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What do People’s Daily, the voice of China’s Communist Party, and Jalopnik have in common? More than you would imagine. Just as a for instance, both are masters of the fine art of pecksniffian outrage. Both are experts when it comes to condemning loose morals, as long as the condemnation can be illustrated with enough graphic, click-generating pictures that show said loose morals in practice. Sanctimonious click-whoring knows no boundaries, and it transcends ideologies: Gawker and CCCP, unite!

A few days ago, Peoples Daily ran an 11 high resolution picture gallery, ostensibly condemning the fact that

“in addition to taking off clothes, some commercial promotions have chosen a more disgusting way to attract public attention. From sexy dress to body painting, public’s moral bottom line has been challenged again and again.”

(Jalopnik, aware of its TL;NR clientele, would have said it with fewer words, and with at least as many pictures.)

People’s Daily’s pictures of what challenges China’s morals are old standbys. A supercar bikini carwash. A busty Toyota booth professional at a car show in Wuhan. A naked Chinese girl in a fish tank. If we would have shown the latter on TTAC, there would have been outcries of sexism and racism. No thanks, we won’t show it, we rather give the salacious traffic to People’s Daily. In any case, our high journalistic standards would forbid reporting news that is 2 years old. That’s how old the fish tank picture is.

The other pictures are likewise ancient. The disgusting Chinese bikini supercarwash had been featured in TTAC a year ago. The rare shot of a busty Chinese booth professional is similarly antique. Paparazzi dispatched to this year’s Shanghai Auto Show came back empty handed. The show was very much toned down.

That won’t dissuade People’s Daily from showing ample T&A, along with righteous indignancy.

(Disclosure: All outgoing clicks, especially those to People’s Daily, are logged and recorded, and most likely are known to the NSA before we know it.)  

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28 Comments on “Communist Party Organ Condemns Nude Pics, Shows Them Again...”

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    “Communist Party Organ Condemns Nude Pics”

    My organ condemns those pics, too.
    Need some central European genes in that population.

    Heh… Bertel got a taker with the first comment.

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    Organ, that is very funny.

    Even funnier, in the most pathetic and hippocritical way imaginable and unimaginable, is commies complaining about anything moral.

    Oh wait, when you delete 50 to 100 million lives it’s not murder, it’s a statistic. Thank you, Unca Joe! Thank you, Chairman Mao!

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    In the West we don’t need communists to ban eye candy at car shows. We have feminists for that.

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      Yay Feminists!

      Most I’ve known are way sexier than these poor creatures. But then, I’ve spent a lot of time in college towns. If you don’t come across as a knuckle-dragger… hot damn.

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        There are plenty of decent looking college girls who pay lip service to the concept after receiving their state-mandated dose of women’s studies indoctrination. That usually wears off by the time they realize they want kids and a decent life.

        However, the ones who buy into the idea hook, line, and sinker are often the most ugly (inside and out) ones.

        These shoggoths are busy spending time pounding away keys in outrage on their blogs or Reddit, when they should probably be pounding feet on a treadmill.

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      Same diff. Inane ideology is as inane ideology does.

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    Did anyone else notice that the car in the picture above (in the link) was referred to as a sedan?

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      With coupes and convertibles being rare thesedays, anything that is not a Porsche Cayenne is a ‘sedan.’ For the lamestream media, that too is a ‘sedan.’

      Now, if you are German and charge $20K more for a sedan but make the back roof a little curvy, it is a ‘coupe.’

      Got all that? :p

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    I miss living in Shanghai.
    On a not so side note: I let my Chinese girlfriend drive my SRT8 and SHE MANAGED NOT TO WRECK IT.

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    No pics here… didn’t happen ;}>

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    Mr. Schmitt, let the whole “incident” go. It was silly to begin with, and repeatedly mentioning it makes you, and TTAC, look increasingly unprofessional. I find it ironic that you posted that complaining about the incident in a comment was a bannable offense, yet this is the second (or maybe third) feature article where you felt compelled to keep bringing it up.

    Let it go.

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    You made a mistake with your original post-which-shall-not-be-named.

    You defended that mistake by comparing your use of a derogatory term to other sites posting generally salacious material. The issue that people had the last go-round was not simply that it was racy material, but your use of the derogatory term.

    So here you are again, talking about how other sites shouldn’t judge your use of a derogatory term, because they post racy stuff. There’s a difference, which you clearly still don’t understand.

    • 0 avatar

      Looks like my other post didn’t make it.

      Oh well, let me try this again.

      “There’s a difference, which you clearly still don’t understand.”

      The only difference here is in who gets offended. That’s it.

      Welcome to free speech.

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        Posting naked pictures, making dick jokes, or whatever else, on a site where not everyone might want to see them, doesn’t target a particular group negatively. Using terms that are are commonly understood as epithets, does.

        The first thing says “I’m crass and don’t care if this comes off as crass.”

        The second says “I like referring to people who are different from me using slurs, except I do it jokingly, so it’s not so bad I’m using slurs.”

        The original post is no different than dropping the N-bomb in the headline of a post about old Cadillacs riding on 30″ chrome wheels. Which I can only assume you would also find perfectly acceptable.

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          My dear commenter, the beauty of the internet is that there are sites that cater to every taste. Some of them you will find offensive and some of them you will not. Likewise, other people may find the things you hold inoffensive or even sacred to be viscerally offensive.

          “The original post is no different than dropping the N-bomb in the headline of a post about old Cadillacs riding on 30″ chrome wheels. Which I can only assume you would also find perfectly acceptable.”

          Hey, there is evidently a market for that sort of thing too. Ever seen a rap video? I’m perfectly content to let people express themselves on their sites, even if I find the material objectionable on a personal level. Your ilk tends to want to “do something about it”, which usually leads us down that golden road to censorship hell.

          You have every right to criticize me, and this site as well, but remember: I frankly don’t care what you think and apparently neither do the editors of this site.

          For your own sake, I recommend you quit hanging around places like this and go off to Gawker, Huffpost, or some place more likely to match the sensibilities of your own kind.

          You may find this to be unsettling, but the folks on the other side of the culture war are starting to not back down anymore.
          We have our places and you have yours.
          Get it?

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        Yes free speech.

        Which DOESN’T mean freedom from criticism

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    There was a nude photo in there somewhere?

    What a waste of ones and zeroes.

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    “Communist Party Organ Condemns Nude Pics, Shows Them Again”

    And not to be left out, so does TTAC.

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      yes but Bertel doesnt take a high moral stance

      i was surprised where he got the pics for his shibari and bdsm type images

      this is the theme to his various stories

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    Enough of this TTAC/Jalopnik mudslinging. 90% of online car-blog readers visit BOTH sites daily. Jalopnik should have just ignored Bertel’s issue a few weeks ago, and Bertel shouldn’t be mentioning them today. Editors of BOTH sites need to grow up.

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      Excerpts from TTAC’s commenting guidelines ( ), which I recommend for occasional reading:

      “No ‘what not to write’ requests: We appreciate suggestions of what to cover, we do not appreciate suggestions of what not to write and to ignore. Errors in reporting will be investigated and fixed, if necessary. Our opinions are ours, and they will not be taken away. Demands to change opinions, be it from readers or from automakers, will set these opinions in stone, and will lead to the bannage of the requester. The decision of what to select as TTAC content is solely that of TTAC editors.”

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    George B

    I for one approve of pictures that combine cars and beautiful women showing some skin. Just keep the main content PG and warn us about NSFW content.

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