By on February 19, 2013

What would you say to a hybrid B-segment car that weighed 1700 lbs, emitted half the carbon emissions of a Toyota Prius and still hit 62 mph in 8 seconds?

In a couple weeks time, Peugeot will debut a new version of their 208 subcompact, dubbed the HybridFE. The starting point is a base 208 with a lethargic 1.0L 3-cylinder engine making 68 horsepower. With a 14 second 0-60 time, one could read an entire Foucault book on the construct of the sociosexual panopticon and still just hit 58 mph.

But Peugeot, channeling Chapman, has ripped out 440 lbs from the car, bringing its curb weight down to about 1700 lbs, from the base car’s 2150 lbs. A hybrid system, an automated manual gearbox, low-rolling resistance tires and a special aerodynamics package have been added to help increase efficiency and aerodynamic properties.

The end result is still a 68 horsepower 208, but one capable of a very respectable 8-second sprint to 62 mph, while emitting just 49g/km of CO2 – about half of what a Toyota Prius emits. For comparison, vehicles than emit less than 100 grams are eligible for exemption from the London congestion charge, since they are considered low emissions.

The one caveat here is that Peugeot hasn’t released any pictures so far. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see that light weight engineering is far from dead. It’s certainly more realistic than their compressed-air hybrid system.

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5 Comments on “Peugeot Adds Lightness With 1700 LB Supermini...”

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    Not a real manual? Mwah :(

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    I’d love to hear how Peugeot managed to pull almost 450lbs. out of a platform – it ain’t easy!

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      Especially when you’re starting with only 2150 pounds, and adding an electric motor and battery. And what’s an automated manual gearbox? Hopefully it will get a new grill, aside from that I think the car in the pic looks pretty nice.

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    Bring it.

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    1,700? And it’ll still meet EuroNCAP requirements? WITH a hybrid system plus batteries?

    I don’t think so. Not unless they replaced a lot of body panels with CF and stripped the interior completely.

    There are only two (real) cars on the market under 1,700 kg. The Maruti Alto and the Hyundai Eon. Both a lot smaller than the 208, and neither meet EuroNCAP crash regulations.

    The Mirage is closer in size, and meets NCAP requirements, but it’s still a few inches down in length, width and height. And even without a front crash subframe, only two engine mounts, no muffler, a simple rear suspension or any luxuries, the Mirage still weighs in at over 1,800 pounds.

    1,700 (with a hybrid system) requires exotic construction. Which means the 208 hybrid will be one expensive little car.

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