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Unfortunately, this is just a design study meant for the Shanghai Auto Show. But GM, how about an Alpha-based Riviera? This concept is supposedly a plug in hybrid, but the new twin-turbo V6 would fit nicely under the hood of this thing. More live pictures to follow.

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10 Comments on “Buick Riviera Concept: Yes Please!...”

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    Here we go AGAIN! Buick taunts people with yet another image-changing, sporty-looking, Buick coupe called Riviera that will never, ever, ever see the light of day, no matter how many people beg them too. Instead we (or they) will simply get yet another boring 4-door sedan which bears virtually 0 resemblance to the original concept. So, please just do us a favour and save it.

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      I knew I couldn’t be the only one who was thinking, “Didn’t they make the exact same concept- with the same name, even!- about five years ago?”

      Mind you, I would be delighted to see an Alpha-based Riviera with twin-turbo power. But I just don’t see GM actually building one.

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        It’s nice to see that Buick is keeping the Riviera concept car up to date. Don’t want those concepts to go style.

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          I didn’t know they did a mid-cycle refresh on concept cars. What I’d really like to see is what one would look like after the production compromises were made, but before the bean counter cheapening. That’s a stage of concept-to-letdown we never get to see.

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    If Buick ever goes forward with another Riviera I just hope they’ll respect the heritage of the name and apply to a worthy automobile and not some “sporty” GM junk.

    Buick, take a long look at Lincoln before making any decisions.

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      So is this one going to be passed along to the engineering team who will then be told “Yes! Build it! But only if you can use existing doors and a chasis that’s three times as big as the conspet.”

      Perhaps it’s time to revisit the Wildcat? Please? No, really. Build a Wildcat, and I promise that when I retire (in 40 or 50 years), I will buy a low-mile late-model Riviera that was owned by a retirey who only used it to drive to church on Sundays and take her dog thru the drive-thru lanes at the bank.

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    Y’know, there was a brief moment in recent GM history when no concepts got approved without a serious business case. That was part of what made the Cadillac Ciel so interesting: We knew they were actually up to something real, even if that particular car didn’t make production.

    This thing is awfully pretty, but it would seem to suggest that that era is over. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

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    From here I’m seeing the spiritual successor to the Lexus SC.

    I’d love to see BYD acquire the Buick nameplate and kick this thing into production. Why BYD? Because they would be the only company with the cojones to do it. GM ain’t gonna make this. At least not now.

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    It sort of looks like a Cadillac to me. If it has the twin-turbo V6, maybe that’s what it should be branded, although I bet some TTAC folks would love for this to be the new Grand National.

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