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Have you ever seen a supercharger kit that costs more than the car in question?  TRD’s new supercharger kit for the Scion FR-S costs an astonishing $26,000, more than the MSRP of the FR-S itself.

The supercharger is meant primarily for the SCCA Prielli World Challenge Series, but for it to be legal, it must be offered for sale. Prospective buyers are required to order a minimum of two kits, and must supply their own engine management. Presumably, this is done to keep the kit out of the hands of the “IMPORT 2NR” crowd, but this still seems like an exorbitant sum for a mid-level sports car racing series.

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34 Comments on “The Most Expensive Supercharger Kit…In The Wuuurrrlllllllddd...”

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    Somewhere somebody is looking at options to finance this…

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    Hey kids, get a C6 Corvette leftover instead. Even the interior is nicer, barely.

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      Somehow this TRD supercharger kit is no more silly than the Lingenfelter Escalade that was on the last episode of Top Gear USA.

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        Didn’t Lingenfelter do Suburbans about 15 years ago. If I remember correctly, they armored the crap out of it, but it still went 0-60 in 4.6 seconds (and we’re talking about when that was uncommon), and they put in jump seats with machine gun-friendly features like a metal grate floor so that shells fell onto the road below.

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    Some guy in Sweden quoted me 5800 Euro for a whipple blower upgrade kit for my XJR. He wouldn’t send pics of it either. Good luck with that one buddy.

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    Price aside, I got stuck on the newsletter name. PANT?! I’m not panting over a supercharger at that price.

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    File this one under “If I Ever Hit a Record-Setting PowerBall.”

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      I think that even if you had all the money in the world… to spend that much money (combined total of over $50k) on an FR-S- would be grounds for a kick in the squash.

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    First thing I thought of when seeing the top lines of the newsletter: is that one’s reaction to the price, or the performance?

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    I assume the idea is that legitimate racing teams will get these from Toyota/TRD for nothing or much, MUCH less than the $26k in the release, and these only have to be “offered” by the parts departments to make them legal in the series, yes?

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    Where to start: Gucci saddle on a mule? Rolex on a toddler? Me on Kate Breckinsale? File under things that just don’t go together, well, if Kate’s ok with it I’ll risk it with the wife!

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    juicy sushi

    Quite a steep price for racing parts, but if the sanctioning body won’t allow the teams to go aftermarket then Scion has them by the short and curlies…

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    Leave them all NA and to hell with trd.”stupid is as stupid does”….FG.

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    Just think, with that supercharger kit your FRS might be faster than most V6 sedans out there!

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      … but will it beat my ’12 4Runner?

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        It’d be close.

        This is positively idiotic if one assumes this kit will be pushed hard at the retail level, which I doubt.

        It appears to be a very expensive option that will allow Toybaru to field vehicles that will be competitive in the world of [insert whatever class of racing here], and thus provide Toybaru and its vendors with visibility & a presence from a promotional standpoint.

        I would be curious to see exactly what kind of bump in power this specific kit achieves, though.

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    I want to have $100K, so that I can buy the biggest Sprint van with diesel and drive over one of those turbo thingies and then buy the mangled mess from the crybaby that owns it, shove it into the van and drive it to a recycler.

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    Sounds very much like the don’t actually want, or expect, to sell any of these.

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    26k is fing absurd so this must be on purpose to dissuade customers. If it was customer focused it wouldn’t need stand alone management anyway. Hell…I can kit convert my car to turbo for around 3k. Everything in but labor, software flashed on the stock ecu. Its not like racecars are actually running higher outputs than tuned street cars, usually its the other way around.

    Maybe 26k is the price for teams but includes support from Toyota for a set number of seasons. That seems reasonable.

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    …could it by a typographical error, and they meant to list it at $2600 instead?..that sounds much more reasonable by comparison to comparable kits on the market…

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    Sounds like it’s time for some automotive journalists to buy a few and find out what’s so special about them.

    It’s clear from the release that they are trying to keep them out of street cars. I wonder if there are other reasons, like special tech, behind them trying to keep them out of people’s hands. The release also implies that parts departments are supposed to block any order of the part, and are not supposed to stock it.

    Anybody try calling the number and see where it ends up? If I understand correctly, they could face sanctions for not actually offering the part to the public. If the parts departments don’t stock it, won’t order it, and the number leads to a line where you’re put on hold for eternity, then what they’re doing is cheating… And Toyota has been known to cheat in racing.

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    My boss races a Formula Ford, and there certainly seems to be a 10x premium on a lot of the stuff he buys. Maybe this isn’t so unusual.

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    johnny ro

    Somebody should call the number and press #2. See what happens.

    The ad says there is no responsibility for expectation that the parts dept will have it in stock. HAHAha.

    They probably meet the race requirement by posting post this memo, s opposed to actually let you pay too much for one cars worth.

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    Ron B.

    What??!! Down here the average cost of a Vortech conversion is $15,000 with many more expensive setups. I dont consider a holden to have any value so to me,it’s not unusual to see supercharger kits costing more than the car they are bolted too. A nitrous set up works the same and is damn sight cheaper. You can even build your own if you are handy with the tools.

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    Yeah, I don’t think my dealership will be stocking this :)

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    Saw the title.

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    I was hoping somebody might have more info forthcoming? At 26k I’m wondering if its not just a supercharger and its supporting hardware but a whole suite of upgrades or perhaps an entire engine? The flat four in the toyobarus are DI, maybe this kit also addresses that limitation by eliminating the stock fuel system in favor of a port injected setup or includes a supplemental fuel system in the form of an upstream bank of fuel injectors?

    Vortech recently introduced a tuner kit for a little less than 6k for the toyobarus and it includes everything with the exception of the tune and whatever is required to install that tune be it a hand held tuner or a chip.

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    I don’t know how many of you watch powerblock tv on spike,but they do superchargers on street cars as well as race cars and the price isn’t anywhere near 26k.Including larger fuel pumps/injectors and the related electronic upgrades necessary for the project.And most of those projects were on V8 engines,and they even did one wrx.TRD doesn’t want their kits sold to anyone……

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    I sell stuff on ebay from time to time. Supposedly I get a higher ranking and more exposure if i offer to sell to Canada.

    I dont really want the hassle of it, and shipping is now CRAZY expensive via USPS to Canuckistan.

    So if anyone wants to spend $20 shipping on a $5 item, feel free. Funny thing is some of them do. That just might be the case here…

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