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Even as Canada’s manufacturing sector continues to dwindle, Ford is set to invest even further in its Canadian operations, putting together a new investment package for its Oakville assembly plant – provided the federal and Ontario governments can come up with the scratch.

Ford of Canada CEO Dianne Craig expressed optimism for Canada’s auto manufacturing sector, but within her remarks were subtle calls for enhanced government investment in the auto industry. Speaking at the Bloomberg Canada Economic Summit, Craig remarked

“We are optimistic despite the Canadian dollar where it is…So it’s between the business partners that we have, certainly the government, that will enable us to at least keep the footprint that we have today.

Ford’s Oakville plant is expected to built the next generation Ford Edge, which will ride on the global CD4 platform used by the Ford Fusion. Ford and the Canadian government are said to be ironing out the details, but timing is tight for any deal, as production is scheduled to begin next June. Ford is said to be looking for $400 million from the Canadian government, which is notoriously reluctant to invest in the auto manufacturing sector compared to American and Mexican governments.

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13 Comments on “Ford Optimistic On Canadian Manufacturing...”

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    As a Canadian, am opposed to the Governments of both Ontario and Ottawa being involved, Ontario is very “Broke” right now, but do know the Federal people in Ottawa has lots of Cash.

    After all Ford is a Foreign Company, just like the Asian makers so will see how this pans out. stay tuned!

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      The Harper government seems to be reluctant to invest in anything that could benefit people east of Manitoba. Ontario is hurting badly and cannot afford to lose what manufacturing industry we have left. If GM packs up it will kill Oshawa, likewise with Brampton and Oakville if Chrysler and Ford, respectively, were to go. Some conditional investment by the Feds to save what is ultimately tens of thousands of jobs seems worthwhile to me.

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    Corporate begging at it’s finest. As Ted pointed out above, Ontario is flat broke. As the Ontario Government should have learned with Ford and other manufacturers is that an “investment” doesn’t really carry any staying power. It’s corporate welfare, and when it runs out (it will), why would the company stay?

    How about a sustainable business environment?

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    Remember tea party fans. Ford did not accept American government bailout, did they? So, if Ford is so fervent in bragging about it, how about this $400M pander?

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      Ford, BMW, Toyota Took Secret Government Money

      Ford, not GM or Chrysler, got federal loans to retool plants

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    Derek, how optimistic are you about Ford’s Canadian production compared to Ford of Canada? I can see Oakville only building the Edge and MKX. With Taurus production eventually moving to Flat Rock, Ford could move the Flex and MKT production to Chicago, with the Explorer. That is assuming Ford still builds the Flex after this generation.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    It probably isn’t a good idea for Canada to invest in our automotive industry, because they’ll just get the short end of the stick. Ford should come up with the money from another source. I’m sure they have a spare $400 million from all of the overpriced current-generation Edge and MKX units.

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      If they do get the money from another source, the next gen Edge and MKX production probably won’t happen in Canada. If they consolidate all Fiesta production to Thailand, as this website among others have reported, that leaves a recently renovated and flexible factory in Cuautitlan with no product.

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    It will stay anyway. Ford doesn’t have any spare plants us plants to tool up to make these anyway.

    All in all ford has the smallest Canadian manufacturing base of all the big 3 in Canada.

    On a side note my 1983 f250 was build at the Oakville Truck Plant.

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    Ford Australia announced it is shutting down all manufacturing here today. They will finish in 2016. Ford has been struggling with its locally produced and imported vehicles.

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    I’m not sure how the head of Ford Canada saying that Ford wants more production in Canada if the govts come up with money is Ford being “optimistic” about Canada. I am very optimistic about my neighborhood (sorry, neighbourhood) too.

    If Fields says that they are shifting production from the US to Canada, then they are getting optimistic about Canada.

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