By on April 19, 2013

BYD, the company we visited in yesterday’s story might ditch  conventional gasoline-powered cars and focus on electrics, Reuters says in an exclusive story,

Two senior BYD executives told Reuters that along with dropping gasoline-fueled cars, the company also might offload its solar panel business and concentrate on new greener battery technologies.

BYD will unveil its Green Hybrid Technology at the Shanghai auto show on Saturday. Reuters sees BYD focus on hybrid cars, with a smattering  of  all-electric and ‘plug-in’ electric hybrid cars thrown in.

The story caused raised eyebrows and snickers among the auto executives that congregate in Shanghai for the auto show that will open its doors to the press tomorrow. Currently, EVs and hybrids sell only in homeopathic quantities in China. I am in Shanghai, and we’ll see what develops.

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5 Comments on “BYD Seen Ditching Gasoline-Powered Cars...”

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    If a way can be found to become profitable as a (very) niche marketer in China, this might not be a bad mood. Considering the alternative is becoming a lost also-ran among the plethora of Chinese car companies; if you’re going to eventually fail, you might as well go down swinging.

    And maybe even succeed.

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    BYD has had a very hard time convincing anyone to buy its electrics. I don’t know how anyone either inside or outside the company could think this is a good idea.

    Isn’t there a term limit on April Fools? Next day? First week? What?

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    Usually such moves aren’t contemplated publicly; this just makes them look directionless. It would be much better to simply announce a decision.

    But if they do go all EV, they’ll be able to apply more resources to one thing rather than being distributed among ICE/Hybrid/EV technologies.

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      The current global fad seems to be a conversion to more ‘electric’ cars, so BYD could be an early innovator or BYD could fall prey to the empty promises that EVs hold.

      But with a market like China the decisions do not need to be market driven since all the planning and coercion is done from the top, down. So if BYD decides to go this route, in China it may prove successful, especially if the government gets behind the movement.

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    is called tying 2 rocks together and pray it will float.

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