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Yaris - Picture courtesy kelleybluebookimages.comToyota started shipping French-made Yaris compact cars to customers in North America for the first time this month. Last year, Toyota expressed intentions to do so and said it would be around 25,000 units per year.

The Yaris is made at Toyota’s Onnaing-Valenciennes plant in France, from where it is shipped to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Quebec accounting for 65% of Yaris’ Canadian sales, and with this, “a warm welcome will be assured for this ‘Made in France’ vehicle,” Seiji Ichii, CEO of Toyota Canada, said.

The Yaris accounted for nearly 22 percent of Toyota’s total European sales in 2012, with 182,841 vehicles, Toyota told Reuters.

When you think Toyota, you think export from Japan, but this is changing. This year, Toyota will ship U.S.-made Venza to Russia and China, said The Nikkei [sub].

Toyota will ship 4,000 Venza to Russia, 1,000 to Ukraine, and “several thousand” to China. By 2014, Toyota expects to be exporting 150,000 vehicles a year from the U.S., 20 percent more than in 2012.

In December, TTAC reported that transplants export cars in surprising numbers. BMW exported 70 percent of the 276,000 cars it built 2011 in Spartanburg, SC, helping South Carolina overtake Michigan as the No. 1 exporter of automobiles. Mercedes-Benz exports half of its cars made at its Birmingham, Ala. plant to countries outside NAFTA. Honda wants to become a net exporter of American made vehicles.

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22 Comments on “Toyota Ramps Up Exports. From Europe and America...”

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    As long as build correctly here, then ship them.

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    Is the popularity of the Yaris in Quebec disproportionate?

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      Small/cheap cars are very popular in quebec, but the 65% in quebec explains why I see so much of them.

      We have tons of small cars, and tons of full size pickups.

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      Smaller cars are more popular in Canada, but at least where I live the Honda Fit dominates all other subcompacts.

      Because prices are higher, everyone is driving one size smaller than in the US. Whereas the top cars in the US are Camry, Altima, Accord, in Canada all the top cars are compacts.

      According to this site the Elantra, Civic, Corolla, Mazda3, Cruze, and Jetta are 1/3 of the entire Canadian car market:

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      With the fuel prices and taxes we have (highest in America), it’s no wonder small, cheap and more fuel efficient cars are a hit here. I’m also guilty, as my daily driver is an Echo hatchback (1st gen european Yaris).

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        Thank you for providing futher proof that Canadians think of themselves as belonging to the USA.

        “Highest in America”, if you had meant the continent you would easily and simply added North in front of that. Freudian slips gotta love em.

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          Thank you for providing proof that US residents think they own the term America

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            Well, no has really said otherwise or tried to take it away from us. So what would you expect.
            I don’t here the good folks in Chile or Belize refer to themselves as Americans. And when American is used in foreign or international media who thinks of Cuba or Costa Rica but the country of the United States of America.

            So you have to excuse me for thinking that we have something of a claim to it.

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      Extremely. Québec has only 23% of Canada’s population.

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    A shame we don’t get any Renault Sport products as well.

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    Toyota astounds me with their political acumen. Do they have a unique name for this, Bertel? With lessons, Deming-like, for American companies?

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      VA Terrapin

      Toyota’s decision seems to be more pragmatic. According to the article linked below, the reasons why North America is getting French Made Yarsises (Yarii?) are to mitigate the effects of currency fluctuations, utilize more capacity at Toyota’s French plant, and to free up a Japanese factory to introduce new product in Japan.

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    In the latest Lemon-Aid book by Phil Edmonston the Yaris is rated Average, so yes it will sell well in Canada, beside Quebec Province where the price of Petrol is a lot higher than most place in Eastern Canada, latest price in my area of Canada is $1.21 per litre, mainly because of the up coming Victoria Day Holiday on Monday,as Petrol always increases in value for holiday periods.

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    Volt 230

    Pardon me Messieurs, but I would much prefer an Japanese-made Yaris, so if I could not find a new one built there, it would be a used one for me, Merci, just the same!

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    This is simply a function of the strength of the Yen. Ever since the GFC the Yen has been incredibly strong, such that none of the Japanese car companies are making any money by manufacturing in Japan and selling elsewhere. the BOJ is working as hard as it can to deflate the Yen, but all sorts of Japanese companies are scrambling to re-locate manufacturing elsewhere.

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      Um, at present the Yen is back to what it was before the tsunami. Saying the strength of the yen doesn’t play a role would be incorrect on my part, but avoiding currency flunctations probably would be a big reason. Especially on cars with small margins like the crappy but reliable Yaris.

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    bumpy ii

    Brings up a question about the long-term future of the Prius C. Shipping those over from Japan can’t be terribly profitable, and at some point it may make more sense to send over French-built Yaris hybrids instead.

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    Great, send me the Yaris five door liftback with the D4D turbo diesel and manual transmission I drove in France. So much fun wife called it puff the magic Yaris.

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