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It must be Suzuki Day. Fresh off pictures from our resident Chinese spy, Suzuki has released some pictures of the upcoming S-Cross C-segment all-wheel-driver.

The S-Cross, first previewed in Paris last September, looks to feature some LED eyeliner and a new corporate grille up front, similar to the refreshed Grand Vitara. It does stay fairly faithful to the concept, which itself looked almost production ready.

No other details have been provided at this point, but expect the new Suzuki to lull you into a false sense of security before pulling out of the marketplace when it’s released later this year.

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21 Comments on “Suzuki Death Watch 17: This Is The Suzuki That’ll Never Arrive In North America...”

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    At what point do we stop calling this “Suzuki Death Watch” and start calling it “Suzuki Death Inevitability”. These guys have been irrelevent for soooo long. I don’t wish them ill will, but come on. When do you just make the hard decision and push that money into emerging markets. It’s not like they only make cars.

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    Is it just me or does this look like a volvo?

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    This section needs to stop.

    Suzuki, while dead in the US, and likely to eventually fade away in Europe, it most definitely is not going to die globally.

    Suzuki is still growing strong in Japan and India, and is a major force in the growing minicar market. A little over a week ago, Maruti Suzuki, its Indian unit posted a 144% jump in profits. The parent company is profitable and more importantly growing aided by a weak yen. Its not a company losing money.

    Also, Suzuki sales globally are actually increasing (and has been increasing steadily year-over-year). Worldwide sales of Suzuki cars are expected to top 3 million units. Its taking risks by expanding in key markets like Myanmar.

    This death watch lacks any rational merit. The fundamentals just aren’t there for Suzuki to die globally. It makes TTAC look narrow minded in its perspective of global companies.

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      In the end, the decision to stop the series lies with the editors. If you don’t like the series, stop reading it or stop reading TTAC altogether.

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        I don’t think ‘stop reading TTAC’ is the kind of feedback the editors are looking for. L’avventura is giving feedback. Whether it’s good feedback depends on a consensus of the readers. I for one, think he’s right about the deathwatch series.

        The GM deathwatch ended with a bankruptcy, but GM still exists. Suzuki USA went into bankruptcy but Suzuki still exists, just not in America. The deathwatch should end for Suzuki too.

        Who knows, Suzuki might return, as Fiat has, or as Opel has (as Buicks). Suzuki might return, as a Chevrolet (again), so it’s newsworthy to keep track of their new models, as TTAC is doing, just without the deathwatch title.

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        It does sound a bit parochial to claim that Suzuki is near death, when that isn’t even close to being the case. It is a dominant player in India, and there is no indication that this will be changing anytime soon.

        But it is reasonable to speculate whether Suzuki will withdraw from Canada, given what has already happened in the US. That’s worth watching, and I would amend the title to reflect that.

        Re: the US, it has effectively already died, given its bankruptcy filing here, in which case a “Funeral Watch” would be more appropriate.

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        For a site that calls itself the “Truth” about cars, its a disservice to present erogenous information. I have every right to point this out.

        Suzuki is a profitable company that has steadily increased sales since 2003 (to near 3 million). It is not a company that is in fiscal trouble. In 2012, US and most of Western European countries accounted for 3.1% of its sales combined.

        In 2012, India(40.9%), Japan(36.7%), and Indonesia(4.5%) accounted for 82.1% of Suzuki’s sales.

        Judging a “Death Watch” of a company’s on what is 3% of its sales is quite simply ridiculous. Especially for a company that has consistently been in the black with its stock value climbing.

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        @ Derek

        Obviously I meant “erroneous”. Unfortunately, auto spell-check isn’t the most refined technology available at the moment. I would be more eager to correct these spelling/grammar mistakes if any editing to our comments didn’t send what we wrote into moderation limbo.

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      Quite right and good on you for pointing that out.
      Do you think there is some embedded hostility at TTAC toward any company that can write-off the American market and still thrive elsewhere?

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        “Do you think there is some embedded hostility at TTAC toward a company that can write-off the American market and still thrive elsewhere?”

        I think that this site has difficulty moving past the GM Death Watch series. That story, which has now been well played out, has become a sort of legacy cost, which causes everything to be viewed through a lens of gloom and doom, even when the facts don’t justify it.

        Suzuki is a minor player but has some significant assets worth coveting, which sets it up for being a takeover candidate. Given its struggles with VAG (which are still underway), it may be interesting to see how this works out and whether the company succeeds in its fight to regain and keep its independence over the long run.

        This is worth reading:

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        Good points L’Avventura and Summicron, although embedded “hostility” is more like embedded “disdain” – which is not in keeping with TTAC’s overall intelligent and engaging views of car manufacturers and their products, over-all auto trends, etc.

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    I too think L’Avventura makes a good point. TTAC seem to waver whether they were a primarily American in scope, like Motor Trend or something, or more of a global scope. Articles such as the best selling cars in the world and many others seem to represent the global scope of the site, yet the The Suzuki death watch series seem overly American-biased in scope. I think it should be called “American Suzuki’s death watch”, which it was. Companies can thrive elsewhere in the world but not in the US, you know. It’s even more puzzling that TTAC’s main editor isn’t even based in the US, yet seem to be oblivious to this bias.

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    Everyone who posted below L’avventura really needs a day job. All of you. It’s a 100 word article. Maybe instead of top troll poll, TTAC should have a poll for bored cubicle denisens to pick out the next direction for TTAC.

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      OK, Ok…

      Permission to retain interest in a little story that you think is silly, Sir?

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        Do I have permission to criticize your work results with 20/20 hindsight? No? Then get over yourself.

        Edit: It’s not so much the actions, more so the tone. The negative dog piling makes me sick. It’s a sick combination of outrage and know-it-all attitude. Rather than be smug, maybe be polite. Wonder why there is a troll poll posting (that in itself makes me want to frequent the site less)? Its because of this type of ass-hattery.

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        I think you’re reacting to someone else’s spitball here.
        No idea what you’re on about.

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        L’avventura. He brought up a great point, just with unecessary negative commentary. Who made his opinion the highest law? He’s providing a disservice to the readership by polluting my computer screen with smug BS.

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    Suzuki Canada Inc. has announced yesterday their exit from the Canadian automobile market.

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