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No, I won't be driving one of these. Picture courtesy TrackGuys

It costs a thousand dollars a day to hang out with Jose Canseco nowadays, but you can hang out with me for much less. And I’ll even throw in some laps around two of America’s most popular road courses.

This upcoming weekend, I am coaching with TrackDAZE at their Summit Point Shenandoah track. I have one spot for a novice or intermediate student available and I can do ride-alongs and additional coaching for yellow and black group students. The cost of this, in addition to the TrackDAZE fee, is… nothing. I’m going to be there anyway. Wait until you see what I’m driving. It’s a Toyota Corolla. Or, as they say, similar.

Next weekend I’m joining TrackGuys at Sebring International Raceway. Bring your Mustang, Corvette, or Nissan Juke for two days of excitement. I’d like to tell you that I know Sebring like the back of my hand, but in all honestly I’ve never even been there. The first few laps should be extremely exciting for both of us. Not only is there no extra charge for hanging out with me and having me criticize your driving, there’s actually a discount if you register before the end of the day Thursday.

I’ll be flying to yet another track the following weekend, but unless you’re within shouting distance of Phnom Penh or Jakarta or points between, it’s probably too late to make affordable plans to meet me there. But I will have some stories to share when I get back.

What are you waiting for? Grab your credit card, your non-fireproof Pilotis, and your G-Force neck collar, and get packing!

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9 Comments on “Unsponsored Content: Learn With Me At Shenandoah Or Sebring This Month...”

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    “Next weekend I’m joining TrackGuys at Sebring International Raceway.”

    Cool, you can visit all the sites Highlands County has to offer.

    Like the pretzel store in the mall, the most depressing K-Mart in existence, and the train station.

    And the cool kids always eat at Chicanes or Caddyshack.

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      They have a mall??? :)

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      My parents live just south of Sebring in Lake Placid… ironically it somehow got named the most interesting small town in America: Its interesting in the sense that its named after a more famous town in New York where they had this little Olympics thing TWICE. The only reason Sebring is even on the map is the track!

      I’m too busy to attend, but my brother has driven his ‘Vette around Sebring and one of these (I swear) he’ll return in his Golf R and me in my 350Z.

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    I am waiting for the first installment of a series called:

    “Baruth meets ‘A Florida Man\'”

    <—-runs to get popcorn

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    Any chance you will be anywhere near chicago/milwaukee for one of these?

    I just took a class this Saturday @ my local SCCA club (Milwaukee.

    And while I’d give it 3-4 out of 5 stars. By the end of the day the instruct seemed low on tips. Being this was my first real time autox (did a mazda rev it up event before)I know I probably did a ton of stuff wrong.

    Still had a blast.

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    Byron Hurd

    Corolla or similar? Damn, I hope they don’t give you an upgrade to anything with two or more liters under the hood, or my streak of showing up with cars faster than yours will be coming to an end.

    B&B: As a bonus, if you come out to Shenandoah, you’ll have two more (potential) sources of amusement. You may have the opportunity to either a) ride along with me in a Scion FR-S or b) hang out with Jack while he makes fun of the fact that I’m driving a Scion FR-S.

    So, y’know, come check it out.

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    Well that sucks! I was supposed to be at the Sebring event, had it all planned out, but then I got stuck with a job in Texas and I won’t be back in time for the event.

    The town of Sebring is kind of lame but the track is great, surprised you have never been. If you like Florida maybe you can come back to some of our SCCA events in Tampa, I would love to get some pointers. And “Trampa” is more your type of place.

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    If you get to Road America or Blackhawk Farms I would love to have you show me how much I suck.

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    I think I’ve posted this before, but if you are ever tempted to try any of the tracks in northern CA let me know and I’ll do my utmost to be there…

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