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While we get the Chevrolet SS with a naturally aspirated small-block V8 and a two-pedal transmission, customers in the UK get a much more aggressive package.

A Vauxhall in name only, the VXR8 GTS gets the supercharged 6.2L V8 from the Camaro ZL1 putting down 576 horsepower, and has the option of a 6-speed manual gearbox as well as an automatic. Magnetic ride shocks, torque vectoring and a manettino-style dial that can adjust a whole range of parameters (like ESC calibration, launch control, exhaust volume and steering feel) are also included. But it all comes at a price. At around 55,000 pounds, the VXR8 is about 25 percent cheaper than an equivalent BMW M5. Our Chevrolet SS will probably come in at around half the price of a US spec M5. I also tend to prefer the more subtle exterior of our SS – but that was the chief complaint against the Pontiac GTO, so what do I know?

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37 Comments on “The Chevrolet SS We Should Have Gotten...”

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    Sweet! I imagine if the ss is a success such a car might materialize. Probably be on the order of 65-70k putting out of reach for those who want such a car and within reach of those who would never buy a GM.

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    Cop car, livery, rental fleet star.

    I still want a SWB RWB sedan for long commutes, and this may fit the bill, but I have a feeling GM is somehow going to screw it up by pairing the wrong transmission with the engine, giving it a sluggish diff (or none at all), or the steering gear from a Savana van.

    After all is said and done, will I even be able to differentiate between the new SS and the outgoing rental star Impala I tend to run to at any airport, since it’s the only “full sized” option that doesn’t suck.

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    i’m surprised you didnt include any info from WHERE THE CAR IS ACTUALLY MADE AND SOLD

    surely this important info

    its basically $100k

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      spreadsheet monkey

      Huh? The article says it is on sale in the UK, and includes details of the price – 55,000 British pounds. For you ‘Mericans, that’s about $83k. Still way too expensive. Variants of this car have been on sale in the UK for quite a few years now. Residual values are tanking, as British buyers prefer their V8 engine housed in an Audi/BMW/Merc body. Early (2004) cars are selling for less than £7k now.

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      Its made and sold in the same market that can’t support FPV/HSV goodness. So it really doesn’t matter… The important info is that Camry is king, even in the land down under.

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    My favorite Commie remains the VXR8 Bathurst S. The Walkinshaw supercharger makes an amazing din.

    You can hear it around 3:02 in this video:

    But yeah, I also prefer more understated styling.

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    I seem to remember another complaint about the GTO fail was a lack of dual exhaust.

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      Mr Imperial

      The 2004 GTO had true duals, just that both pipes exited on the right side.

      2005 had true duals, but split, with one on the left, other on right side of vehicle.

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      A prime example of rumors and just plain wrong information about cars from folks who themselves were never really in the market for these cars from the start.

      Assuming the SS is round three of GM telling fans,’OK, you asked for a reardrive, V8 sport sedan, look what we’ve come up with’, just how many more times do you think GM is going to try this? Personally, I’m very weary of “(whine),it’s got the IRS, rearwheel drive, V8, sports seats, and Blaupunkt, but it’s a little too round for me(GTO)”, or “(whine)it’s got all the stuff I want, but who wants four doors (G8)”.

      Just like mates, there is really no such thing as ‘the one’, and just like mates, you shouldn’t be shopping for a car because you think your friends or your neighbor will like her/it (wife/car).

      Often enough, after you buy a car that initially seems like only the ‘.6′, it graduates to the’1.0’, you really get to like it.

      My suggestion is this. For those that are really very eager for GM to build another V8, rearwheel drive sedan, and are genuinely ready to buy it when they do again, give GM all of the feedback, get them to do realy market research among potential buyers, and just don’t nickpick because the car’s only 95 percent what you expected.

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        That’s because the cheapo people who say all that stuff don’t buy new cars. They just want this available in 10 years, so they can put giant rims on it and lower it. Internet enthusiasts are generally all talk and request unrealistic things, as we’ve seen many times on TTAC.

        A family remember recently bought a used car that should theoretically still be liked, if not loved, by enthusiasts — the STS, which came with those magnetic shocks. GM killed it because it was moving off Sigma and because the market for more expensive cars got smaller.

        I do wonder if this Chevy SS (which probably should have had a different name) would be better as a Buick or Cadillac, likely the latter. All the internet enthusiasts complain about the higher price (because they’re cheap, as usual), which would be easier to do with those marques.

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        George B

        The main problem with the Pontiac GTO and G8 was styling. The GTO should have looked more aggressive while the G8 had overdone details like hood scoops that looked out of place on a large sedan. I’m no fan of the Chevrolet bow tie and split grill look of the SS and wish they had used the Vauxhall front fascia sans badge. Better to look similar to an expensive BMW instead of an inexpensive Cruze. The Volvo S60 has the same problem where Civic proportions put an artificially low cap on the price it can command. In contrast, the Cadillac ATS looks relatively upscale and fits it’s price segment.

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          Those are the things people pigeonholed about those cars, but in the grand scheme, those gripes are nitpicks. The cars don’t look bad at all, they perform very well and are fairly practical.

          To the people who bought them, they are a dream. Those that didn’t but make nitpick complaints about styling or both exhaust tips on the same side, like corntrollio said, were either too cheap to buy one or were never in the market in the first place. Even if those small things were different, they still wouldn’t have one in their garage.

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          Ya, the hood scoops look so out of place they got adopted as of 2010 on the Aussie and other models.

          In other news, the future BMW M3 has a snoz that looks like it came off of a SUV and lots of scoops and flares.

          But what does BMW know…

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    bumpy ii

    What exactly does this get you that a CTS-V doesn’t? Bigger back seat?

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    But how much would this have cost?

    Chrysler SRT seems to be the only company giving us maximum power without pulling our pants down over the price.

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      Chrysler SRT is quite expensive too. 45k for a 300C SRT Core isn’t exactly cheap. But, this variant they have up here would cost a good bit more than that I think.

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    To all of the people trying to do a straight conversion of this car prices, don’t bother. Taxes in other countries can be more and included in the price. In Europe, typically VAT is built into the price of the car while in the US, sales tax is not included in MSRP. The same car in Europe is far less expensive than the straight conversion. It was the same with the G8 when it came to US shores. I don’t know what the exact cost of this version would be, but I am guessing far more than people would want to pay for a Chevy SS, but it would be pretty cool. But, cool doesn’t sell cars. Just look at the CTS-V Wagon sales.

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      My guestimate is based on the SS’s supposed above 50k starting price and the ZL1’s 58k starting price which is about 15-18k over a tarted up Camaro SS.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I’m still trying to figure out why Vauxhall is necessary. There’s really nothing British about them, since they’re rebadged Opels (or in this case, Holdens).

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    They would sell the 3 peddle if Americans were more interested in using both legs while driving, but they are not so why should they bother? Of course that does deny the few who are and that is a sad thing.

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    Richard Hammond reviewed the supercharged Vauxhall a few seasons ago in a piece that also included a “Ute” called a Maloo, or some such thing…imagine if Chevrolet never stopped making the El Camino stateside…and it was one of most entertaining reviews ever. The exhaust note and supercharger whine screaming at the same time was just ridiculous…I fell in love at once, both the the car and Australia as a whole. As much coin as the new Chevy SS will command, a second-hand 05-06 GTO probably makes more sense. You can get a manual on one of those, too.

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