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Polk released their list of 10 best-selling nameplates in 2012 – and while the list led to a bit of a spat between Toyota and Ford over who won had the race – the rest of the list gives us a picture of what’s popular around the world. While Bertel is claiming that Toyota came out on top, I am merely reporting the Polk data. Any disputes or accusations pro or anti (insert nationality here) bias can be meted out in the comments. I’ll go grab the popcorn.

1. Ford Focus:  1,020,410 units sold



2. Toyota Corolla: 872,774 units sold

3. Ford F-Series: 785,630 units sold

4. Wuling Zhiguang: 768,870 units sold

5. Toyota Camry: 729,793 units sold

6. Ford Fiesta: 723,130 units sold

7. VW Golf: 699,148 units sold

8. Chevrolet Cruze: 661,325 units sold

9. Honda Civic: 651,159 units sold

10. Honda CR-V: 624,982 units sold

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15 Comments on “The Top 10 Best-Sellers World Wide In 2012...”

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    of the cars listed, i think i can see myself in 4. What does that mean i wonder

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      You are economic minded in your worldly vehicle choices.

      The old Cruze beat the Civic? Difficult to get grasp as not every geographical region receives the same updates at the same time.

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        i think the cruze beat the civic due to chevy’s presence in some key markets where honda is more of a novelty than a ‘real’ company that charges much more for similar wares. Russia, many other eastern european countries, north africa and much of latin America.

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          Might as well included the Acura ILX based Civic into the mixed as the names and contents change but the chassis stays similar.

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            Similarly, might as well have included the Daewoo Cruze based Verano into the mix as the names and contents change but the chassis stays similar. Both are about as Chevy and Buick as the Geos and Opels of yore.

            And what of that weeblemobile, the Encore? Who deserves blame for that particular specimen?

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            The Verano is base don the Opel Astra. Just stick with your Ford hate, don`t branch out.

            Why are you criticising the Encore when it has pretty good US sales and lots of pre-orders in the UK. The market has spoken.

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            Verano holds it own and then some versus Acura, Toyota need not apply.




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            “The Verano is base don (sic) the Opel Astra”.

            What is it about the GMs Delta II Platform you don’t understand?

            “The Verano is one of three nearly identical models, including the: Buick Excelle GT[5] developed for the Chinese market and produced in China, and the European Opel Astra sedan, which was presented at the 2012 Moscow International Automobile Salon. This sedan trio shares General Motors’ Delta II platform with the Chevrolet Cruze sedan, and the corresponding mini-van models, Chevrolet Orlando and Opel/Vauxhall Zafira Tourer.”

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          I back Marcelo up on this one. You leave the usa and you don’t see honda’s at all.

          Russians i know love the Cruze you see a ton if you go there. It’s also produce locally in Saint Petersburg so it isn’t subject to the insane import tariff, and 25% recycling fee.

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            Honda has a 1% market share in the EU, which even with the economic issues is still a major market (certainly for passenger cars, since it has very few truck sales unlike the US market).

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    “i think the cruze beat the civic due to chevy’s presence in some key markets where honda is more of a novelty . . . ”

    Exactly – for example, the Cruze is sold in markets like South Korea, where any Honda is relatively rare. You see the Cruze all over Seoul, but only rarely do you see a Civic.

    Some of this is the result of the history of the countries, companies involved, etc. But the Cruze does look right-sized for many of these non-US venues. And it actually looks more upscale compared to the competitor vehicles in those markets. It is surprising and revealing how one’s perception of a vehicle can change depending on the surrounding vehicles and environment.

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    As I may have touched on in BS’s piece about the sales spat, if Ford really wants to defeat the Toyota Corolla, they should add the word “Focus” to all of their models. They could even go a step further and rename the brand “Focus.” All they’d have to do is replace the “RD” script in the blue oval with “CUS”.

    Of course, this may set off a “nameplate war” in which Toyota names all (rather than half) of their models Corolla. But it would be their move.

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      Toyota already sort of does that. Don’t you buy Corollas at the “Toyota Corolla Store”? I believe the Celica was always sold at the Toyota Corolla Store too.

      They have different branding/stores for different models — e.g. the Toyota Vista Store now known as the Netz Store, Toyopet STore, etc.

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    “Leave the USA and you don’t see Hondas”? Ever been to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia or Phillipines?

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