By on May 6, 2013

South Korean LG Chem will finally begin commercial battery production at its Holland , Michigan, in July, Reuters says.  The batteries will initially help power GM’s Volt.

Three years ago, at a groundbreaking ceremony for an LG Chem Battery plant in Holland, Michigan, President Obama promised that this and other pants will be “a boost to the economy in the entire region.” The plant made headlines for doing nothing.

Half of the plant’s $300 million price was funded by the tax payer, courtesy of a $150 million government grant. Its workers “had little work to do and were spending time volunteering at local non-profit organizations, playing games and watching movies at the expense of the federal government and taxpayers,” Gregory Friedman, inspector general at the Department of Energy, concluded in a report.

The has not started production because “demand for electric vehicles such as the Volt has been lower than expected,” LG Chem told Reuters.

How many batteries will be built is unknown, but “volume is expected to consistently increase depending on the electric vehicle market and securing additional contracts,” LG Chem promises.

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8 Comments on “Government-Sponsored Do-Nothing Battery Plant Finally Plans To Do Something...”

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    If the government inspector general states that this is a waste of money and effort it must be really bad.

    I have no problem with our federal government investing in R & D but when they cross the line and put taxpayer dollars into pie in the sky dreams of a “zero emissions future” we know what the end result will be.

    Of course the “lame stream press” will gloss over this waste like most.

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    Where can I call the people that offer these grants, I believe I may want to start my own super green, feel good battery company, I’ll make my batteries out of unicorn flatulence, not only will they go 100 miles on a 5 minute charge but they will also clean the air as a byproduct!

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    Mr Imperial

    Everyone should have seen my state’s former Governor “Grandmole”, proud as a peacock toting this waste of funding.

    How these politicians sleep at night amazes me.

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    LG? Presumably it had to be LG and not Samsung because Samsung is too busy making/buying all the batteries they can to build androids. Between them, Apple, and the other gizmo manufacturers, batteries do not have a funding problem.

    But, but, but, the pork must flow!

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    It’s gonna suck working there now, cuz of having to make stuff. The bosses used to be cool and let us watch movies. Plus, Cheetos. Now they’re all like, dude, assemble stuff! It blows. I’m all like, sore or whatever.

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    Electric vehicles, one more thing nobody asked for except for the overly eco-conscious who have no money to buy them, and the band of conspiracy theorists who are still concerned why GM took the EV1 off the market.

    Can only happen in societies where everyone has full bellies and too much spare time to think up problems. Happens mostly with upper level bureaucrats.

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      Combined: 57,966 Volts and Leafs sold worldwide last year. Some of them even vote Right.

      “Can only happen in societies where everyone has full bellies…”
      Lots of things can only happen in such societies; EVs are about the least worrisome.

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