Ferrari Scales Back Production, Says No To EVs, SUVs

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Ferrari will be scaling back production in 2013, in an effort to help retain some of the brand’s exclusivity.

Reuters reports that Ferrari will build fewer than 7,000 cars this year, despite selling over 7,300 in 2012. Speaking to British publication AutoExpress, Ferrari head Luca di Montezemolo said

“Our exclusivity is the brand’s equity…those who buy a Ferrari buy a dream and we want to ensure that we preserve that dream. In 2013 we decided to manufacture a lower number cars than last year. We want to prove that selling less cars can still increase profits – despite the trend in the market”

Also ruled out by di Montezemolo were an SUV and a pure electric vehicle, stating he would “never build an all-electric car as long as I am chairman of the company”.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Rolladan Rolladan on May 09, 2013

    So basically Ferrari plans to sell to the few elite...... like lilwayne and Rick Ross? :insert sarcasm:

  • GTAm GTAm on May 09, 2013

    I find it a bit hard to believe the "exclusivity" blurb. There are waiting lists for every model. F12 deliveries to Asia-Pacific region has got pushed back because of huge demand in the US - Is 7000 such a big number in the ever expanding market where the rich are still getting richer? Is there a big difference between the 7k and 8k for example? Which company would not want an extra 1000 sales? Lambo is dying for it. The entire production of the LaFerrari was sold out before anyone got a glimpse of the car and there is a long queue of disappointed buyers. Does Ferrari really want them to buy a competing brand's product instead? I think it's more to do with the re-organization of the Fiat group and the new role Ferrari is playing for Maserati and future Alfa Romeos. Autonews says they've hired 200 engineers to take care of production for the Maserati engines. And Maser is on a a sales explosion with 8000 Quattroportes on order (The whole of last year they sold around that number of their entire 3 model range). So I'm guessing it's some kind of production constraint brought about by the factory expansion rather than the "exclusivity" story. However I must commend LDM, as that's a great story to tell your blue chip clientele. It will probably make them hungrier.

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    • GTAm GTAm on May 09, 2013

      @Morea Yes!

  • John Rosevear John Rosevear on May 09, 2013

    Fewer cars, higher prices. Same profits (or more), less work, more customers desperate to shell out even more in advance for next year's production run. Ferrari is still Ferrari.

  • Tjh8402 Tjh8402 on May 09, 2013

    My question is, aren't most, if not all of their cars sold out for the next few years? Are they going to tell the customers on the waiting list that they will have to wait a little bit longer to get their cars? I know with aircraft, which are traditionally sold years in advance, you buy a deliver position (ex 3 qt 2015 deliver spot). Anyone know how Ferrari works? You have to be careful when it comes to Ferrari cause myths legends and rumors can get spread around, but I remember reading one year that it was almost impossible to get your name on the list for a new Ferrari if you've never owned one before. The idea being that the very ability to buy a new Ferrari is a priviledge that you essentially must earn or be invited to enjoy, similar to an Amex Centurion credit card. I know that's been the case for the flagship models like the F50, Enzo, FXX, and La Ferrari, which as noted, had more orders than cars before anyone even knew what they looked like.