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Nose jobs are half price in Sweden and Volvo is doubling down on 2014 rhinoplasty. The Swedish auto news site Teknikens Värld has posted  high-res leaked photos of Volvo’s 2014 lineup and every model except the dead-to-America C30 and ancient XC90 is getting a refresh inside and out.

For more pictures, click on over to Teknikens Värld’s gallery, for the translation of the details, stay put.

2014 Volvo S60

The S60 gets a new nose for 2014 dropping the LED light bars on either side of the grille for a larger maw, slightly larger headlamps and revised air intakes since fog lights haven’t been an option for a while. LED lovers fear not, there are still LED daytime running lamps, but they are now bars  in the area formerly used for fog lights. There are of course new wheels, and a new bumper out back with integrated exhaust tips ala the Lexus LS. Inside the changes are largely limited to the instrument cluster which has been snagged from the Euro-only V40 wagon and features a large LCD divided into sections and the addition of long-awaited shift paddles on the steering wheel. No word yet on whether the “active” high beams and cornering lamps will find it to our shores. Volvo is also updating their Sensus system in Europe to include internet connectivity, and a new touchscreen with infrared sensing to allow gloved users to stab to their heart’s content. Giving Volvo’s track record, don’t expect that to make it to America and there’s also no word about the touted low-speed autonomous highway driving mode either.

2014 Volvo XC60

The XC60 gets essentially the same treatment as the S60 with the new corporate schnozz grafted onto the existing CUV sheetmetal. It appears that Volvo has taken some of the style criticism to heart and made their offset radar sensor blend into the new horizontal grille. You’ll find integrated bumper-integrated exhaust tips out back, the same disco dash cluster as the S60 and if you live in Europe some tweaked engine options. As with the S60 there will be shift paddles available on the new steering column but there’s no word yet on whether the “active” high beams and cornering lamps will find it to our shores.

2014 Volvo S80 and 2014 Volvo XC70

Changes to Volvo’s larger and older sedan and crossover wagon seem largely limited to small tweaks to the grille. Since the S80’s cooling opening has always been wider than the other models there is less of a visual impact with this change. It would seem that the S80 will also be getting the new instrument cluster although the XC70 appears to be left in the cold. Rounding out the mild refresh is more chrome bling on the outside and the same gadget upgrade as the S60 and XC60.

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29 Comments on “Swedish Nose Job Mania (aka the 2014 Volvos have leaked)...”

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    Not too shabby from the Swede, although I would’ve expected them to defy the memo to put gigantic wheels on everything.

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    Am I detecting–dare I say it–some Kia Optima in the flanks of the S60?

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    I do like this new design direction, but it fails to be very different than the previous models. I’ve driven the earlier S60/S80s and recently acquired a 240 brick. The brick had compelling reasons for purchase, the S60/S80s do not (in the US market). Volvo needs to find some real identity.

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      My daily driver has been an ’04 S60 for the last 6 years. It’s a great car, best I’ve ever owned, and by far the best thing about it is the comfort of the front seats.

      Really, Volvo should be advertising the heck out of their seats. Mine make every other seat on the market feel like a park bench. No one knows this, why won’t Volvo tell them?

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        Hard to sell a car just based on its seats. However I agree Volvo has an awesome place to rest your butt and in general their interiors are two levels better (in all regards) then most cars. The seats in the wife’s ’08 C30 are super comfy. She is 5’3″ and I’m 6’0″ and the somehow their design works for well for both of us. Its about the only seat I’ve been in where the head rest aligns just right.

        Notice someone else mentioned it but… our Volvo has the smallest foot space I have every experienced! Its like the pedals were made specifically for those narrow, pointed women’s designer shoes. Between the small pedals and large center console I can’t drive an S40. And its not like I’ve got Shaq sized feet, I wear size 11.

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      I’ve yet to drive a modern Volvo but I have driven a Ford 500, a spin off of the S80 of sorts.

      The 500 was roomy but the foot area is a bit narrow thanks to big wheel humps, the ride is good but the steering uninspired, and the interior looks deformed in a few areas. Styling-wise it looked like a mix of Audi and Crown Vic, a few people even mistook it for an undercover unit!

      On the other hand I own a 240 sedan and found it to be almost as spacious, more solid, very good steering (good as in fun), more foot room, far easier to work on, better gas mileage, and the trunk was actually bigger. It was also pretty distinct in 1992, let alone 2013.

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      I’m with you on the identity issue–so long as the aesthetics are compelling. These things are among the better looking automotive offerings, but they do lack the distinctiveness and the personality–heck, the distinctive personality–of the Brick.

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    I’ve been really disappointed with Geely’s management of volvo, i feel like they have done very little since when they got the company. The current s60 was developed under ford, so the only thing theyve really released is the v40, which probably was in early development in ford days anyway. they really need to give volvo the capital investment that it needs to be profitable. Also, any word on how volvo is doing in china? do they even have a presence?????

