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Now that we have visited ChinaEuropeRussiaIndiaIsraelItaliaIndonesiaFranceCanada and Germany, it’s time to explore what the most popular cars were in Mexico in 2012.

Not interested in the least? That’s fine I won’t take it personally, simply because I had prepared the best-selling models and brands in 172 additional countries and territories on my blog, so enjoy!

Back to Mexico. And did you know Mexico was the only country in the world dominated by…  Jump in to know more!


I bet you didn’t know.

Mexican new car sales are up a solid 9% year-on-year in 2012 to reach 987,747 registrations, and the best annual figure since 2008.

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Brand-wise, Nissan holds onto its pole position and behaves exactly like the market, up 9% to 244,962 sales and 24.8% share, as said above this makes Mexico the only country in the world where Nissan is #1. Chevrolet and Volkswagen stay #2 and #3 while Chrysler passes Ford to rank #4. Honda is up 52% to #7 and Fiat up 95% to #17.

Check out the Top 30 best-selling brands in Mexico in 2012 here

Chevrolet Aveo


Model-wise, if in 2011 the VW Clasico (old generation VW Bora) and Nissan Tsuru (old generation Nissan Sentra) were in charge, this year it’s a complete change of guard: #1 each month of the year the Chevrolet Aveo brilliantly takes control with 66,099 sales and 6.7%, up a huge 79% on 2011. Note this is a slightly facelifted version of the previous generation model which remained available at a reduced price just as the Chevrolet Sonic launched.

Nissan Versa

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It is followed by the Nissan Versa, up 127% and 7 spots to 47,506 units and 4,8% for its first full year in market. The Clasico (-22%) and Tsuru (-38%) are relegated to #3 and #4 respectively.

Check out the Top 13 best-selling models in Mexico in 2012 here

Honda CR-V

The other models that shine in 2012 are the Nissan March up 33% to #7, the Honda CR-V up 139% to #9 thanks to the new generation, the Chevrolet Spark up 47% to #10 and the Seat Ibiza up to #12.

Check out the Top 13 best-selling models in Mexico in 2012 here

You can also check the previous year: Mexico Full Year 2011: VW Clasico ends Nissan Tsuru’s 8 year-reign


Now you know all there is to know about the Mexican new car market in 2012.

You’re welcome.

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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12 Comments on “Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: What The Mexicans Bought in 2012...”

  • avatar

    I really, really want a barely used Mexican MkIV Jetta 1.8T. Like really. Damn U.S. import regs.

  • avatar

    When living in Tucson and occasionally working in Hermosillo, the Nissan Tiida/Versa was the most common car I would see on the road.

    The best car for getting car jacked in Mexico is a crew cab pickup. The cartel members love them some crew cabs.

    • 0 avatar

      The Federales also love to pull you in the back of their open air Dodge Ram / Chevrolet Silverado (all 2 door, extended box) to take you to the local ATM to borrow some pesos while their HK 33’s muzzle is resting on your shoulder. I’m lucky that I haven’t crossed paths with cartels, yet. Though I’m fairly certain a friend I made at the Hilton Reforma is dating a narco’s daughter as he always was picked up by her in a Evoque.

      Mexico can be such a pain in the ass. If they would grow some balls and rid themselves of the cartels and corruption, this country would kick ass.

      • 0 avatar

        I did not like riding in my friend’s Ram 1500 Hemi crew cab in Sinaloa. A few weeks later he got car jacked by cartel members. All the aftermarket add ons and performance upgrades became a “Carjack Me” sign. The cartels perfer the Lobo, but they aren’t that picky.

        I completely agree that Mexico could be great if the government got its stuff together and got crime under control.

        • 0 avatar

          Sinaloa is a completely different scene than the DF. I would only want to roll in a SUV or expensive vehicle if I had a high capacity rifle in my possession. Even in the DF, if you’re riding in a nice car, you’re a target. First thing I did when I got my company Fusion assigned to me was hit a few beat-to-hell Tsuru taxi’s with it. I never wash it. My supervisor has a hard time believing it’s for safety… but there has been numerous ocassions where I appreciated my efforts.

          Hell, even in nice Interlomas where I live, there is a security detail that has been living in my apartment complex. Every morning that I have time for breakfast, I end up eating with a bunch of guys carrying MP5’s strapped around their suits.

          You are either one brave dude or your work compensates you well.

          • 0 avatar

            Probably more stupid at the time than anything. In Tucson, I was working with a number of people from Sinaloa and Sonora. Driving from Tucson to Hermosillo or Culiacan wasn’t seen as a big deal.

          • 0 avatar

            Mexico is the closest thing to “The Old West” that exists today.

  • avatar

    If you ever wonder where all the Dakota’s and Avenger’s (that no one bought) went, they’re with the Mexican Federales and local police. Chrysler uses this country as a dumping ground for excess volume.

    I’m surprise with VW’s ranking – I would have assumed it would be higher. The Jetta Classico and the Nissan Tsuru are why the two OEM’s dominate: they sell cheap pieces of shit for the market. Nissan’s new offering is competitively priced, as well.

    When I’m flying on the 57D (autopista la venta – Toluca) going 200kph, I always wonder if those Aveo’s and Tsuru’s would be able to withstand an impact of my fully beaten Fusion hybrid if I should drop my cigarette or can of chew.

  • avatar

    Great series, keep it up please! It’s fascinating how different brands work out in different markets.

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