wonder what other kinds of cars he might choose for other comedians.

    I can see Jerry Lewis in a Lincoln Continental, suave, sleek, understated.
    Bob Newhart in a VW Golf TDI, smart, efficient
    Tim Allen in a Viper for obvious reasons
    I wonder what car he’d pick for Ellen DeGeneres?

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    Jerry Seinfeld is a wash out (who was waaay overrated to begin with), Sarah Silverman is about as far away from the comedic genius of George Carlin or Richard Pryor that one can get, the Jaguar E-Type is a lovely car but undeservedly hyped to the loftiest, rarest of aesthetically perfect air by anglophiles everywhere, and the Acura RLX is the latest example that Acura has had any last shred of true soul, innovation or even approximate competitiveness (i.e. being average in its segment) sucked from its lifeless corpse.

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      Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

      I thought Jerry back in the Carson _Tonight Show_ days and in his sitcom were pretty funny for a clean comic. Kinison and Hicks made me laugh harder, but they worked blue.

      I think he should have gotten her an S-class Benz to drive, a descendent of the same one Hitler was chauffeured in, if only for the lulz.

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      I agree that the E-type is overrated. I much prefer the lines of the XK120.

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      Overrated in 1961? No way!

      Once they listened to what “US buyers wanted” and modified it accordingly as well for US emissions and safety requirements it turned into a real POS.

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        You think the raised, uncovered sealed beam headlights, PCV, big tail-lights, and plastic rocker switches were installed because customers wanted them? You’re wrong. Car and Driver got their hands on a couple of pristine and original early Series 1s some years ago. They were as lovely as cars styled to look like penises can get, but the flat floor really was a hindrance, the Moss gearboxes were cantankerous, and the engines had to be reved over a thousand RPM past redline to produce the reported top speed with stock sized tires. The series 1 and a 1/2 car, with the original look but numerous mechanical improvements was the one to have, preferably a 1967 model.

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          The 61 was a raw machine, but at that time there was nothing quite like it for the money.

          By 68 the rot had set in.

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          The changes from S1 to S2 were to meet US Federal safety & emissions mandates, not because what buyers wanted.

          The car to have is a late Series 1 (65 through 67) as it has the comfort mods + the full-synchro Jaguar 4 speed, but none of the safety/emissions mandated ones.

          The real beauty of the E-type is its handling (combined with Malcolm Sayer’s styling of course) which is truly 30 years ahead of the 60s. If you’ve never driven a well-sorted E-type you’re missing a real treat.

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    slow kills

    Jerome doesn’t wear Allen Edmonds, amirite FlatSix?. Were it not for the title, nobody would ever guess these two once did comedy. Please note that most people born to Judaism are nowhere near as annoying as these two. Janeane Garofalo over Silverman every time.

    “Here’s an Acura RLX. It’s a plant. Nobody actually buys these.”

    The Honda bike ad at the end was a welcome surprise.

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    Dave M.

    Sarah Silverman is one of the few Jewish women I could spend more than a hour with….

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    A good comedian is smart enough to recognize the funny side of anything. Appreciating that they are funny is a matter of taste and type of humor you have. People who have no sense of humor have a hard time appreciating humor and people who don’t like sports cars generally don’t have much appreciation for cars.
    Comedians are a bit like sports cars so it’s a good analogy. They mostly all have something to offer but only a few will be classics.
    I am not sure how the Acura fits into this though… But… Good on them for giving this a go.

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    ‘Seinfeld’ is one of my all time favorite sit-coms. This segment had a great car with two people trying far too hard to be hip and funny. It didn’t help when Jerry laughed at virtually everything said by Sarah-that was just painful and phoney. A few more of these gems and I will have to give Larry David 97.6% of the credit for the comedy behind ‘Seinfeld’.

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    I like Jerry’s little Internet show, he had some older comics on there for the aging demographic of this site who prefer Laurel and Hardy ;-) It beats duck call dynasty or whatever crap people who pay for cable watch.

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    Most irritating car show ever. Not funny. The coffee angle is stupid. Silverman just gets a chuckle because she sounds like she has sucked helium, and her humor is awkward.

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      Dave M.

      I see Silverman’s humor as leaving nothing untouched. I’m a devout Catholic, but her observations of my people through her relationship with Kimmel is hilariously spot on. Magic flying Jesus? Her take on her own family is a riot…again, no boundaries…

      Sure, there are awkward moments.

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    The show’s really spotty, and Sarah Silverman is definitely an acquired taste. However, before writing it off completely, it is worth going to Crackle and watching the ones from the first season with Larry David; Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner; and Michael Richards. As to the Acura sponsorship, it is way off target, but at least Seinfeld makes fun of them for it.

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    That car is such a pig, I mean Silverman.

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