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      Volvo is living on borrowed time – it does OK for now thanks to old Ford technology, but what happens when it has to replace it with its own Swedish-Chinese technology somewhere down the line? It’ll probably coincide with Geely moving Volvo production to China (people are naïve if they think it won’t happen), which will rapidly devalue the Volvo brand in the Western world, with sales tanking as a result.

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        Production moving to china is highly unlikely. The 200k units they’re hoping to move in china will surly be built in china, but the other 600k units they think they’ll sell by 2020 won’t be built in china.

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        If Volvo has engineers in Sweden there won’t be a problem developing a platform. The biggest issue is money. Geely needs a lot of it, and they also need to get Volvo technology on their Geely cars. Those Chinese brands who obtain Western technology and can transfer it to their Chinese cars will be those that manage to survive.

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    The XC90 is much loved in the US. If Volvo were to simply update it and bring the Yamaha V8 back or add another V8 or faster-than-present 6, they couldn’t make them fast enough. Also get rid of the stupid two-piece tailgate.

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      It’s SO old though. It needs a complete redesign, as there’s no excuse for something to look the same in 2012 as it did in 2002. For example, look at the changes the ML has undergone since then. The Explorer, Escalade, etc. All totally redone!

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    Not a fan of the new instrument cluster – it reminds me of a parking meter.

    By the way, the C30 is dead everywhere – the V40 is the replacement.

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      Shame the C30 is dead. The wife loves hers… its a sexy, upscale Golf but without the constant window regulator failures. We owned a Passat, so I am all too familar with the VW service experience.

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    I say to fire the Brit who styles these things and get another New Yorker in to do the styling, we could use at least one car with straight lines and corners.

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    Looks like the Swedes (Chinese?) haven’t figured out that nose jobs are intended to make noses look SMALLER.

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    When, or where is the new XC90?

    I assume coming.

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    The photos were not leaked, they were released this morning at a pressconference in Göteborg, Sweden. All main Swedish newsoutlets had the same pics published at around 10 am Swedish time.

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    Well, for once I have something substantial to add to this site.

    1. The interior is supposed to be improved (also implied that the surfaces are supposed to be nicer to touch), the former CEO Stefan Jacoby had some negative things to say about the quality of Volvo cars just 6 months ago.

    2. The face lifted models are supposed to be more frugal.

    3. The new Volvo platform is about two years away.

    4. Volvo are aiming for brake even this year

    5. They are aiming for 7-8% YoY growth in China (they lost 11% YoY last year)

    6. The CEO seems a bit unsure about them reaching 200k units in china 2020.

    7. The CEO does seem convinced that Volvo will reach 800k units globally by 2020 (Volvo moved 422k units in 2012)

    8. Volvo has a line of credit from China Development Bank, the CEO seems to be chasing brake even to secure a larger credit from the Chinese.

    9. Volvo isn’t planing on scaling back production, on the other hand, if they move more cars then expected the response will be added overtime and not hiring. They are also scaling back on external consultants.

    10. Stefan Jacoby seems to be the closest thing to an untouchable in Gothenburg.

    According to the Swedish daily SvD’s interview with Volvo Cars’ CEO Håkan Samuelsson in today’s (I do hope that the “‘” and “s” ended up in the right place) print edition (Part: business, page: 22) in connection with the face lift launch.

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      Good analysis, these points are the most telling:

      “8. Volvo has a line of credit from China Development Bank, the CEO seems to be chasing brake even to secure a larger credit from the Chinese.”

      followed by

      “9. Volvo isn’t planing on scaling back production, on the other hand, if they move more cars then expected the response will be added overtime and not hiring. They are also scaling back on external consultants.”

      This feels like a CEO reading the tea leaves and setting up the company for an effective Chinese bailout.

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      *break even

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    Vance Torino


    Still no station wagons, I see.

    Or any other unique selling proposition.

    The styling seems mushy, the hardware is over-priced and under delivers.

    Well, I’m sure Geely knows best.

    Valhalla isn’t so bad, says Saab.

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      Cocaine, it’s a hell of a drug.

      No station wagon? The V40, V40XC, V60, V70 and XC70 seems pretty much like station wagons to me. A diesel plug in hybrid station wagon seems like an USP to me, but I do live in on of the universes where the world doesn’t end south of Canada and north of Mexico.

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    actually really like my 2008 c70, but nothing about the current or 2014 models seem compelling enough to trade-in unfortunately. some of the safety tech is cool. and of the new models, the v40 seems the most interesting but it’s not clear if it’s coming.

    agree with the other person that the seats in volvos definitely are great, but that isn’t going to cut it…been inside some 2013 models and the materials feel cheaper than in my 08.

    still think my c70 is one of the nicest looking hardtop convertibles out there, even now. driving dynamics aren’t great (a bigger rear sway bar, new springs/shocks hopefully will help). but not sure i’d replace it with another volvo at this point.

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    I like the way Volvo does exteriors (really I think they peaked around 2008, since they haven’t changed much since then.)

    But, you step inside to a sea of grey thin plastics, and buttons which lose their lettering after 4 years. And the door panel material loses it’s glue backing and comes loose.

    To me they’ve got safety and exterior issues covered, but their insides are like an early 90s Mazda.

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