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Even though we’re subjected to relentless claims that the golden age of automobiles has long passed us, I can think of worse things than a 900-horsepower supercar with C02 emissions comparable to a Scion FR-S.

Using the same twin-turbo V8 for the McLaren MP4-12C, the P1, as this yellow number is known, puts out 903 horsepower in total – the V8 puts out 727 ponies, while an electric motor is good for a further 176. 0-60 mph comes up in under three seconds, while top speed is said to be 217 mph.

The other side of the coin here is, of course, eco-friendliness. What kind of supercar doesn’t have some green cred nowadays? A KERS-like system, dubbed IPAS (Instant Power Assist System) can unleash all 176 horsepower from the electric motor, and an F1-style Drag Reduction System can also be employed. If you need to run to the corner store for a jug of milk, the P1 can travel up to six miles on pure electric power. A full recharge takes a mere two hours.

Only 375 P1s will be built and the price should be well into the 7 figures.

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15 Comments on “Macca’s Back...”

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    I would love to meet the owner who touted the “green-ness” of thier McLaren P1. I’d file that image and sound byte right next to the guy who said “I only race italian exotics in my GT-R” under file TOOL.

    Hopefully this fad will pass.

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      Which fad? The one where they make cars more efficient, faster, more versatile, less polluting, or just plain better (subjective I know, substitute “advanced” if you must)? I certainly hope thats here to stay. Or are you talking about the marketing using buzzwords? Thats probably not going away either.

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        The fad of using EPA numbers to “environmentally justify” cars with performance envelopes orders of magnitude beyond what’s experienced in the EPA test cycle.

        The whole purpose of having a 700+ hp gas engine hooked up to your car, is to make use of them during acceleration. And when you do that, you get the same fuel economy as any other 700+ gas engined car utilized to haul hundreds of pounds of batteries, electric motors and electronics around.

        And btw; even if you should be some wacko who insist on all that hp solely for bragging rights; and never travel more than 6 slow electric miles in your newfound status barge; you’re still 1/375th reponsible for all the testing miles driven at full throttle by the manufacturer, as well as the various car magazines that test this thing to make sure all your bragging rests on a solid foundation.

        Whichever of the world’s systems are opposed to CO2, would be much happier if you had bought a Prius for your snailing around, and a regular fast car for fast duty, any time your “fast duty” comprises of a small enough share of total miles driven, to allow this thing to emit the equivalent CO2 of some wheezy four banger.

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      As cool as it is, there’s nothing “eco-friendly” about dumping a million dollars worth of energy and resources into a toy, even if that toy consumes a few grand less of that stuff to operate it during its lifetime.

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    That’s a sexy car. Do me a favor and make it bigger.

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    And why is this thing $1.3 million???
    An Aventador is far cheaper and would be a better buy. Not to mention the KING Veyron only lists for a few hundred grand more.

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    Humph. Kinda cribbed from the “Shooting Star” as driven by Racer X in the animated Speed Racer series?

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    The true humor derived from Derek’s article is that if one were to stumble on over to the FT86/FR-S/Toybaru forums, there will inevitably be a “FR-S vs P1” thread that appears (or if not yet, soon).

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    The P1 is an amazing supercar, but relentless claims about the downfall of the golden era are correct. We have 900hp supercars b/c they are driven by computers. In the 1980s or 1990s, this car would have been a high-performance casket, for a handful of devil-may-care gladiators with the skill and physical strength to operate the controls. But with the supercomputing power and electronic assistance of modern vehicles, a house wife can enjoy a spirited drive to the grocery. The ownership experience is defined by the social phenomena associated with opulent consumption, not by the drive.

    The rise of electronic driving assist strategies are not only damaging the production market, but also the racing industry that once spawned these exotic vehicles. At some point, this performance bubble will probably pop, but the agent of destruction is unknown. Will it be electrification? Performance legislation? Pollution regulation? Consumer demand implosion?

    These are the Saturn 5 rockets of the automobile industry.

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      Really well said TW4! :)

      I really hope this performance wars ended soon… honestly it felt more subjectively thrilling racing an old dinky MPV down the back road at 80km/h than any new BMW or Audis.

      Slow and crude those old derelicts are, but boy do they deliver their more than they had promised ( means of transportation and fun )

      Hopefully they started to go back to the basic… up the mechanical sturdiness, gone with all those plushy and bloated stuff then lower the fuel consumption.

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    Athos Nobile

    So when did the cheeseburgers left?

    They even display the name proudly in their stores nowadays.

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    The thing looks like a mad bumblebee. At least McLaren didn’t name it something stupid like the MP4-13D.

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    I hope more cars like this are in the pipeline from all the manufacturers. For 1 million dollars, one should be able to get buy car with 1000hp and 100mpg, at least.

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    That’s a proper application of LED tail lamps. Mainstream manufacturers, do this!

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