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GM has rocky relations with its Korean unions, and the relations will get a lot rockier if what Germany’s Handelsblatt says is true. According to the report, GM is seriously looking into moving most of the production of the Opel Mokka to Europe.

Currently, the hot selling SUVlet is made in South Korea only.  Says Reuters:

“More than 100,000 Mokkas have been ordered since the market launch a half year ago and demand has been much better than expected, leading to production bottlenecks and long waiting lists for the subcompact SUV.

Producing the Mokka in the factory of General Motors’ Opel unit in Zaragoza would help to fill up that plant’s spare capacity and could lower losses of the division.”

An Opel spokesman told Reuters that “GM was looking for additional capacity to produce subcompact SUVs.”  The Trax, a Chevrolet-badged Mokka sibling, will continue to be built in Korea, a Chevrolet spokesman said. A shift of the Mokka production has been discussed for a while. The next generation Mokka already is scheduled to be produced in Europe.

Three days ago, the Korean unions threatened strike after hearing that the new Aveo/Sonic will be made in China and the United States.  This latest piece of news could cause the already simmering kettle to boil over.

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8 Comments on “GM May Move Mokka Production From Korea To Europe...”

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    Kyree S. Williams

    What’s with all of the unrest? Surely people know when they sign up to assemble cars that automakers will move production elsewhere if and when it becomes cost-effective to do so. I know that’s an oversimplified view, but automakers aren’t in the business of putting food into people’s mouths; they’re in it to maximize profit.

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      doctor olds

      You are on the money, Kyree. Unions use the tool they have, a strike, to demand what they want. A lot of people in society do think they are owed jobs and unionism is in synch with those kinds of sentiments.

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      I agree. Employers owe their employees a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. That’s all. No more. No less.

      Government mandates have pretty much outlined workers’ rights and give the workers more protection that they have ever had from unscrupulous employers.

      Unions will bargain their members out of their jobs just to ensure the continuing cash flow of union dues, as we saw happen with the UAW in the US.

      But moving production from South Korea to Europe is like going from the frying pan into the fire.

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        doctor olds

        @HDC- Good analogy, though Korean Unionism may be pretty tough, too.

        Union leadership, being politically chosen, has a natural interest to promise “a chicken in every pot” and tends to create propaganda intended to fire up the troops to harden “solidarity”, to forge their weapon. I try to give them credit for being lost in their own smoke and mirrors rather than being willfully malicious, though they may just have a distorted sense of “how things work”.

        No doubt, they want to keep dues coming. They use that money for themselves and to influence politicians who in turn create law to benefit the unions and themselves, “union bosses” to use the propaganda term from the opposing camp.

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    Does this mean we’d be getting German Buick Encores?

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    Holy f**king sh*t.

    Score one for the new GM. I have test driven this automobile. It makes almost ZERO sense for a 6’2″ American in the western USA. But, in the Far East? GM can truthfully say it is identical to the ones sold in North America. It must be selling better than expected somewhere, else the workers won’t be restive.

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    It doesn’t look like a bad car. It’s just … small.

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