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TTAC Contributor Jeff Jablansky posted a picture of the little Hamster action figure that came with the Kia Soul press kit. Somehow, it looks more like a weird mutant rotent/horse hybrid than a hamster. I still think Herr Schamus is the best auto-rodent in the biz, but I am biased.

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14 Comments on “Kia Wins “Weird Press Kit Of The Year” Award...”

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    Those Hamsters were the biggest reason why when my wife caught “Box Car” fever she wouldn’t even look at the Soul.

    It didn’t help that every time she mentioned the Soul I would immediately start in with “You can get with this or you can get that, Do-Da-Dippity!”

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    That looks just like the Montauk Monster:

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    I’ve alluded to Kia’s hamster/urban thug ads before, but it appears to me that the characters they use – sour-puss/mean expressions, hoodies, old city streets, young hamsters – well, this is the demographic – no matter what race – that couldn’t afford to actually BUY a new car to save their lives.

    Am I wrong, or just having a “geezer fit”?

    Is the “action figure” made in China? I’m certain it is.

    The Soul isn’t a half-bad vehicle, either, but the advertising gets my dander up, just like years ago when ad agencies tried to reflect the times by being “hip”. It was silly back then, but ads now too often come across as mean-spirited or strongly sexually suggestive now.

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      The original “Roads filled with hamster wheels” ad was brilliant and witty. I would actually rewind and rewatch it when it came on.

      Everything they’ve done since (with the hamsters) has been lame, uninspired, and witless.

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      Compaq Deskpro

      I wonder about that too, why are car companies always going on about appealing to a younger demographic? They don’t buy new cars! Marketing to people in their 20’s is a lost cause. Market expensive stuff to old people.

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      No. Marketing 101 is you don’t advertise to people how they are, but how they see themselves. Apparently, the key demo for the Soul sees themselves as young urban hipsters, even if they’re actually 35 y.o. housewives (or whatever).

      Just like the people in ads for ED pills, cruises, or retirement villages are 55 y.o. men married to trophy wives.

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    Pretty sure that is a sloth and not a hamster.

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    somebody, somewhere had to approve that. the only thing i am certain is that it did not come across my desk……………

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    Dave M.

    That is hysterical. And you’re all talking about it, so +1 Kia.

    Meanwhile, just as offensive to some (like me) might be the “My parents are in bed, they can’t possibly be having a post-child life” Venza commercials. And the Venza actors are younger than me.

    Finally, I was discussing with a co-worker that I’m considering a Subaru, which she then said “You mean a Lezbaru?”. Did I miss a commercial on that one?

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      You weren’t aware, based on popular perception, that Subarus were THE vehicle of choice for hemp fiber plaid dressed, granola munching, unshaven anywhere lesbians everywhere?

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    O.K. either no one here gets it or I’m the only one who’ll mention the ‘ elephant in the living room ‘ :

    It’s not a Hampster , it’s a ghetto rat .

    That’s why the hoodie , fat and bad attitude .

    The original toaster ads were clever but they’ve gone to the gutter with this one and yes , the streets of So. Cal. are jammed with sloppy , dirty smelly ghetto rats driving these .

    yes , I’m a geezer but I do have a tiny bit of class , these ads don’t .

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