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Picture courtesy Christina M. Rivera

Should it be legal to build Batmobiles? The final decision on that: no. Gotham Garage reportedly only built two of them before the hammer came down.

The Batmobile you see before you is an extraordinarily detailed replica, captured on pixels by a TTAC reader in Franklin, TN. But after reviewing pictures of the Gotham Garage Batmobiles, I’m not sure it’s one of them. Check the photos and tell me what you think.

One of my most (or least, depending on how you look at it) loyal readers saw this Batmobile outside a hair salon in Franklin, TN. Comparing it to this image of the Gotham Batmobile shows a few discrepancies, most notably in the reflectors and the shape of the spear on the nose. I’m hoping TTACers are slightly more eagle-eyed than I am and can make a determination for me.

It’s entirely possible that there’s another Batmobile builder out there who’s had the sense to stay under Warner Bros’ radar, perhaps only working with known people in the crazy-replica-movie-car “community”. Who knows? Let me know what you think. In the meantime, if you see any Batmobiles on the street, feel free to ask the owners where they got ’em. Who knows? They might even tell you the truth.

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25 Comments on “Gotham Garage Lost The War. Was This One Of The Soldiers?...”

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    There is one here on the north side of Jax FL. I asked the guy about 3 months ago where he got his and he just said an auction. It was nice even though it was not original.

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    This one is really nice. I’d rather have a Batmobile than a Veyron. It wouldn’t even have to be an original Batmobile. It wouldn’t matter because I would never sell it. It would have to be a TV Batmobile, not one of the lame movie versions like on the Drew Carey Show.

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    Rick T.

    Dang! Wonder how long it’s been around. I’ve lived here 1.5 years and not seen it before.

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    The real Batmobile resides a few miles away from us here in sunny AZ… and I really wouldn’t put it past the dude that owns it to drive it around like he stole it.

    That replica is actually nicer than the original in quite a few ways – one being that it does not use a peach basket for an afterburner nozzle.

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    Darth Lefty

    “another Batmobile builder”


    …sorry, I know.

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    So why couldn’t a maker of batmobiles enter into a royalty agreement with Warner?

    The cost might be stiff, but I would think the publicity would be enormous, maybe even worth it …


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    I would think that any kind of copyright infringement could be easily worked around by altering enough of it so as not to be a duplicate. Maybe that’s what this one in Franklin is, though it seems too subtle not to be some kind of infringement. Which raises other question as to which batmobile, there have been several, would the the rights be attached to?

    More curious to me is what it’s built on, chassis/drivetrain? We know the original was a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept, but what is it now? This is the stuff my childhood car-dreams we made of, I distinctly remember paying more attention to that car then anything else on the show, with the excepti0on of maybe Julie Newmar as Cat Woman. Although, the best looking of all the Batmobiles, as I look at it now, it really becomes somewhat dated and I picture the Batman of today using something like this…

    …as his daily driver and using the original on special occasions

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    Ummm, I can understand the wish to drive a General Lee. Or even a Bandit Pontiac Trans Am. Or the best, a Bullit Mustang. But a Batmobile? Don’t get it at all.

    For those who do, more power to them!

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    It looks nearly identical to me. Batman emblem where the mirror is, can’t tell if the lower-rear trim on the front windshield is the same and not sure if there’s a red trim/harnesses on the seats.

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    I would settle for the Monkeemobile. RIP Dean Jeffries.

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    Scum sucking lawyers were able to convince their client that this type of activity needs to stopped. Lots of billable hours on this worthless litigation.

    Because we all know Warner Brothers will some day sell drivable versions of a car from a campy TV show from 40 years ago and this could possibly dilute the value.

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    I want the Vista Cruiser from that 70’s show, Donna, Hyde’s stash and a Viagra, now that’s a dream date.

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    I've got a Jaaaaag

    Knowing people in the clandestine world of prop replicas, I can say there are other molds out there. You will need to go to Dragcon, Comic Con or similar venue to get a name and price; these people do not advertise.

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      Well, ya just gotta know to look! ;)
      But yup…there are many Batmobiles, especially from the newer films, being built around the continent. Some studios/license holders are more accepting than others but as in the case of many prop replicas, tease the dragon too much and a C&D could be forthcoming!

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    Back in the late 1970s a ‘Batmobile’ came to my county fairgrounds. At the time, I was too young to discern whether it was the real McCoy or not, but looking back I am pretty sure that it was a replica. I don’t think that WB was quite as concerned about this back then as they appear to be in recent history.

    Replica or not, it was still pretty cool!

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    Where do you GET such wonderful toys?!?!

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    Hello all,
    Interesting read.
    This is my replica depicted in the article. It began as a ’55 Lincoln Futura Replica offered in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I found an unbuilt example and paid to have it built. Literally every one of those Futura replicas, except the first example for Fantasy Cars Ranch in El Cajon, CA was turned into a BatmobileTM.
    At the time, I had an outfit in CA mount the body to the chassis and they did it poorly to say the least. Just about everything of this replica had to be redone by another entity with additional monies vested by me to make it the example it is today in respect for the WB/DC trademarked Batman TV show. I remember my visit in TN (it was a good one just in time for the Cars4Kids show there), but it is not the Batmobile you have depicted in a prior article.
    Incidentally, this car is for sale for $225k should you know of any interested parties.
    I don’t want to burst anyone’s pipedream, but generally speaking, the Batmobile loving public is not aware of this whole “under current network” of losers mostly who fight amongst themselves over whose body is more accurate blah blah blah. And save for 2 or 3 class acts who do great fiberglass work, I can assure you 90% of “that element” are losers. So before you get the itch for owning a BatmobileTM, do your homework.
    My car is a not for profit auto enthusiasts car that I’m happy to share with anyone who wants to check it out as long as its a good weather day :) (no roof).

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