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Buick Shanghai - Pocture courtesy

GM’s sales in GM’s and the world’s largest auto market China were  up 9.4 percent in May, the company says. In April, sales had been up 15.3 percent.

GM China May 2013
May’13 YoY 5 months YoY
GM China 252,942 9.4% 1,331,185 10.6%
Shanghai GM 117,381 18.4% 620,968 17.1%
Buick 63,007 22.7% 338,897 18.4%
Chevrolet 50,531 4.1% 266,657 6.0%
Cadillac 3,843 74.3% 15,414 27.3%
SAIC-GM-Wuling 130,462 2.1% 682,354 5.8%
Wuling 121,756 1.7% 643,311
Baojun 8,706 73.7% 39,043
FAW-GM 4,727 25.9% 26,380 2.2%
Black: GM data. Blue: Calculated from historical GM data

Buick sales were very strong, mostly on sales of the Excelle. The new XT and GT versions were up nearly 37 percent.

GM’s good showing in China indicates a healthy rise of auto sales in the Middle Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Ford reports a 45 percent gain in its May China sales.

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16 Comments on “GM Sales In China Strong, Ford Much Stronger...”

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    zai nali qian zi?

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    Apropos of the photo, in “Firefly”-speak, GM sales are “shiny.”

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    Oh look, it’s the Verano hatchback that should have been offered here.

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    I’ve asked this before but ever really got an answer.

    Are there many “Buick enthusiasts” in China? Like do they know about the 3800, the Grand National, the Roadmaster, and the Y-job?

    Would a Chinese Buick buyer of today appreciate a ’59 Invtica or ’73 Riviera?

    Or, do the Chinese not really know/care that much about the history of the brand?

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      Some articles suggest that China loves Buicks because the last emperor bought some Buicks in the 1920s. I believe at least one of Emperor Puyi’s cars went to one of Mao’s lieutenants, so that probably didn’t hurt either. If I remember correctly, Sun Yat-Sen also had a Buick.

      Whether that means they care about the history of the brand, I don’t know. Depends on how you define it, maybe.

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      From what I have read, the Chinese relate to the brand based on Buicks made for China from the time of the model T, not on vehicles available to Americans.

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      “a ’59 Invtica”

      Sacred relic.

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    How are Ford’s sales “stronger” in China (much less “much stronger”) – when GM has sold FOUR times as many vehicles YTD as Ford?

    Yes, Ford has seen a higher % increase but that’s b/c they are starting at a much lower sales point for last year, and if %-gains was so impt. – then Cadillac should have been pointed put for having gains of over 70% compared to the same time last year.

    But then again, this is BS writing about GM.

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    Bertel, the article is incomplete without reporting Ford’s unit sales. If they’re starting from a much smaller base (as I believe they are) their increase in unit sales may be no greater, or even less, than GM’s.

    A small player’s unit sales will often fluctuate more than a larger player’s in % terms, and still be much smaller in unit terms.

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